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  1. TYRION: "I demand trial by combat. Ser Jaime Lannister will be my champion. I will wait until he arrives." JAIME: "Dude, I'm right here." TYRION: "Oh, right. I forgot you got that haircut."
  2. Where is Roose, and his new bride, by-the-way? Ramsey seems to still be Acting Lord of the Dreadfort, which implies that Roose headed out again.
  3. Pycelle is also portrayed as a bumbling fool, but the show has gone to some lengths to show that that is an act. I feel they'll do the same to Mace at some point. He is a Tyrell afterall, so even if Olenna considers him a dumb oaf, that doesn't mean he isn't a top tier schemer and underhanded politico. Once Tywin is out of the picture, we'll probably see more of that side of Mace.
  4. Fourteen-year-old. She's been aged up, and aged down, somehow.