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  1. I am not sure lady stone heart plays a role that is required. They could easily cut that story. I think they will. The actress said she is not coming back so that hints at it too.
  2. Did they cut out a Ramsay rape and killing scene? The episode was eight minutes short and the prior episode six or seven minutes short. Are they toning it down after Jaime scene?
  3. My first ever 10. The Tyrion speech and the trial were perfect! Shae was awesome.
  4. That was good! GREAT speech by Tyrion. Highlight of all seasons so far.
  5. Most of the new scenes and changes do not hold a candle to George's writing. This episode included. If they add stuff just make it sex and violence which is what hbo is good at
  6. Lysa Arryn was the highlight. Perfectly acted all the way.
  7. Moving way too fast and to hard to follow. They are doing way too much each episode and this one of the worst. I need to watch again just to follow it.
  8. Ran Can you list other episode ratings so we do not have to look for them?
  9. Not sure why they are moving so fast, I am learning way more from the show than I ever wanted. They are trying to do too much in each episode, I give it a 5.
  10. It w a good. Better than episode one but still too much happening and too many different scenes. They need to slow down and do less each episode.
  11. Agree. The 5 year gap was the perfect plan. I am still not sure two books are enough to finish now. The Dany story seems a book long to get to Westeros alone.
  12. GRRM's weakest point is the development of the Queen of Dragons for the next three books. Hopefuly, they will just avoid her for awhile.
  13. Fine dialogue but a huge letdown for a finale. Even if they were going to avoid Joffrey's wedding at least give me some angst with Cersei and Jamie! Weakest effort of the season, too bad it ended the season. Obsession with Theon's torture just getting boring. "Reek" intro was weak. They need to stay closer to the books, better story so far and they are no GRRM.
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