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  1. MidnightAurora

    Characters you changed your mind about after finishing ASOS...

    I never really liked Sam, but this book he accomplished so much and I really started to like him and then became fearful because so far all my favorite characters have been Starks and have been killed save for Jon and Arya (I like the other Starks, but not my favorite). I am just hoping GRRM is not setting Sam up to rise and then fall.
  2. MidnightAurora

    Characters you changed your mind about after finishing ASOS...

    had to edit post realized had spoilers from affc
  3. MidnightAurora

    Characters you changed your mind about after finishing ASOS...

    I agree I liked Dany at first but then started hating her. I do not like that she only wants to hear the good about her family and seems hypocritical and becomes so annoying. I hope she returns to her self like when she was with Drogo or less annoying and more open minded.
  4. MidnightAurora

    Characters you changed your mind about after finishing ASOS...

    The one I turned to like mostly because he found remorse and I actually want him to be there in the end fighting on the Stark side and continue his redemption is Sandor Clegane. I was surprised myself when I found myself liking him more towards the end of this book. He was really upset about leaving Sansa in KL even though he won't admit it and he loved her, but not as he loved Arya. He loved Sansa like a love interest and Arya as a daughter. I thought it interesting he found some peace in the Mountain village and felt bad for him that they wanted him gone as his reputation preceded him even there. He tried and did not gallop around trying to get her to some family where he could have left her at the Twins. I think Sandor would have been a good person for Robb's side as Sandor deduced the situation rather quickly at the Twins. I cannot forgive him for Mycah, but he did seem remorseful for it after he encountered Polliver and Tickler and he was injured. I knew in the end he was trying to provoke Arya, so she would kill him as crying and begging for pain did not work. I think he was in emotional pain as well as physical. If he survives till the end hopefully "The Hound" part of him died and a new kind of hound emerged that would be a good fighter for the Others. I could not stand Stannis in this book, nor Melisandre. I did like Sansa towards the end, but I worry for her being in Littlefingers clutches and she thinks everyone is dead and no one will marry her for love. Jaime changed a little, but there is also something behind his good acts, so i could not change my opinion about him. I like Jon and liked him even more this book. Cersei is insane and hope she falls and I liked how the Lannisters have set themselves for their house to fall and others with them who rely on the Lannisters for "protection" especially now that Tyrion had the balls to kill his father. Tyrion, I never liked except when he got the balls to kill Tywin and how interesting Tywin was all up in arms about him and whores only to die with a Whore. I fear what change has occurred in Tyrion and he is right and that he is his father's son just smaller. Arya I liked, but she is young to understand some things and too young to know things a little girl should not. Lysa I knew was crazy since book 1 and I wondered if Littlefinger had anything to do with her madness like if he poisoned her etc.. I was hoping Prince Oberyn would be around longer and cause more trouble for the Lannisters and Tyrells. I liked that he had sense and that Tyrion was made to look too guilty and everything served on a platter that he deduced he was innocent. I hope Jaime realized Tyrion was lying about killing Joffrey, but he was telling the truth about Cersei. I liked that Jaime stood up to both Tywin and Cersei and not be their puppet and I liked that he loved his little brother and saved him.
  5. MidnightAurora

    Characters you changed your mind about after finishing ASOS...

    Dany I liked in the first two books, but this book she got on my nerves. She seemed to self entitled and hypocritical. She only wants to her the good stories about her family not the bad and do not want to hear defeats and learn from them. At times she acts very childish.
  6. MidnightAurora

    Characters you changed your mind about after finishing ASOS...

    I wanted to Like Jaime, but could not because while he did some redeeming acts he is still his father's son and he continues with the war and if he wanted to he could have done more like Tyrion could have done more for Sansa like give her her freedom, return her to her family etc.. I could not like Sandor, but after this book I did become to respect him and he did some good acts or tried to. He just has a stupid wall that he puts up and does a good thing and then nullifies it by doing a stupid thing or saying something that is sounds like a thret only to be an empty threat. Nope cannot stand Cersei especially in the Tyrion chapter where her sons is boasting about giving Sansa her brother's head. Tywin notices the boy and now realize what type of grandson he has and chides Cersei. Cersei seems blind as a bat to her son and annoys the heck that she never disciplines him and defends him etc.. I have never liked Roose from the get go and it seems to be confirmed that in my mind that he started scheming against Robb as soon as after the battle on Trident. I would assume sooner, but do not have proof. I like Thoros and despise Melisandre still.