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  1. I felt like werewolves, crows and evil men with pitchforks and top hats fit pretty well with Yarnam, to each his own I guess. I only really have this for DS3, DS1's enemies fit really well with it, but if we suddenly put knights in Yarnam, im gonna be like "the fuck?"
  2. Period jokes now, really?!
  3. After finishing Dark Souls 3 (it's the weekend, I need my ARGP fix, the game wasn't hard and it was strangely short, sue me), I understand where The Dogfather aka @Slurktan is coming from. I only have Bloodborne to compare it to, but while the game has great bosses and a more actionized feel, it was quite dull and what stuck out the most for me was how barren the areas were. Fighting a boss? Cool, as it had great bosses overall, but the lead-up to them? Holy shit it was bad. There are monsters roaming around as usual, but they are just there, they don't go well with the environment. I often felt like it was copy-pasting enemies from Bloodborne. This aint a Gothic horror story, you can't put those kind of enemies in a medieval game, it clashes horribly. The music wasn't worth much either, which only served to further weaken the atmosphere. I liked the gameplay well enough, after a while (not nearly as much as Bloodborne), but I can't lie, there were times when I was staring at my copy of Bloodborne and wondering if doing a chalice dungeon would be less boring. Overall, 7.5/10. Will probably do the DLC later, because reasons.
  4. Cause he spit hot fiya! Also, no Ella Fitzgerald, guys?
  5. Several of the 60s Celtics teams The 1973 Knicks 1986 Celtics
  6. Im not saying I think DS is bad, I can definitely see why people love it, but (so far) they're like clothes that don't fit me. I wonder how Lovecraft would feel about Bloodborne.
  7. Im going with a strength build. I didn't play BB recklessly, I took more of a stick-and-move approach, but still quite aggressive. I never went for the damage sponge approach, outside of Ludwig, where it helped me out. Also, level design was one of the things I loved most about Bloodborne, but don't like about Dark Souls (both of them). Same for the bosses and RPG elements, I just prefer BB's usage of the factors more.
  8. It's slow, reeeeeeaaaally slow. The areas I find so boring that they put me to sleep, plus the medieval aesthetic just doesn't do it for me, at all. It doesn't reward an aggressive playstyle. I played Dark Souls 1 and 3 before and I didn't like it, but after finishing Bloodborne I figured "you know what, maybe now I can appreciate these games". NOPE.
  9. I have concluded that I hate Dark Souls with the whitehot intensity of a thousand suns. Bloodborne 2 would be welcome, though.
  10. Meanwhile in Toronto https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DiZut7rW4AIRlO4.jpg:large
  11. Same. I mean hiding from your team, what are you, 12?
  12. So I decided to give Dark Souls 3 a shot. I nodded off multiple times. I doubt that is a point in the game's favour.
  13. That's another thing im uncertain about, is he willing to actually play well for any place other than LA.