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  1. Syrio.Forel

    Fave moment in AFFC?

      Best name ever! Other than Syrio Forel, of course...   That Brienne/Biter scene is the only time in the series where I cheated. Brienne isn't even my favorite character, but the way it went down had me look to see if she had more chapters or not. I was like, "BRIENNE CAN'T DIE LIKE THAT! NO WAY!!!" Almost did the same when Tyrion "drowned".   Vic is a bad ass. I actually like him, as well.   Welcome to the forums. I've seen ppl get ugly in here, but it's far and few. I like to jump in the middle and tell them, "what do we tell trolls in the forums?? Not today..."
  2. Syrio.Forel

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    FINALLY!!!! Someone who sees it how it really was! I feel this is what GRRM was really going for but ppl were so caught up in the whole, "gotta take the North from the Starks while I have a chance" that they forgot... wait... did u say Joffrey or Balon??
  3. Syrio.Forel

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    Best. Comment. Ever. (Too bad you all can't see what he was replying to)
  4. Syrio.Forel

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    If they went that route, I guess Bronn's betrayal would hurt more than Shae's (that's me personally, tho), but the whole Oberyn-Ellaria-Cersei-Tywin exchange..... Best scene in the whole episode, IMO.
  5. Syrio.Forel

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    I'm quoting a quote... weird... I noticed that too! Olenna does! I was watching JUST for that reason!
  6. Syrio.Forel

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    Nice. This is what I was looking for. Someone else who had a little more than one line to throw in. I apologize in advance if I start rambling since I'm sipping wine Cersei-style Feast of Crows time frame. First off, I'm getting upset that the show is moving so fast (nvm the whole Arya-stabbing-Raf-in-the-throat-spoiler-the-show-did-before-the-book), but I actually liked this episode. Still think it's moving kinda fast, but.... oh well. (side note: DAMN! 14 NEW REPLIES WHILE I'M TYPING THIS!!! I'm gonna be up all night reading this thread). Ok, 1) I didn't like the whole Reek-Ramsay POVs last season, but this episode was actually kinda cool (in my opinion), although I see the whole pink letter coming up WAY too quick. 2) Show Bronn is way more awesome than book Bronn, and I love book Bronn. 3) Tyrion breaking up with Shae. Shae is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO different from her book counterpart, it's ridiculous. 4) Up to 27 replies and I'm typing fast. This is ridiculous. 5) Did anyone else notice the scene with Oberyn saying "Hello..... Not you..." to Tyrion??? I'm loving the show Red Viper. 6) Purple wedding was actually cool BUT no word on Joff trying to kill Bran... dubz-tee-eff HBO?!? 7) I think I'm done, but all-in-all, this ep was cool. Wait... one more... 8) BRYNDEN RIVERS!!! 9) Just because it came up, 41 replies.... And might as well make it... 10) BRING BACK SYRIO FOREL!!!