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  1. maybe dawn is lightbringer and just went cold after the long night, needs a fresh sacrifice to flame on! again.
  2. make a sled and warg a wolf, horse, elk or 500 squirells.
  3. it wouldn't be weird at all if gendry appears out of thin air and can now punch clouds appart like saitama. the writing doesn't make much sense this last few seasons i only watch the show because it looks nice.
  4. 9/10 awesome but not perfect. that crappy trial davos' anger came 10 episodes too late frey pies and manderly were just a fuck you to book readers no ghost console commander varys dorne being show!dorne everything else was great
  5. if cersei needs an army they won't because fuck logic
  6. yeah because that totally makes sense... it's either bad writing or sansa being shady on purpose
  7. solid 9 maybe a 10 after a season of 5s and lower it was very nice to see this. meereen was good for the first time ever. no king's landing bullshit the north
  8. well arya is not neds daughter. she is wolverine's daughter.
  9. for me it was the best show on tv for the first 3 to 4 seasons. now... it sucks don't get me wrong it's still better than most shows, and the landscapes, costumes, etc are AMAZING im in love with some of the weapons, armor and even dresses and locations on the show BUT the dialogue and story telling compared to earliers seasons is so bad i want to cry.
  10. what part of HIS SISTER SEND THE SWORD TO HIM you can't understand, she didn't have the obligation she wanted to send jeor the sword.
  11. well i can't talk to someone who is just trolling or refusing to listen to reason... SAM RENOUNCED TO ANY BIRTHRIGHTS OR TIES HE HAD BEFORE THE WATCH.
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