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  1. Officiating was wildly inconsistent the entire game, just like we've seen all year. The guy who held was interviewed after the game and said he held him, but he was holding all game and it wasn't getting called, lol. KC kept lining up in the neutral zone, only really offset by the fact that the philly line was false starting every play. Then there's the catch/no catch calls that confused everyone on the broadcast.
  2. Don't think I've ever had the IR bug hit me so bad in two leagues. Filled up both leagues this year and Russel Wilson might have well been injured all year for as good as he's been (Let's Ride, lol). Eyes forward to next year!
  3. I'm keeping everyone out of last place this year, no worries there.
  4. I don’t understand the Vikings. 1st and 10 on the opposing 20, 17 seconds left, one timeout… so you run it?!?!
  5. Brady is gifted another call when he can’t move the ball himself. Ridiculous.
  6. Sorry for the double post, but I love this kid
  7. Instead they give him an offensive line, top tier defenses, and consistently bruising running backs - which happen to all play to his strengths. Like.. come on.. you know this. Im still trying to figure out why this even matters when the conversation was about you being confused why Josh Allen is good. Did someone hurt you? Can you point to the doll where they touched you?
  8. So the measurement you're using is whether Tyreek Hill has ever played with him. Oddly specific, but I guess I'll give it to you.
  9. How are you measuring that? Numbers-wise, sure - but 25 attempts and 200 yards per game through the air isn't going to make anybody look good. That offense is based on the run and wins when Lamar is rushing well. He makes mistakes when you make him throw the ball.
  10. I’ve been in that bandwagon for years, but the Broncos are my first love. I thought it would be different
  11. Spring? They just ran an option play on 3rd and 1. He won’t make it to week 8
  12. Wtf is happening in Denver. Russel sucks and they have 2 good running backs. Zero touchdowns in the red zone
  13. I'm taking a year off of pick'em this year. Was in three last year which I think burnt me out a bit.
  14. One name that deserves mention and never does is Tony Hawk.
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