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  1. "waiting for an old friend", "Why do i think came here ?", Drogon flying over Kings Landing, etc it means he can see the future and he knows he can alter the future. he saw the future and start a chain reaction with Jaimie dead, Tyrion wouldn`t betrayed Danny, without truth about Targaryen parentage Jon wouldn`t have killed her or Danny paranoid. it`s not implied in the script but this is where it leads.
  2. he said nothing about Jaimie pushing him, he said everything about Jon parentage, he gave arya the dagger, he baited NK, etc. i doubt if they killed Jaimie, Jon would have killed Danny. Chain reaction my friends. He gave them the future created by him. basically he was the master puppet. and Brann is the right person who can say he know the best. Remember he can see the future.
  3. I dont see how Brann was the best choice when he manipulated everyone. Basically he used Sansa and Jaimie to kill Danny and finally becoming king.
  4. yea now Bran can warg in someone else and rule forever.
  5. if Arya survived being stabbed more then once, then Daenerys is doing great.
  6. Drogon proved the ending will be the same. I think Martin had his ending all along. I don`t think he will ever release those books. He is smart and he knows if he ever deliver an ending it will destroy The World of Ice and Fire. Probably he hate the book, with everyone asking him same question.
  7. I assume we are going Varys lead them in tunnels and dies, a Golden Company betrayal, Danny or Jon hostage situation and Cercei demanding a TRIAL BY SEVEN. we already have the numbers for Danny`s team: Grey Worm or Jon depends on how they deal with Grey Worm, Brienne, Podrick, Tormund, Clegane, Arya and Yara or Jaimie depends on what side Jaimie picks. Cercei team: Mountain, Euron, maybe Bronn, some iron born, kings guard or golden company.
  8. i guess the story didn`t actually matter to the show. Or the title either. Or for Martin either, i guess we did had the answear in the first bookk "What do we say to the god of death?"
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