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  1. Ok I just made an account here. I am distraught, unhappy, amazed, bewildered, and I was just bawling my eyes out and I HAVE to write this. I won't be posting in the book spoilers thread because I haven't read the books.... I had the week off this week so I was deciding what to do. I'd been hearing that IGN had given the latest Game of Thrones episode a 10 and some of my co-workers told me it was a good series a while back. Maybe it would be a bit like lord of the rings or other fantasy novels. I was always up for a good character story so I began watching Game of Thrones at about 6 episodes a day starting on Monday thanks to my coworkers lending me the dvds. I zoomed past the first season and yet alas after the first day while reading some gaming forums I got the death of Eddard Stark spoiled for me. I didn't know how he died but I cursed so much that such a major plot point was spoiled. I kept watching the rest of season 1 hoping it wouldnt come to pass and unfortunately it never came to be. Fortunately there were other characters I liked namely Catelyn and Jon Snow and Daenerys that I could cling to but after the end of season 1 because of that death being spoiled I just considered the show a "good" one with nothing special to think about it. I would continue to see how my favorite characters would change. The second season was largely the same but here is where something clicked for me. Every storyline seemed to grow more interesting and while I still had my favorites, even the other stories seemed to gain speed and interest. While I didn't like Tyrion at first he is actually one of the honest characters in the show. And it did such a good job to make me continue to absolutely HATE Joffrey. It did a good job all around to make me hate people that I should hate and like people that I should like, while adding in even more characters like Shae and Ygritte that round out the cast spectacularly. And then today I decided to watch all the way to the current episode knowing that there was something significant that was going to happen in it but happy that it would be a surprise as I hadn't been spoiled like with Ned. But can I just say before that, that season 3 has been my favorite season even without this episode. I'm not sure it is because of the quality of the season or that with each episode I grow more and more attached to the characters so much so that there isn't a transition where I say "oh no why are we showing this boring character story when other things are happening" anymore. There isn't a dull story to tell anywhere because the characters have just gotten so ingrained and interesting for me to watch. Oh and I have to add that Olenna Tyrell has made me laugh more than any other character on this show or any other show in a while and she's a new favorite of mine. But let's get on to this episode. This episode. Even with the thought that the burning of the leeches could mean the death of Robb I refused to believe it. No way that Robb would die so early that the war that defined almost the entire series up to this point could end just because Melisandre worked her magic somehow. But oh no that magic didn't kill him. When I saw Catelyn's worried face at the doors closing my heart dropped. This can't be happening the wedding was so cheery and lively. Everything seemed to be going well and Robb could finally find his victory over the Lannisters. The family would be reunited and they'd all travel back to Winterfell. But no Catelyn pulled up Bolton's clothes to reveal armor and my heart dropped. Suddenly Rob's child whether it was a boy or girl was lost forever. The man I thought was to be the main protagonist up to this point was shot full of arrows and my favorite character Catelyn was shot as well and on the ground. I had tears in my eyes by the time the scene shifted to the killing of greywind and i realized that Arya would never reunite with her family even though I'd been anticipating it all season. And then the final scene. Please let one of them live please let them go. I'd grown so attached to these two that I wanted to see them move on so much. So very much. A sliver of hope came as my Catelyn Stark my hero begged and pleaded with the murderer. Surely he had some mercy. He couldn't be so cruel to kill both of them just because a wedding was thrown off. He had to have a heart somewhere. But no he enjoyed all of this and did not regret it in the least. And suddenly the Lannisters took their first and last victory over Robb. At this point I was bawling staring at Catelyn who i'd loved since the beginning standing there broken and beaten and I probably couldn't even imagine a fraction of the pain you'd have to endure in a situation like that. She was dead with her silence after slitting that girl's throat which seemed to last minutes. I didn't even care about what happened next as she was already gone. And I just looked at the screen with more tears than I have had since longer than I can remember. So here I am. I walked around for a couple minutes not believing it this was incredible yet I didn't know how to handle it. So here I am because I found a forum for the show and I have written a mini essay because I NEEDED to get my feelings about this episode and the series. Catelyn was my favorite character from start till now but the show eased me into liking the other characters almost as equally. I will move on from this massacre because I am reeling to find out what happens next. After I watch the last episode tomorrow I will probably go read the books as I need more and this episode secured my thinking in that I NEED more. I'm not even sure I posted this in the right forum or even if this was appropriate to post as this is more of a blog at this point but I'm doing it anyway as my first post and I won't regret it! RIP Catelyn, Rob, The unborn Child, Talisa, Grey Wind, and everyone else who died And I hope everyone who was responsible for this gets what they deserve.
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