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  1. Im not familiar with Starfield, but Cyberpunk had the excuse of the studio being busy with making stuff for the Witcher 3. On the other hand, From Software is currently not updating any of their games and only has Elden Ring coming out.
  2. So to the folks who are familiar with the name. Do you guys think that Elden Ring is still being made?
  3. I don't mean to say this in bad taste, but I am very much surprised that he's still alive.
  4. The problem here is not so much the story but it's presentation.
  5. It's finally over! Now for a time of relaxation and trading Kuzma.
  6. Korra was meant to be the anti-Aang and the series was meant to be the anti-Last Airbender. A hormonal teen, instead of a wide-eyed idealist 12-year old. A city of adventure, instead of a globe-spanning adventure. I thought Korra had more lows, but overall I liked Korra more than TLA.
  7. Lakers wear them specifically.
  8. The mamba jerseys are no longer undefeated and neither is LeBron in a championship-clinching game. Also, cut Kuzma.
  9. Will a Laker please consider grabbing an offensive rebound now and then. Im cringing and I never cringe!
  10. Okay, this is it, for all the marbles. Grow some balls, Lakeshow.
  11. Can the Lakers BUY a basket? Jesus Hercules Christ!
  12. Not to jinx the Lakers, but I feel like the Heat, minus Butler, are kinda out of gas.
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