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  1. Prue

    German politics xth attempt

    They didn't have to *get* Turkish citizenship. They automatically have it if their parents were still Turkish citizens when they were born. Getting *German* citizenship used to be rare, as people born in Germany to non-Germans don't automatically get German citizenship. Unlike the US, Germany used to have only the 'ius sanguinis' principle till the year 2000 or so. Now, children who are born in Germany to foreign parents who have had a residence permit for at least 8 years will get additional German citizenship. The children used to have to choose between the foreign and German citizenship when they were adults, but since 2014 they can keep dual citizenship in most cases, or even get their parents' citizenship back if they dropped it. That's why most young Turks who were born here have dual citizenship now.
  2. Prue

    German politics xth attempt

    It's a general principle of international law that foreign leaders or high officials aren't entitled to hold official political speeches in a different country. That's an infringement of the sovereignty of the host state. That's why the government of the host country can deny permission for something like that. As it's their decision how they want to deal diplomatically with leaders of foreign countries. In Germany, it has just been confirmed by the federal constitutional court that high officials of foreign countries can't even claim that this would infringe their constitutional rights, as they are not protected by the constitution in this respect. http://www.lto.de/recht/nachrichten/n/bverfg-beschluss-2-bvr-483-17-tuerkei-wahlkampf-deutschland/ That decision was made because Turkish officials sued against a city denying them the use of a townhall because of security concerns btw.
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