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    [Spoilers] EP610

    does anyone else feel like benjen might've have tricked bran. he got him to the wall and what if the WW can follow because he's marked. maybe benjen is a bad guy
  2. Zachary Snow

    [Spoilers] EP605

    i hate how the wolves aren't important at all in the show. i got really upset when summer died like what was the point it didn't really slow them down he could've easily just gone with bran. first shaggy now summer wtf
  3. Zachary Snow

    How would you rate episode 410?

    there were dragons getting chained up, an elf blew up a bunch of skeletons before bran met a guy who was a tree and i think the most unrealistic part of the fucking episode was the hound losing a fight to brienne
  4. Zachary Snow

    How would you rate episode 410?

    i loved Stannis and Jon Snows parts and i liked Dany chaining the dragons too..... the hound brienne fight kinda ruined it for me ill give it a 7
  5. Zachary Snow

    How would you rate episode 409?

    I want more ghost.... all the time, i have a 6 month old husky i named ghost. when i seen him in the cage at crasters i flipped out. how the hell did they get him in the cage? theres no way they got him or summer out of a trap and into that cage without the wolves tearing 20 people apart. that was the worst part of the red wedding, how grey wind died. in the books he kills dogs and rips a guys arm off while getting shot with crossbows. i love any scene with the wolves
  6. Zachary Snow

    How would you rate episode 409?

    The action sequences were absolutely amazing.... Marshall topped his work on blackwater the way it was shot was incredible and i love any time when Jon and ghost are shown being bad ass. They kept all of the important parts from the book and made it amazing for tv.... i didn't expect the episode to end like that but i guess they'll have to fit the rest into the finale. the giants were awesome too 10/10 my only gripe, which is very small, was that the archers on the top of the wall needed someone to tell them to fire arrows. i guess they had to do that to show Jon taking command it just seemed kinda silly.... like just fire the fucking arrows
  7. i liked tyrions musings about his cousin it was an analogy about the gods and how they smash people, the only thing i didn't like was how they changed sansas arc.... little finger had the whole thing planned out sansa didn't save him, i didn't like how they changed that and i wasn't a fan of the grey worm missandei scene either... in fact danaryes whole arc is even worse in the show than it was in the book. oberyn saves the episode once again!!! amazing acting and they did the duel very well i will give the episode a 9
  8. Zachary Snow

    How would you rate episode 407?

    Pedro Pascal has another great turn as Oberyn and although he didn't have much screen time he was my favorite part. I liked most of it i just still can't get by new Daario, i hate him. i will give it a 9
  9. Zachary Snow

    How would you rate episode 406?

    i hated how easily asha got in and out of the dread fort although the scene with theon was good so you kinda have to overlook that, and oberyn makes the episode.... oberyn can be master of absolute fucking awesomeness..... 10 for me, best of the season
  10. Zachary Snow

    How would you rate episode 310?

    i love the show and the books and i completely respect and understand that they are two different forms of entertainment and when adapting a world like the one GRRM created you will have to change some things for it to work on television..... that being said, i give the episode an 8 the things i didnt like stem all the way back to the first season. King Stannis is too submissive to Mel they should have kept that from the books, that he saved davos and went to the wall because of his counsel. also i didnt like the ramsay snow reveal.... i really wished that they would have had reek in winterfell and ramsays presence would be known in season 2 but its shaping up to be an amazing adaptation of the books overall of course they are going to change things to fit the story and how it unfolds differently but one problem i have............. WHY THE HELL WAS THE BLACKFISH AT THE RW!!!!! when jaime goes to end the seige at riverrun i love the dialouge from the books i hope the black fish escaping the twins doesnt effect that eventual confrontation