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    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    I am SO happy that I've finally stumbled upon a thread like this. Recommendations from people with the same head works at me. Saweet. I have a few myself, some that have been mentioned already, some that haven't. I will point out that although I've always read, I was never really interested in reading fantasy. I was into real life thrillers, crime stories etc etc. One of my closest friends then recommended His Dark Materials to me... I was skeptical... I honestly wasn't too bothered but after a little pressure I finally caved and I can happily say, this was the series that introduced me to the world of fantasy and sci fi and I have NEVER looked back. So... His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman The story involves fantasy elements such as witches and armoured polar bears, and alludes to a broad range of ideas from such fields as physics, philosophy, and theology. Harry Potter - No explanation needed, really. True Blood by Charlaine Harris There are 13 books in the series - quite an easy read but they're full of fantasical excitiment. Vampire, werewolves, Faeries, witches, werepanthers... I could go on. K-Pax trilogy by Gene Brewer Such a simple but mesmerising plot line. When a new patient is brought to a mental institution claiming to be an inhabitant of a planet called K-PAX, the hospital seems just the place for him. Yet, except for certain otherworldly abilities, the "alien," prot, appears to be perfectly sane. In taped therapy sessions prot is asked about life on K-PAX - its lifestyle, principles, foods, language. Prot paints a consistent and credible portrait of a glorious utopia painfully unlike our own and yet so possible, could we only erase from human nature its greed and cruelty. It becomes easy, even desirable, to believe in prot's identity and homeland. But prot insists that he must return home. As his announced date of "departure" approaches, staff and patients alike are thrown into turmoil: If he is mad, what will happen when the fateful day arrives? If K-PAX is for real...please, may they come along too? Book of Words trilogy by J.V.Jones The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins I will edit this as I go... :)
  2. This episode was brilliant in my eyes. I definitely wasn't expecting it as episode 9 but I was please. But DAYM..... how much media did it get in the UK, I was absolutely shocked - it's obviously a popular show but I didn't think it was THAT popular. I've never seen such a crazy response to the papers posting images from a TV programme the day after it aired. Mental.
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    Hey there, Just introducing myself to you all :) I'm Axel, love GoT. Obviously. See you around. Ax