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    GRRM's Age

  2. aceluby

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Not different. They didn't call a blatant roughing the passer on an interception in the 4th quarter that allowed them to tie the game, then in OT there was a phantom PI call when the receiver tripped over his own feet which ended up giving them the win. The refs gave them that game in almost the exact same way they took it away on Sunday, worse really since it was the last year of sudden death OT. I just don't feel bad for them, not saying they deserve it. No team does. Well, maybe Sean Payton does. He seems to revel in being unsportsmanlike.
  3. aceluby

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    After what happened in 2009 when they won the SB because of the same thing that went the other way in the championship game, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving team.
  4. I'm planning on ordering it once I get to ~chapter 5 since I haven't played it yet either ETA: Ordering it for PS3, not the streaming service which is highly dependent on your internet on how well it works
  5. I'm more about enjoying the ride at this point. Being able to pick up everything I want and having plenty of things to keep my ammo and dead eye gauge full makes me feel like a Western God in these huge battles.
  6. I only completed Vice City. In 3, I never got past the part after you open up the last area and then proceeded to just use that character for random carnage. In 4, I got sidetracked by the part where you have to defend your areas, finally destroyed everyone, then a mission reset all my hard work. Put it down shortly after that. Still have yet to pick up 5. Made it to chapter 4 in RDR2, have an awesome horse, a satchel that can hold 99 of everything, and just picked up a brand new gambler outfit for free for helping some dude with a snakebite twice. Sitting at $3500 in my wallet and $500 at the camp with everything upgraded at the camp. Think I'll just play the main missions from here on out unless I get some side missions that pop up. So far I think I've done everything except the hunting/fishing stuff and the challenges.
  7. aceluby

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    I don't think we should frame it that way at all, I don't think any candidate should be judged on whether they can or can't win Texas. That's my point. The question should just be "what do they bring to the table". That he can't carry Texas is a non-point, though he may force the GOP to spend more money than they'd like to there.
  8. aceluby

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    The only candidate that has even the remotest chance of carrying Texas is O'Rourke, so if that's a mark against him, it's a mark against them all IMO. The last two candidates were from New York and Illinois, which didn't provide any kind of home state advantage. Seems like a strange thing to focus on.
  9. It's a great little game. I still have to go back and beat the previous DLC, the new DLC, and get the good ending. It's one of my faves.
  10. Like I've said many times before, I thought LoU was a more boring and tedious version of Uncharted. The storyline never made up for the bad gameplay that you have to suffer through the entire game. I patiently waited for it to get better and then the game ended right when it started to get interesting. I don't get the love. Have you picked up Bloodborne yet?
  11. The last thing I have to do for the final satchel is get a perfect cougar and a perfect wolf pelt. What sucks is that I found where wolves and cougars hang out and they are REALLY far away from my home base. So I'll have to get one, trek it back home, then go back out to where I just was for the other. Main reason being I don't want to get my perfect pelt and then die before getting it to Pearson. That's happened to me for at least a half dozen perfect pelts. Think I might just do a few missions after that and then start some legendary animal hunting, since the trinkets seem pretty helpful. ETA: Still in chapter 3
  12. aceluby

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Banking on known characters seems to be a losing strategy. Hulk, Spiderman, Batman, Superman.... all have their respective flops. I'd be very surprised if this Joker origin story doesn't flop unless the performance is just over the top wonderful
  13. aceluby

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    I'm seeing a pretty common theme among the successes in Marvel and DC: Fairly unknown characters that are fresh for audiences.
  14. It's taking all my will power to not open those. I've started to do some hunting for perfect pelts. Get 3 perfect deer pelts and a buck pelt so far. Working to get all the satchels since I hear you can carry 99 of everything after you do. Seems worth it.
  15. I just got the horse yesterday and have bonded to level 2, currently it's at 8 speed/acceleration and 8 health/stamina. Took like 4 tries to break it, but man has it been worth it. Bounties have been pretty fun, but can easily get you a bounty. I also forgot that I've done the gunslinger missions as well. Those were super fun, even though I died a lot learning how to do them and my horse died once because it got run over by a train trying to follow me. I've done almost no looting on this character. My plan is to have one run through as a fairly good guy, then the next time try my hand at it as someone who robs and kills everybody.