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  1. 6/10 Lady Olenna as the highlight of the episode. So, I'm wondering like everyone else. Why the fuck do they cut the Iron Islands, Riverlands, Northern Lords plots and make the Dornish storyline as lame as possible? Dorne is forgettable. Bad decision by the producers.
  2. jmasca7

    How would you rate episode 410?

    B+ episode: "Fire and Blood" is still the best finale. Good things: Brienne vs Hound, Wall stuff Bad things: Skyrim fireballs, Harryhausen's skeletons, Book epilogue & Tiryon/Tywin dialogue ignored.
  3. jmasca7

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Unsullied fans obviously thought this episode was awesome. If you don't know the story is better. Of course. It was a good episode, but it disappointed somehow. D&D managed to screw up what could have been the best season finale in TV history. I don't know where they're going with the story at this point. I would suggest not getting your hopes up for LS appearing or an awesome finale again (S1 finale has yet to be topped).