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  1. Sure, but the question becomes when do you think that equilibrium existed. 1950's? 1960's? 1970's? Obviously starting in the 80's is when the problem has blown up, so I'd assume that this equilibrium point was sometime before that. So if one of those time periods was when there was an equilibrium, what are the 'non-radical' policies that were in place that helped foster that environment? Because from what I see there were 70-90% tax brackets; HUGE government investments in infrastructure, science, and technology; and extremely strong unions in both the private and public sector. Talk about any of those things today and you get painted as having views that want to shift to the 'radical opposite'. Or maybe we never had an equilibrium in your POV and it's something else entirely.
  2. 40 hours into Hollow Knight and have gotten to the point where I'm doing mostly side quests now. Got the rest of the skills last night and started up the Grimm Troupe DLC. Will take on Grimm tonight to get my Grimmchild charm leveled up, then move on to the collector and finish up collecting grubs/mister mushroom quest while I save up $$$ for the unbreakable charms. Then I'll finish up collecting the the black eggs, finish the game for the 1st ending, take on some of the dream warriors/bosses to get my dream nail maxed, take on the colosseum, Nightmare King, then get the last two endings. Not sure how long it'll take to do all that, but hopefully it'll last until DS is released on the switch, and if not try out Darkest Dungeon.
  3. What kind of build are you going for? A dex build is definitely going to require a faster playstyle. I'd also argue that it does reward an aggressive playstyle (dodging + two handed is deadly), but it punishes a reckless one (you can't be a damage sponge and expect to get it back like BB). There's a fine line there that isn't really present w/ BB. They are different games (albeit with similar qualities), so it's understandable if you like one and don't like the other. BB is faster and was intentionally created to be a faster version of DS, so if it's the speed of action that drew you in and not the level design + bosses + RPG elements; then yeah, I can see why DS3 wouldn't keep your attention.
  4. Got to play some Hollow Knight last night and the more I play the more I just love this game. I've opened up most of the areas and am now using some guides to get some of the missing gems I missed out on while going through the first time. I was able to get the hive one which allows me to heal up automatically, which has been nice for the areas that force the shitty platforming part. Just wait until I recover and try again. Will be heading to the Queen's Gardens next before I go to the Abyss and then start tackling the final and dream bosses. I'm kind of surprised how much I've enjoyed it.
  5. aceluby

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    I understand why the senate is the way it is, the issue is of how exacerbated it will be coupled with house gerrymandering and the electoral college. A minority of voters will easily be able to control all 3.
  6. aceluby

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    Read a stat today that by 2040 50% of the US population will live in 8 states. That means 30 percent of the population will control 68% of the US senate. Couple that with severe gerrymandering in the US house, and the electoral college, and we're looking at a stark reality that the US government will overwhelmingly be controlled by a very distinct minority of voters. This is a big problem.
  7. aceluby

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    Fuck that, the dude was looking for a fight, got one, and got his ass kicked. Simple as that. If this was an old white dude doing the same to a young white dude saying the same thing and acting the same way, it would have turned out the exact same. This isn't about hate speech (though he did sprinkle that in there to start the fight), this is about an old fucker running his mouth to the wrong person. Full stop (apparently this is cool? Not sure....). Want to run your mouth? Fine, but don't be surprised when you get punched after starting a fight.
  8. aceluby

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    That sounds awesome
  9. aceluby

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    Also, the military. Granted, it's all for a single purpose, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find any place on the planet looking for more innovative ways to kill people.
  10. aceluby

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    It's so weird, like you don't want any of those asshats to succeed and the entire show is built on wanting to see all of them fail. Can you have a good show w/out any protagonist?
  11. aceluby

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    If they didn't stand for hypocrisy, they wouldn't stand at all.
  12. aceluby

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    Paying off a year's salary in debt isn't an easy thing, so I think it would definitely be something to look into as to whether a SC justice is taking large sums of money on the side.
  13. It's 1/5th the story, the world is still very small, cool things have just begun, and the best parts are yet to come. I never said you declared that, just that judging the series based on it is similar to judging the series based on GoT, and I stand by that statement. I hope you do read them, they are wonderful.
  14. aceluby

    Ranking Tarantino

    1) Django Unchained 2) Reservoir Dogs 3) Kill Bill 4) Natural Born Killers 5) Pulp Fiction
  15. That's like judging ASoIaF based on the first and complaining about how Ned Stark died so you didn't read the rest. There are 13 other books that expand into some of the most beautiful writing and character development I've ever read.