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  1. So when Biden takes office, how soon until he asks Stephen Breyer to retire?
  2. Ridiculously sad, but true.
  3. So Franklin Richards is not a mutant and never was. Why?
  4. Holy shit, you weren't kidding. https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/dt0ucg/i_analyzed_james_hardens_performance_in_every_nba/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  5. That's not because of Anderson, that is just Thatcher the woman.
  6. All of this, plus they had a tendency to peak in the regular season and do quite poorly in the playoffs. Dunks and explosive play work fine in the regular season, but post-moves and fundamentals will give you success in the playoffs, partially because opposing teams will shut the former down. It's one of the things LeBron learned the hard way when he faced Dallas in 2011 and why he went to Olajuwon to fix that.
  7. Live footage of them in their new uniforms.
  8. 5 years ago I told my friends I had never seen the Wire. Now THAT was a coming out story.
  9. Ah yes, I remember that playoff divisional round victory over the Pats. That was very fine work.
  10. She's a fantastic actress, but having her play a reserved, always-dignified queen limits her. Even so, she has her moments when she makes even that role look brilliant.
  11. They could have simply said "Technology developed differently in the Mirror universe. Our holograms were more advanced and there were bugs we couldn't get out. I gambled that yours had the same issue."
  12. A feat in itself, considering he was with the Pats for 20 years. You would think somewhere in those 2 decades the division would grow some teeth.
  13. What in the actual fuck did I just walk into?
  14. Aye, good sir, I just didn't think there was much of a point to mentioning the name.
  15. Touche, but this article is not the first time I read about TJ needing to help Chad out with the playbook. I read that it went on since they were at Oregon. I dunno, obviously it's from outside sources, but the Pats offenses are not THAT complex, so im inclined to believe that Chad really was that lousy at learning playbooks.
  16. No, it started way earlier than that. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ochocincos-offensive-problems-didnt-necessarily-begin-with-pats/
  17. Not talking about that. The problem with him was that offenses had to be tailored for him. If an offense was even slightly complex or geared more towards the run, he had trouble adapting. Guys like Moss and Owens for all of their flaws did not have that issue. I consider needing others to adapt to you to be a diva issue, just a different kind of one.
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