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  1. aceluby

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    I'd be ok with adding spread, but would like to keep confidence points
  2. aceluby

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    I'm in as well. How are we voting on rule changes? I'd like to keep them the same
  3. aceluby

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    Really? I was thinking of skipping this because the ending was so bad and the rest was only slightly better than average. It was ok, so is the 2nd season markedly better storywise?
  4. aceluby

    To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? That Is The Question!

    Facebook - Check this once every 1-2 weeks just to see what events people are planning. Twitter - Have a handle, but don't use it and don't particularly like it IG - Again, I have a handle & a bunch of friends, but I don't find a ton of value out of it. Too much fake bull shit for my tastes. LinkedIn - Use this a ton for professional networking, promoting my technical blog, etc... Reddit - I use this the most and subscribe mainly to technical subreddits like r/java, r/reactjs, etc... Mostly great for the articles and announcements that come from new technology releases. There's a lot of assholes on it (not unlike twitter), so I pretty much stick to reading articles and answering questions. Been getting News from my Apple News feed instead of any social media site. Get a pretty good view w/out all the bickering, so my stress levels have decreased since moving from FB/Reddit/etc...
  5. aceluby

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    A little over a week back into working out again and I'm down 7 lbs. I know I've been carrying a lot of water weight, but had no idea it was that much. Started getting up at 5 every morning to get a workout in and bought some kettlebells and have been doing different variations of those plus some bodyweight exercises and some HIIT for my cardio. Also introduced a morning & afternoon protein shake and just counting calories on the diet side, staying under 2,000 kcals. So far so good. Gonna try to stick to this for a 12 week cut, then I'm going to up my kcals to 3,000 for an 8-12 week bulk phase.
  6. aceluby

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    That was predictable given the 10 yr bond yield dropped below the 2 yr bond yield for the first time since 2007. If you're investing... hold onto your butts.
  7. aceluby

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    It's easier than that even. Serverless websites can be hosted for free on GitHub, Heroku, or even on Amazon.
  8. aceluby

    Westeros Football League C

    Can't do the 30th or 31st, out of town w/out internet until Monday, but the other dates work
  9. aceluby

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    The thing about the filibuster that I'm trying to wrap my head around is the actual advantage to Democrats it provides in the current climate. Tax cuts and deregulation just need a bare majority at most, 2 staples of the Republican party . They aren't really in the business of passing any other laws after that at a national level. Seems to me that it'd be much more advantageous for the party who wants to pass new laws to solve problems to remove the filibuster than the party who thinks the govt can't solve problems and spends its time trying to figure out how to blow govt up instead.
  10. aceluby

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Day 4 of getting up early for a bodyweight workout at home and back to tracking what I eat. First time being sore in a while, but it feels pretty good. Think I'm going to get a couple of kettlebells at home and start incorporating that into my workout.
  11. aceluby

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    Finally finished off Black Mirror S4. I didn't think any of the stories were particularly strong. The only one that didn't feel out of place was the first episode, and that one was only ok. The second episode was positively bad. That the third one was ok until the last 1/3rd or so when it was pretty predictable and kinda tropey. Decide to do a rewatch of parks and rec for the next few weeks.
  12. aceluby

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I'm in!
  13. aceluby

    Netflix's The OA: Part II

    Terrible news. It was great to read that they knew exactly the story they wanted to tell and where the seasons were going to get placed w/in that story. Fucking Netflix. Why do they even bring on these weird shows if they're just going to cancel them if they don't get massive viewer ratings? I really hope they can find another home, but damn.... this sucks
  14. aceluby

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Between a baby in the house, working 3 jobs, playing on 2 softball teams, and gigging regularly in my band... my workout routine and eating habits have gone completely to shit. Weighed myself this morning and I'm 30 lbs over my goal weight. I've decided to change this. Just had our last softball tournament, quit one of my jobs, and our last gig of the summer is on Friday. I'm going to go for morning workouts at home before work; a mix of barre, HIIT, and bodyweight training; eat healthier & less going out; and cutting back alcohol significantly. I'm trying it out as a 12-week program which should take me to ~Halloween. Might add that gym membership after I get into a solid habit of getting up early to workout.
  15. aceluby

    US Politics: Culture Club

    It's like they were going for Republican street cred more than anything. Never saw anything quite like this before from them, so it leads me to believe that this is their response to the constant barrage of attacks that have been going their way for the last 3 years or so from the WH.