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  1. Unless you place the camera so you're looking down from above....
  2. Decided to drop ME Legendary edition. I forgot just how dull an tedious the combat was.
  3. In the end the Netflix Voltron series disappointed me greatly, but I thought the She-Ra series was great. Will watch this series.
  4. He's an egomaniac who likes the action.
  5. When all is said and done, Porzingis' jersey will hang in the Clippers' rafters.
  6. True. You could say that the basketball gods took away one title (2015) and gave another (2016).
  7. No, because the only teams to win multiple titles in the last decade had at least 3 guys who could carry the team in tough situations. The other ones did not and only won 1 title. Also one of your 2 stars already had 15 years on his legs when he arrived. It may just be one title, but this actually follows a pattern. GS - 3 titles (Steph and Klay for the first title. Steph, Klay and KD for the other 2, also, see Cleveland below) Miami - 2 titles (LeBron, Wade, Bosh) Dallas - 1 title Toronto - 1 title Lakers - 1 title Cleveland - 1 title (Now if you wanna talk about a disappointment, THIS team should have won more than 1 title and they probably would have if it hadn't been for those meddling 2015 injuries to Love and Kyrie) San Antonio - 1 title The only teams with multiple rings also had at least 3 stars. So the only way I can see LeBron's tenure in LA as a disappointment is if LA gets LeBron and AD their own version of James Worthy and they fail to get another title. Otherwise, it's 2 guys who got you a chip and you can't ask for more than that.
  8. Exactly. Trae Young has handles. You can't have handles and both be a knick killer at the same time. Blasphemous!
  9. I don't really care. I never saw the NBA as an honorable or sportsmanlike business. Way back in the late 50s, Red Auerbach made one dirty play after another to craft teams with monstrous amounts of talent. The teams who win multiple titles in a decade usually do so by unsportsmanlike means.
  10. Can't they just do the blockbuster deal, a la Garnett in 2007? Quantity, not quality.
  11. Doesn't matter. At all. When people in 10 or 20 years look back at this time they won't care or remember all of the controversy surrounding guys leaving for better pastures. Hell, folks have already forgottten about 'The Decision'. The only thing folks will remember are the rings and trophies. Success has a way of making people forget.
  12. Im very glad you mention CP3, because I think that is actually one of the bigger problems here: many players don't really take control over their careers. Unlike a guy like LeBron or KD, too many players sign long extensions and put the power in owners' hands. I would like to see more guys like Dame and Giannis sign 4-year deals they can opt-out after. If they win with another team they can make up the money "lost" via sponsorships and such. I would argue that the reason why Chris Paul will most likely retire without a ring is not because of a lack of skill, mental game or killer instinct, the man has all of that in spades. It's because he never took control of his career. He always got traded, signed extensions with the teams he got traded to and gave management all the power. Now imagine if years back he had signed a smaller deal and then a year or two later an opportunity came up for him to sign with Milwauckee and play alongside Giannis? Or earlier, maybe sign up with the Warriors before 2015. He could have done all of this if he just didn't sign those extentions.
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