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  1. Frey-A-La-Mode

    Poll: How would you rate Episode 101?

    I watched the first season before reading the series (and now I've read it thrice) and I can tell you that I was drawn in right away. Mind you, I have a lot of patience for these types of epic shows with a lot of characters and a lot going on, but besides not getting every little detail/name right away, I found I could follow it pretty closely, and I really dug it. I loved the first scene with The Others/White Walkers, I loved the introduction of The Starks, I loved the royal family, I loved the Direwolves, I loved the scenes in Essos. I remembered posting on my facebook, "Is it bad that merely the opening credits of Game of Thrones is enough to get me hooked?" That said, I can see why people say that noobs (or people who are not already pre-disposed to fantasy/court-intrigue/epics) there might not have been a lot to draw people in. I watched the first episode with a good friend of mine, and he was pretty underwhelmed... That is, up until Bran got thrown out the window. That made him go "whoa..." as in, this show does not fuck around!
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    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Pretty sure I read an io9 article that Strong Belwas was not going to appear because of how they simplified Barristan's storyline. I took that to assume he wouldn't be in it at all going forward, not just that he would not be in S3. I was upset too. I was looking forward to belly slapping and liver and onions. Conan Stevens had scheduling conflicts, apparently. Although really, he only needs to be in one episode in S4, where he fights Oberyn. They can merely talk him up before that. He didn't appear at all in S3. ETA: The io9 article I mentioned was an interview with GRRM, who was the one who said Strong Belwas wouldn't be on the show.