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  1. Tomorrow is the last day of my 30 day MMA program. Down 5 lbs from the start, and over 20 lbs since this time last year w/ some significant strength and muscle gains. I'd say I am probably in the 5 lbs of extra muscle and 25 lbs of fat lost on the year. Most significant are my gains in my lower body. Getting some good definition and strength increases in my quads and glute excercises. Unfortunately, I think I strained my right shoulder this weekend replacing some sprinkler heads, which has made any kind of press far too unbearable to do. After tomorrow I think I'm going to do a few weeks of yoga to see if I can't loosen things up a bit, then do a modified 6 week Simple & Sinister kettlebell program, which will be 100 KB swings and 100 pushups a day
  2. Along Came Polly is one of my favorite movies, only because of his scenes. "RAIN DANCE!!!"
  3. I'm in for C, B too if you have space
  4. She tried explaining what she was watching to one of our neighbors and it was hilarious. "It's a Korean political show from the 1700's that also has zombies". Neighbor was not impressed.
  5. So on the recommendation of this board my wife and I started the Kingdom about a week back and binged the entire thing. We absolutely loved it, and now she can't wait for the random shit I recommend for us to watch from here. Though she has said that I need to watch Umbrella Academy so we can watch S2 together.
  6. I never played the 2nd DLC. I should go back and do a new build for that
  7. Hahaha, I remember that exchange. Thought it was ridiculous then, think the same now. Dems are the only ones with leverage at this point.
  8. Into week 3 of my MMA HIIT training and this shit is fucking hard. This morning it was 45 minutes of HIIT followed by a 15 minute ab workout. It's basically that from here on out for the next two weeks. I've noticed three things while doing this. 1) My endurance is off the charts right now. 2) I'm losing weight at a pretty serious clip (sub 195 for the first time since my son was born) and 3) there is something really wrong with my left hip flexor. After I'm done with this program I think I'm going to do a couple weeks of yoga to see if I can't lengthen these new muscles.
  9. Holy shit. Cursed on Netflix is bad. Made it less than 5 minutes.
  10. Trump only hires those with the best batteries. THE BEST!
  11. Binged this for the first time over the last 3 weeks or so and really loved it. Time travel done right. I also really liked the way it ended.
  12. I don't really understand the argument here. Believing OANN is news and thinking all media besides Fox and OANN has "Trump Derangement Syndrome" is one and the same. And seriously, who fucking cares if news orgs have fallen low in the public eye. If they are reporting on news worthy things like scandals and lies coming out of the administration, it's their job. Just because this administration is the worst in a generation shouldn't mean it should get a pass just because it's too overwhelming to the average consumer. It says far more about how complacent Americans are than anything about "the media". Benghazi dominated the news cycle for a damn year and it ended up in a big nothing burger. Over and over again. This administration ignored a pandemic that is going to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. If Americans are tired of hearing that shit, too fucking bad. It's news.
  13. Kind of surprised they didn't go with Washington Warriors and keep the logo
  14. Taking a break from lifting weights and opting for a 30 day MMA/bodyweight/functional program. Was starting to get some pain in my elbows, shoulders, and tweaked my low back. Will try to also watch what I eat a bit better to see if I can't lose these last 10 lbs.
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