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  1. It's a 7, when trying very hard not to compare it with the books. Starting with the Wall and Beetles, that was just nonsense. Missadei/Grey Worm was rather more interesting, but given way too much focus. I don't appreciate Sansa's transformation or his relationship with Baelish. I don't understand what Sandor and Arya are doing in the episode. Along with so much nonsense and inconsistency. Then the important scenes. The Northern part with Theon and the Boltons was actually pretty solid. No complaints there. Jorah's banishment, in my opinion, was handled reeeeally badly. Dany had next to no emotions about it and it just came out of nowhere. And the duel. It was flashy and cool, I give you that, but it deserved much, much more focus, screen time and build-up. All in all, I feel really underwhelmed. Obviously the show holds little shock value to me, but I don't feel like they handled this one properly.
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    Good day, gents and ladies! I'm an avid fan from Finland (which is more or less Europe's very own North)! It annoyed me to no end that so few people up here seem to follow either one of the series, so I set out to find a forum and this is where I now find myself in. Pleased to meet you all.
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