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  1. The North Will Rise...

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    How would you rate episode 310?

    Walder and Roose had the best dialog though Walder: To the young wolf * Howlllllllllll* Roose: Forever young... Was a good surprise
  3. totalblind

    How would you rate episode 310?

    7 from me also. Loved almost all of the scenes. Davos and Gendry was a good match up and stood good on screen. How Arya killed that guy was priceless, shows the path she is going to take. I really enjoyed the "gossiping " of Walder and Roose. "Forever young" :D Tyrion and Cersei had a good conco once again,second for the season if I am not mistaken. Stannis is my favourite and the biggest surprise this season.The soundtrack the atmosphere when there are scenes with him Davos and Meliss are just insanly good. Liked how Ramsey tortures Theon.They managed to get a good actor to play him. Last I liked the story time, the Rat cook etc. I give 7 because- No coldhands Sam got really quick to the castle. No Lady Stoneheart.