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  1. Screwed myself this week. No idea what day it was since we were in the hospital and not getting the greatest sleep. Had a good run though
  2. I hate you whiskey drinkers right now. My wife can go into labor at any moment so I can’t indulge
  3. I thought it was just me. I think he’s pretty conservative and many times can’t hold it in
  4. GB might be playing with two practice squad RBs for the same reason. Fun times.
  5. One thing I'm finding interesting in this election is that the polling was incredibly accurate before COVID hit. Predictions were razor thing margins in the swing states, and since most voters gave Trump a pass on the economy due to COVID (it's not his fault!), the election became a coin flip. And given that no scandal has ever hurt Trump (or most Republicans these days), C19 seems to not have had much if any impact except in the way people voted.
  6. Yeah, that game is really just an extended demo. I felt better about dropping $20 on it when I thought of it as more of a movie.
  7. I really liked it, but you're right that it got very repetitive. Played it for a couple weeks and didn't pick i up again. Think it was only like $5 though, so well worth it. I feel like Dead Cells has a lot of similar concepts, but just does everything a little bit better.
  8. "SEE I TOLD YOU DEMOCRATS WILL JUST SPEND US INTO OBVLIVION!" I expect this to start up next week.
  9. Right, what I'm saying is that most of the polls had her in the 44-47 range, which is about where it ended up. I do agree that there was a systematic failure yet again in polling. The oddest part to me, though, is that this didn't really happen in 2018. I'd be curious to see something as to why the two Trump elections were so far off from the election between.
  10. Are they really misses though? Only 2 had Gideon at 49 or above, and most had at least 10 points of undecideds. It doesn't seem that odd to me that all the undecideds went for the incumbent in the end.
  11. I think it's more that they are voting for the character he plays on TV.
  12. He can't not be in the spotlight, so if he's not dead or in prison, I'd put money he'll be on the ballot
  13. Took the PBs for a spin this morning. So nice being able to do heavier chest presses. Hardest part is definitely getting into position, but was able to pretty easily press up 50lbsx15 reps twice. Don't really need to go to absolute failure, but may up my chest press to 60 lbs once I get back into this program in a month. Should probably be on the lookout for the stage 3 expandable weights so I can go up to 90 eventually
  14. You have yet to come up with even a single example, much less the 1000000000 you claimed.
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