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  1. With how many white mass shooters there are, it isn't hard to find a recent example of one that was taken into custody without getting shot 5 times. This happened a couple weeks ago and the guy shot a cop. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/several-people-injured-texas-shooting-suspect-still-large-n1263557
  2. Chauvin verdict will be in at 3:30 CST today. I was just in Uptown and they are really prepared for the worst. Everything is boarded up and the only thing open is McDonalds.
  3. Yeah, but it's just cigarettes and banning menthol cigarettes altogether. Doesn't impact vaporizers or smokeless tobacco.
  4. Watched a few things w/ my wife over the last month or so. Tell Me Your Secrets - Tried and true suspense/thriller premise with an average at best delivery and terrible ending. There's so many shows that have done this better that I couldn't recommend it. Will likely skip any further seasons unless we're really bored. Synchronic - An actual interesting premise of a new drug, similar to DMT that kids are taking. First 45 minutes were actually quite good. The next 1/2 hour it got weird, but wanted to see it through. The last 15 min were laughably bad and the ending was truly terrible. Utopia - Watched both the US and UK versions. The US version was cancelled after one season, but the UK version got 2 and both were fantastic. Weird show to watch during a pandemic, but we both really enjoyed it and are disappointed this is as much of the story we'll ever get. Still something I'd recommend even though it's not finished. The One - Again, an interesting premise around finding genes that predispose you to love someone and a decent enough delivery, but everything about it was just so over-the-top. I was also hoping for more of a twist somewhere in there, but everything is pretty straightforward. Will likely watch a second season if it gets one. Soul & Onward - Two Disney movies here that I've now seen about 50 times a piece (2 year old LOVES Disney). Onward is a movie that I feel like was made just for me. Sick dad who died, set in a DnD type world but also modern, buddy/brother story, epic quest.... I just absolutely love it. Soul will definitely appeal to more people, but the music and character growth in that movie are just great. Recommend both. WandaVision - Took a few episodes to get into it, but overall I thought it was great. Falcon & Winter Soldier - Really enjoying this one. Funnier than I expected it to be. Snowpiercer - Disliked the movie, but am glad we gave this one a shot. Premise is awfully stupid still, but the delivery was better than expected.
  5. Tweaked by neck something fierce last Wednesday night. Couldn't get off the couch at all on Thursday, but it's been getting better and better every day. Did some cardio on Saturday and pilates yesterday. Today was upper body, which overall felt pretty good, but still pretty stiff and sore. Will continue stretching it and massaging the area with the Theragun.
  6. I'm going to vent a bit here. The mental health resources we have in the US is completely fucked. About a month ago I got a call from one of my band-mates - our harmonica player/singer took his own life. His wife told us he had been severely depressed for a while with the pandemic, but couldn't/didn't get any help to deal with it. He left behind two grade school aged kids, a stay-at-home mom, and because he took his own life, no life insurance will get paid out. The whole thing just pisses me off. Then 3 weeks ago I got a call from my sister. My 25 year old brother was in a coma from a combination of COVID and an overdose that caused his heart to stop for 5 minutes. My brother had tried to kill himself 3 times in the last 2 years. About 6 months ago my mom called every mental health facility within about 10 states to get him committed. He was 100% behind this and they couldn't find one opening in. Any that had spots couldn't take him in because they were reserved for people that were either coming from a hospital or jail. None of the places would take someone who had diagnosed bi-polar disorder and multiple attempts on their own life - because it wasn't "urgent". I'm still fuming about this part. He needed help. He tried to get help. The help he needed was simply not available in our country. Last Saturday we had to take him off life support and he passed last Monday. This was a good kid that had some pretty tough mental health issues and self-medicated in very harmful ways to try and deal with it - and there was nothing for him. So yeah.... I'm just fucking pissed right now about how absolute shit our mental health resources are
  7. This shit is happening in my old backyard. There were big protests at a few of the neighboring cities as well. The one I lived in didn't have a single black police officer despite the town being ~40% minorities. They have one woman, one asian guy, and one latino guy - the rest are all white dudes. A few years ago the last black police officer and his partner criticized the police chief for their overt racism and lack of diversity on the police force. The two of them were put on paid administrative leave for 3 years. They eventually got an undisclosed settlement. The policing in these areas is just as bad as Minneapolis (or worse). They have a foundation in overt racism, bullying, and violence - none of which can be dealt with because the unions are so powerful.
  8. This was pretty much my company's policy before the pandemic. Since WFH, pretty much everyone on my team has agreed that we'll only go into the office "as needed", which would be 2-3 times a month at most. With that being said, we're all software engineers, I actually prefer coding at home, we all own our homes and have space for a dedicated office, and for me personally, being home when my kids are so little is something I want to take advantage of for as long as I can. I feel like being able to be around more often when my kids are pre-school age is something a single income family rarely, if ever, could achieve. I do acknowledge that this is an enormous amount of privilege, but for me I'm embracing the opportunity.
  9. Bought a Johhny Walker gift box for $75 that had a small bottle of Blue included in it. Had some after I got my vaccine and it was good, but not $200 a bottle good. It smooth and balanced, maybe a little too easy to drink, but it was not a super complex tasting scotch. Glad I got to try it for a reasonable price, but would never buy a full bottle. I also found that there is a liquor god, and she lives at Total Wine. I've had so many good, peaty, smoky, and affordable scotches lately. There are some really good bottles in the $20-50 range. Scarabus has been my go-to for the last few weeks, and at $30 a bottle I don't feel guilty at all. Have also really like Peat Monster. I've been trying to get my hands on Ardbeg's Wee Beastie, but it's sold out everywhere.
  10. 1st of our 3 months of P90X3 is in the books. I've been trying to maintain during this and I'm finding it hard to consume enough (good) calories. I think I need to supplement with another protein shake during the day and at least one more bowl of cereal a day to up my carbs. I wasn't losing weight at 1700 kcals, but now I can't maintain at 2500 kcals. It's a good problem to have Next week is phase 2, which changes most of what we're doing. That's been the best part of this, nothing really gets stale since you only do each video 3 times before changing it up.
  11. I think that's fair as none of the filler content is forced. I still think that more isn't necessarily better, but I can see why people would appreciate the option even if they don't do it themselves. It personally lowered my enjoyment of it, but I think after I finish my current game I'll come back to W3 and just focus on the main quest to see if my opinion changes.
  12. Yoga day today, which was absolutely needed since it feels like someone is slicing my achilles when I'm in down dog (and only that one particular stretch). After I beat the hell out of my calves for 20 minutes with the Theragun and two things happened. First and foremost, the pain in my achilles is pretty much gone. Secondly, I now have the sorest calves in the world right now. Will be treating myself to some CBD treatments, a solid night's sleep, and a push/pull day tomorrow
  13. Tonight it's roasted chicken shawarma in a pita w/ homemade red pepper hummus, lettuce & parsley from our indoor garden, topped with sliced tomatoes and onions - with a side of yellow rice & parsley. My wife makes it the same, but instead of chicken she roasts up some cauliflower shawarma steaks.
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