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  1. Pacala

    Who is the 3EC?

    an entity who moves from body to another. in present events probably Brynden now Brann. Possibly a descendat of 13th lord commander and the pale woman or The Night Queen herself (probably a rebel Other or Last hero who transfered into a girl body). we already know WW accept offers from Craster sons, probably new bodies for The Others.
  2. the others are beings from another realm created by the universe to bring balance to the world. the begining of a new era, the infinite cycle of life, the change, old dies the new take his place (see spiral symbolism). first night king-the last hero transformed by cotf to take the lead of the others. 13 lord commander of the night watch-the stark who kidnapped and married the night king daughter (bael the bard, lyanna stark story). first three eyed raven-unknown.
  3. Pacala

    Good vs Bad

    That hate seems to be prior to Robert rebelion, that`s why Tywin didn`t join the rebelion, no friends among them, that and his son Jaimie. The writer did a great job portreting the rich people and the way how they are perceived by the rest. Funny how everyone hate the Lannisters for killing the dictator probably ending the war instead of Targaryen and Starks for starting the war. Will be interesting to see how other families will react when they will found that Robert rebelion was based on a lie, probably that`s why the White Walkers were introduced in the story. We all saw how the "mob" reacted to that. It`s a post around this forum about "what if" Rhaegar told the truth.
  4. Pacala

    Good vs Bad

    Name a good person and a bad one, why? Sam is a good person - he cares about others Ned is a bad person - many died cuz of him (2 times) P.S. cand anyone explain why every character (specially the Starks) hates the Lannisters. In the books seems everyone hate the Lannisters for unknown reason, is it fear or hate? Tywin did a great job as hand of the king under MAD King
  5. Pacala

    End game predictions for all the characters?

    Westeros is doomed same as Valyria Arya gonna kill Bran with catspaw dagger to put and end to night king. Sam and Gilly gonna travel across the sea to Essos same as Aegon the Conqueror and he will change the world by science. In the end we gonna see Sam writing the story of ice and fire.