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  1. The Holy Goat

    Best ASoIaF player

    Where is Skahaz mo Kandaq and Wyman Manderly, where is Euron Greyjoy and the High Sparrow? All of which seem to be more accomplished players than the likes of Mance Rayder.
  2. The Holy Goat

    Battle on the Green Fork casualties

    Casualties generally include stragglers, deserters and wounded, not just the dead. I suppose it's fully possible that Kevan had a much larger force, but we have to remember that Tywin had a huge amount of armored horse in his army (Robb even lamshades it). 4,000 under Addam, 300 under Kevan, 2,500 under Tywin (all of them heavy horse) and presumably some under under Gregor. It's bound to end up on a 7,000 heavy cavalry. And that's not counting the light cavalry of Gregor's left which might be another 1,000. So the horse to foot ratio was very high in his army. Jaime meanwhile had some 3,000 horse and 12,000 foot, so all in all it would be a 2:5 ratio for the entire Lannister force, wouldn't it. You're probably right about Gregor's force not being the size of Addam's though. We know survivors from Jaime's army join up with him though, and it's fully possible that Forley Prester sent some to boost his force at Harrenhal, so the talk about him having 20,000 is not farfetched 1, Robb had 18,000 without Manderly's 1,500. This is supported when they reach the Twins and Theon says he has five times Frey's number (4,000 * 5 = 20,000). Reek also recalls that "near enough 20,000" marched south with Robb. So he actually had slightly below 24,000 men after joining with Frey, and some 200 at Moat Cailin. So perhaps 23,000 marched from the Twins. I reckon 17,000 foot and some 600 horse marched with Bolton, 5,400 horse marched with Stark. Mallister joined Stark with 600 horse afterwards boosting it to 6,000. 2, I already adressed this before quoting you, and I realized my mistake. I now guess the Lannisters had some 8,000 horse and 12,000 foot in Tywin's host. 4,000 rode under Addam, 2,500 rode under Tywin, 300 rode with Kevan. All heavy horse, 6,700 together. And then Gregor and his men-at-arms could be added to that, along with some of the sellswords and hedge knightswho rode with him. So perhaps 7,000 heavy horse all in all. Then there's the light cavalry under Gregor, sellswords, hedge knights, mercenaries, smallfolk, clansmen etc. These might contitue close to a thousand. 3, I can concede that. 4, Yet the very man who arrived at Tywin's camp to tell the story was position in the camp between the Red Fork and the Tumblestone. And he specifically mentions that he had talked to other survivors from the same camp so he was probably not alone in joining Tywin. Then there's also the fact that Forley retreated with 4,000 men. Yet Golden Tooth hardly requires 4,000 to hold it and considering the small force Prester has when he marches at Riverrun with Daven (1,000) one has to wonder where the rest went. Some went to stiffen Stafford Lannisters ill-fated host, but I find it likely that Prester split his host and sent some to Tywin along with survivors from the other camps. 5, Varys said that losses were heavy on both sides though. While Tarly certainly didn't suffer as horribly as Glover and Tallhart, I wouldn't be surprised if 1,000 bit the dust.
  3. The Holy Goat

    Battle on the Green Fork casualties

    Tyrion directly states that his father has 20,000 men at King's Landing when first meeting Oberyn Martell. Roose had ~18,000 when facing Tywin, and later had 10,000 after he'd regropued at the Twins. It's safe to assume his casualties at the Green Fork were massive.
  4. The Holy Goat

    Battle on the Green Fork casualties

    The disappearance of Tywin's 20,000 strong host is adressed in AFFC. Cersei dismissed them and sent them back to the Westerlands. She just kept ~3,000 on hand, 1,000 to march with Jaime into the Riverlands, the other 2,000 to sail with Paxter Redwyne to take Dragonstone.
  5. The Holy Goat

    Battle on the Green Fork casualties

    Tywin, ahd many advantages, kept his forces in good order, and his losses were thus very minor. I notice you are essentially quoting the wiki here, but the wiki isn't entirely correct. First: Roose commanded about 18,000 men, and he had 10,000 left when regrouping at the twins so his casualties were actually higher than you think. Second: Gregor Clegane had command of far more than 1,000 men. Addam Marbrand commanded the right where he had 4,000 men, Gregor commanded the left where he likely had similar numbers. TYwin had 5,000 in reserve, and Kevan had the center presumably with some 6,000 men. Third: Gregor's 500 casualties is a number without anything to back it up. We know that 150 of Tyrion's 300 clansmen died, and they were in the very thickest part of the fighting as well as first into the fray so it's logical to assume their casualties doesn't represent the entire of Gregor's forces (e.g. Gregor didn't lose half of his men). That said, 500 dead out of 4,000 seem a likely number, or even a bit low. Mow, as for why Tywin's losses were so small... Well, most losses in medieval battles were inflicted during retreats (when the forces are in disorder and has their back to the enemy), and since Tywin wasn't the one to retreat his forces didn't suffer nearly as many casualties as the Northmen did. That's just simple reality, and shows the importance of quickly deal devestating blows to the enamy (by killing commanders or overwhelming with a cavalry charge, etc). Overall I imagine that Tywin lost at least 1,000 men at the Green Fork, mainly from the left. This didn't matter much to him in the long run though, since survivors from the Battle of the Camp later joined up with him and possibly boosted his forces to a greater amount than it ever had been before. Tywins forces are said to be twice Edmure's number at the Battle of the Fords, and Edmure had 11,000 there meaning Tywin might've had as many as 22,000. This is further supported by Tywin's army being said to number 20,000 at King's Landing, after the Battle fo the Fords and the Battle of the Blackwater. Overall it's very hard to pinpoint how many died in these separate battles though. We know some died at the Green Fork - but we also know survivors from Riverrun joined with him afterwards and since we don't have their numbers we can't say. We can only draw the conclusion that Tywin managed to keep the casualties in his army to an absolute minimum. You are right about Roose. He probably didn't delibarately throw the Battle of the Green Fork. It was a clear win-win situation for him (though not for the North). He marches overnight, and if he manages to take Tywin by surprise he wins: a victory for him. But even if he don't manage to take Tywin by surprise and win the battle, he has still arrayed his forced in a manner that will inflcit the heaviest casualties to his immediate rivals in the North, allowing him to give a good showing before retreating, while vastly increasiing his own influence. Tywin is a very good commander though and clearly showed he isn't taken by surpirse our outmanouvered that easily (in tactics at least). He isn't as brilliant as Robb or Stannis, but he is definitly very reliable. Kevan, Addam good as well, and Gregor has his clear strenghts. Furthermore, his forces were well-rested, larger than Roose's, likely better equipped, and had far more cavalry. Roose's forces were tired however, and almost lacked cavalry. As for how Robett Glover and Helman Tallhart could inflict such damage on Randyll Tarly... well, I suppose they were simply that good commanders, or perhaps the Northmen fought like animals... I don't know, we have to little information.
  6. The Holy Goat

    Not understanding Reek's speech

    First: know that the "Reek" who appears in the last chapter and all chapters before is actually Ramsay Snow, bastard son of Roose Bolton. His masnervant Reek was killed in his place and he pretended to be Reek instead. The girl: A girl Ramsay and the real Reek (Ramsay's manservant) hunted down raped and killed. The horse: The real Reek's horse. It appears it went lame when Ramsay and Reek chased the girl. Flee from whom: Rodrik Cassel and the Stark soldiers with him. Trouble were brewing between House Bolton and House Manderly over the Honrwood lands. Ser Rodrik rode there to calms things down and take care of the Bastard of Bolton. What riders: Again, Ser Rodrik. What ridge: Presumably some random ridge on Hornwood lands, close to where Ramsay and Reek had just finished raping a girl. Who put an arrow through who's back: Ser Rodrik and his men put an arrow through Reek's back, believeing Reek to be Ramsay SNow. Ramsay meanwhile was spared, since they believed him to be Reek. Hope that helps. I believe Bran IV is the chapter were most of the information is revealed.
  7. The Holy Goat

    Fave moment in AFFC?

    Septon Meribald's speech about broken Men.   The Kingsmoot.   "Justice. Vengence. Fire and Blood."   Jaime throwing Cersei's letter in the fire.   Littlefinger revealing his ambitions to Sansa.
  8. Too many characters to count, but some of the most notable are Howland Reed, Euron Greyjoy, Aegon Targaryen, Willas Tyrell, Garlan Tyrell, Margaery Tyrell, Leo Tyrell, Sarella Sand, Gerold Dayne, Marwyn, Borroq etc. I have no doubt GRRM will deliver on some of these.