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  1. Finished Warbreaker. Will read The Reindeer People next.
  2. The newest X-men is really, really good. I thought Hickman lost his touch, but what he did with Laura, Synch, Darwin and the Children of the Vault was fascinating.
  3. Amadeus was part of the recent Champions, who were very similar to the Young Avengers, I think that is why some people mix them up.
  4. Trauma Team's been out for months. It's pretty good.
  5. So I didn't see this posted. https://www.ign.com/articles/cyberpunk-2077-multiplayer-reconsidered-possibly-delayed-or-cancelled I am completely okay with this. I gave zero fucks about multiplayer. Personally I am hoping they drop online too and just focus on giving single-player content. Morgan Blackhand assault on Arasaka, please. We know Johnny was lying about what really happened in at least one past mission.
  6. Im just gonna leave this discussion, because I respect you as a poster Kal, I truly do and this is nothing against you personally, but your posts just remind me of how dissappointing the choices in this game truly were. Im just hoping the DLC and such adds some flavour.
  7. Oddly enough, Final Fantasy X-2. I can't believe im using that as an example, but the first time I went into that game blind, I had a vastly different experience compared to the second time when I used a guide. I needed several replays to get 100% and it was night and day. The impact you have on every part of Spira is massive. If you do little or don't follow guides to the letter, each area will end up completely different. I can do the same for Cyberpunk and by the end the areas will basically be the same. X-2's endings aren't very special or varied, but the rest is.
  8. It's not just your hype. They spend the movie building up Blofeld and then his motivation turns out to be "Daddy, why didn't you give me enough attention?!!!" and his actions are ultimately extremely petty. The friend I went with and myself were wondering if the writers were smoking crack.
  9. It's his opinion. I sure as hell don't agree with it, but hey to each his own.
  10. The Wire is more depressing than The Shield. In the Shield you have the feeling that individuals are responsible for their own destiny, in the Wire...well.
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