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  1. End of that Dallas game really screwed me in one of my fantasy leagues. Up 10 in OT, he had Lamb, I had Zuerline and Cooper. Only way I lose is a 50 yard touchdown. Couldn’t believe it. In that league I have the most points scored and am 3-3. Sometimes I really hate fantasy football
  2. This would have accurately described Kyler Murray his rookie season
  3. Facebook sucks. More news at 11. Still not sure what this example is supposed to convey in relation to labor costs on small business.
  4. One week down - many, many more to go. This week is going to be a deload week. Basically just a lot of yoga, pilates, and a little bit of cardio. Then hitting it hard again starting next week on a new lifting program with my wife.
  5. It's a command economy with means of production owned by a dictator. Definitively not communism.
  6. I've started reading the books and am only doing side quests and main quests under my level, and leaving the rest. A good 1/2 of my playthrough has been doing stuff that I normally do in open world games, but IMO actually deters from the game in W3. Exploring all the question marks I can, going after contracts, treasure hunts, racing, etc... Game is just too big and too full of that stuff to make any kind of dent. Now that I have a more focused approach and turned the difficulty way down so I'm not always pissed at the controls, I'm actually beginning to enjoy the game. Only took 4 tries.
  7. Was looking for a new RPG and decided instead of buying one I should give Witcher 3 another go. I’m focusing on just the story now and finally got to my first really fun gameplay about 60-70 hours in destroying some portals to save Ciri. Really hoping I can push through this time
  8. I've seen both sides. They can be extremely positive and reassuring. Some advice is top tier and what you'd expect from good friends. They can also be extremely toxic and it's very easy to "pile on", which can be very harmful to the person seeking advice while also making the thread/forum seem unwelcoming. I think overall that they are beneficial, but it's up to users to take everything with a big ol bag of salt.
  9. Yeah, don't expect a change, just venting. It's all for fun anyway
  10. Wtf, chose Indy with 5 and just checked and my points stuck, but not my pick. Gd it
  11. McSally ran in 2018, was appointed the vacant spot in 2019, and then lost that spot in 2020. I'm not really sure where you're getting your timeline from, but it - and your analysis - does not seem to be correct.
  12. Had a good HIIT session today focusing on legs. I think this PPL+Upper+Lower schedule has been great for getting bigger and building some solid muscle. Definitely stronger is all of my lifts, but holy shit has my diet gone to shit. Up to 225 lbs right now, with WAY too much around the love-handles and zero ab definition. Next week I'm doing a "cleanse" with my wife - which is all home cooked meals, controlled healthy snacks, and no alcohol. She wants to do it for 5 days, but if I can get through that I'm going to just keep going. I really need to cut 25 lbs (of fat), so Monday is where it starts.
  13. My wife will definitely want to watch this, so I'll probably get my switch out and continue playing some Witcher 3.
  14. Have to take a few upsets here and there. Chicago D was looking good the first couple weeks, so I thought that game would be closer (hence the 2 point bet on that one). Cincy I was more confident since they've been looking pretty strong this year and the Pitt offense is pretty terrible. I'm pulling a you this year with the most correct picks, but sitting in 4th.
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