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    I've seen so many of these threads on so many forums. It always ends up as some avenue of lonely people trying to find the people that are looking for acceptance. I haven't introduced myself. I am a very shy person that looks for intellectual connection on the internet. I like the way I look when I put hair color in my hair when it jibes when the costumes I have constructed. I also hide weapons inside my costumes. If someone in my life threatens me, it's go time. Aside from that fiction... ... I am a married man that is an IT professional and has also learned a second language, has become an apt marksman, and knows the wildlife in his area.
  2. hi there. i'm new here, so please forgive me if i am repeating something that has likely been said here a thousands times. i am of the opinion that a) podrick payne is the prince that was promised and B) that his sense of conscience and honor will end up preventing brienne from killing jaime. i have been convinced as readily as people thinking davos was reborn amidst salt and smoke at the blackwater that pod also was reborn in the act of saving tyrion's life with a courage that he did not previously have. and he has become quite the swordsman.