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  1. Yeah they do a lot of logic fails, but really they are only evident for us book readers because we already know all the characters and their stories. Most of the unsullied won't remember the name of every character or every single detail about their lives so they prefer having a graphic scene or simplifying the plot rather than connecting everything logically. For example, a friend of mine (unsullied) couldn't remember Stannis' name and he is an important character so imagine some minor one.
  2. What I Liked: THE TRIAL: awesome in every way, though they could have had it going on longer. It was only seven minutes left and the trial had not started and I was like come on give us the fucking trial! Couldn't look in the head smashing though.. Black Jack, Keggs and Mully! I love when we get random names dropped from the books! I think it is because of the awesomeness of every name GRRM creates! They go perfect with the characters. Moat Cailin: you could see how little strength the garrison had left. Though i would have liked to see the part when the guard doesn't know who is in command and he is like that dude died a week ago and i haven't moved one finger...! Jorah's exile: thought Clarke's acting was perfect. Very well handled in every aspect. What I didn't like: About Sansa I don't mind her outwitting LF (though I think it is going too fast) but what I can't stand is that the lords declarant would know about Sansa Stark being alive suddenly and do nothing! I mean, you wouldn't trust them a secret like that. And the same applies to Arya: you just go to a random guard and tell him you are Arya Stark? Like hello, everyone in this world is looking for me but it doesn't matter I will just reveal my true identity. There is a reason for which they hide their identities and they should stay that way. Also, how hot did Sansa look in her last scene? I thought it was just too distracting really! Not going to complain if she shows up like that every time! Missandei and Grey Worm is completely pointless, boring and just ruining both their characters! Grey Worm is awesome because he is so devoted to Dany and freedom I can't see him in love, it just makes me want to puke Beetles: I mean three minutes talking about beetles to reach no conclusion (at least they could have told us why he smashed the beetles) and three minutes lost in awesome fighting.
  3. Ghost wind

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    I don't know about Bear and The Maiden Fair or about other countries but at least in Spain they don't have a spanish version of The Rains of Castamere. At the end of the PW the credits re accompanied by The Rains and they put it in english.
  4. Ghost wind

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    Something everyones should be talking about: HOBB THREE-FINGERS EXISTS! I think they have never mentioned him before haven't they?
  5. I wish they had thought of introducing the names of some Ironborns. I mean, in the books they had such cool names and you could see how The captains and the kings fitted them. Everyone had their nickname and they really looked impressive.
  6. Best episode so far! Surely of the season and probably of the whole series. I mean when Tyrion demanded the trial by combat I saw it was 49 minutes already and I was like wow that went quickly! Loved Bravoos in the opening and the Titan but I pictured Bravoos more like foggy! Then that Yara/Dreadfort thing. It took her long enough to get there didn't it? And correct me if I'm wrong but, is there sea near the Dreafort? From the credits I think not! Anyway good filler: it gives some screen time to Yara, it pictures how badly changed Theon is already which is good because we don't get his POVs and it shows how mad Ramsay is, I mean, going to battle without any shirt and with this cuts all over his chest! My only doubt is: was that the girl or the actual fight?? haha I liked how Daenerys was handling the audiences and all but my only complain was Hizdahr. I mean why is he asking for his father? If you make him look like a nice guy who has nice feelings for his father, then it will not have the same effect when she marries him. In the books he seemed to me a total asshole who only cared for money and power. In the episode he was almost begging for his poor father who had not done anything to be buried... Nonsense! Also I think everyone saying how whitewashed Dany was didn't have much excuse this episode. They clearly showed how she had punished some innocent men and how she didn't liked it but anyway did it. Liked very much the small council meeting! Oberyn makes up for Littlefinger and Mace is such a bootlicker! The whole trial was perfect I think. We can see how well Cersei has manipulated the witnesses so that every little thing Tyrion had done was tergiversated. Also it was clear how wounded he was when Varys confessed. I admire your good intentions Jaime but I think the little combat bit ruined your little plan! Oooh and the Shae! I mean, the look in Tyrion's face when he saw her!! And then how everything she said was just a lie with some bit of truth and how Tyrion just completely looses his head and starts shouting! That was greatly done! And of course the "I demand trial by combat". So very very good episode, enjoyed every bit
  7. Ghost wind

    [ADWD SPOILERS] Guide to the POVs So You Know Where To Post

    Do you know if there is something like this in Feast?
  8. Ghost wind

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    So that would mean Joffrey's reign lasted half of that or less wouldn't it?
  9. Ghost wind

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Well in the wiki they say that Joffrey's reign is from 298 to 300. He was to be married the 1st day of the century. Also we only get one of Joffrey's name-days in the books. His 13th. You'd think that a King's name-day would be celebrated and mentioned. A tourney would me made or something. So he's reign is barely a year: from 298 to 299 because he died on the first day of the 300. So you wouldn't say has been in war for years with one year and a bit..
  10. Ghost wind

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I am re watching now and something bothered me. Barristan said: "They've been fighting Joffrey's wars for years". Really? Years? I always thought the events from aGoT to a DwD didn't take more than a year, two at most. How is it that Joffrey's war lasted for years? I mean if 5 years f.ex. had passed I think they would have aged especially the children. Anyone has any ideas regarding that?
  11. Ghost wind

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I know everyone is upset about Cersei's "whitewashing" this episode but I don't understand how anyone wouldn't get that she is doing it to bring the judges to her side. I mean the way she says that Tommen needs someone makes clearly is hurting her inside to say it! You can see it in her facial expressions and btw very well played by Lena Headey! I think she was brilliant today
  12. Ghost wind

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    It is a recurring theme in the whole series I'd say. We've got Robb and Ned who are honorable and everything but still get killed in treacherous ways. I think the whole honor vs. winning is the most important idea of the series or at least util CoK. And yes we get more examples in Bronn fighting at the Eyrie, Blackwater Bay and so on. Well pointed out!
  13. Ghost wind

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Well then I forgot that bit.. Gotta re-read that
  14. Ghost wind

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I will write all first impressions of the episode together as I am watching it after everyone else: Coronation: how well did it feel to see Cersei almost begging Margaery to wed Tommen?? I think the look when she says "mother" is priceless... Daenerys' council: Did anyone else see how quickly Grey Worm exited the room? It didn't take him more than 3 seconds... Shows how important obedience is to an unsullied! Well done about the two possibilities: staying in SB or going to Westeros and how the opinions of Mormont and Barristan differ. Also I imagine people who haven't read the books will be very very very pissed about Daenerys not going to Westeros.. At least I was when I read it. Sansa and Littlefinger: it appears no Fingers. Good back up of the Vale never being conquered and all that! ALAYNE! Doesn't Robert (Robin) look a bit like the Weasley Twins? Or was it my imagination? WOWOWOWOWOWOW wait a second..... Did Lysa kill Jon Arryn in the books?? I don't remember that! She certainly did fulfill her promise of screaming didn't she? Arya and the Hound: the Red Woman, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr? Arya is more in love with Gendry than I thought. Great dialogue by the way. Every piece of it. Sansa and Lysa: One moment she is your kind aunt Lysa the next she goes crazy bitch and gets the crap out of you and then again kind aunt Lysa consoling you... Really, she has a serious mental illness that one. Pod and Brienne: how can you ride worse than Pod?? Is it even possible? Loved when he just crossed in front of Brienne.. Her face was like: please release me from this idiot! Arya and the Hound: yet another great dialogue between this two, well nothing out of the normal, theirs always are! Anyway that one hand flip or whatever she did was niceeee! Oberyn and Cersei: sorry Cersei don't think Oberyn will be able to give Myrcella your gifts... :( Anyway well tried... hahahaha Craster's: Jojen's hand burning: does that mean that they will become white walkers and so the will be killed by fire? Or something like that? More foreshadowing about tWoW or not? Well played Locke, well played! Jojen telling Carl he was going to die was so gooood! Almost jumped of joy with "buried by snow". Really did not think Hodor would kill Locke that was a surprise... But anyway: GO ON HODOOOR! Really tough decision Bran had to do... I really like how they are picturing him as a leader. Reaaally HBO?? Through the mouth? Didn't you come up with the idea of something more gruesome? Well that definitely was a Ghost... I jumped when he killed Rast: for real!
  15. Ghost wind

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    It is a possibility that Tommen is some sort of Baelor the Blessed reborn or something but I doubt it, because in the scene with Tywin you can see clearly how he is very influenced by him and I cannot imagine Tywin letting the future king be another pious idiot like Lancel becomes in the books. Though it makes sense because second sons were usually prepared to do career in religion I don't think Tywin would let him go the pious way