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  1. aceluby

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    I really liked it for a first episode. Never saw any of the cartoons (though they are on my radar now that they're all on disney+), so coming at it with just seeing the live action movies I thought it was great. Sat better with me than either ep 7, 8, or Solo; about on par with Rogue One, though it's early and I'm excited to see where it goes.
  2. aceluby

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Thanks @Iskaral Pust! Losing weight hasn't been hard for me (lord knows I've done it enough times now). Gaining weight.... also not hard . What's been really hard is finding a balance once the weight comes off. I'm really hoping to lose another 10 lbs, get down to 190, then carefully work my way back up to 205 over a 12 week period, and then cut down to 190 again with 5-10lbs of muscle I didn't have this year. Today was leg day. 100 60 lbs kettlebell squats and swings in supersets, starting each superset every 3 minutes. Works out to about 90 sec on, 90 sec off. Then a few sets of calf raises and 30 lbs weighted situps. Feeling a bit sluggish now, hopefully a walk this afternoon will loosen things up again.
  3. aceluby

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Well, finished my 3 month goal of sticking to my workout plan and diet. Did really well with IIFYM, lost 15 lbs total, and definitely gained a good bit of muscle in the process of lifting again. Going to stick with my 10x10s for the next couple of weeks, then switch it up to a full body HIIT program until the new year; then go to 4 day push/pull/lower/upper split for a 3 month bulk, then cut again before summer. First time I've had a plan like this and really felt like I'll have no problem sticking to it.
  4. aceluby

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    Hollow Knight is a great game. Super frustrating at times though. Never did actually finish it or go back for the 3rd DLC. All I had left were optional bosses, the ridiculous vampire boss, and the final boss' extra forms. I'm taking a few days off to sink my teeth into it. Gameplay looks awesome and the initial reviews have been pretty stellar.
  5. aceluby

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    He lost that opportunity as soon as he said he was coming for your guns. He can't win in Texas with that over his head. His political aspirations by way of Texas are pretty well dead in the water.
  6. That tends to happen when you play the worst offenses in the league. They are very confident, but they haven't really had to play anyone of substance yet. I'll wait to crown them after their next 4 games.
  7. Niners look to be the scariest team in football right now. I would not want to play them.
  8. aceluby

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    From what I've read the city is using the large pay increases as incentive (and creates public pressure) so they don't have to deal with things like school buildings falling apart and being short staffed in almost all areas. They aren't rejecting the contract because the pay is too low, but because the new contract doesn't deal with the issues the teachers feel are more important (and I'd guess cost a bit more than 16% over 5 years). If they took the contract now, they lose their ability to strike for the things that have been issues for years.
  9. aceluby

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    Only one of those two has ever been to prison, IIRC.
  10. aceluby

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    It's not corruption if it's a Republican. We've seen the same thing over an over. Lying under oath, lying for security clearance, self dealing contracts, handing positions to the highest bidder.... oh and a trillion dollar deficit for policies that directly benefitted his bottom line. But (R) behind the name means it's ok. It's nothing nearly as serious as a tan jacket or asking for mustard on a hotdog.
  11. aceluby

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Two weeks left of my 12 week program/goal and I'm pretty happy that I have been able to stick with it. Chest and back today, but we did a lot of chest in my barre class on Saturday - so I was still a bit sore and stuck to 100 push ups and reverse flies instead of the 130 I wanted. Felt pretty good still. Hovering around the 10 lbs lost mark after 10 weeks, but seeing some noticeable gains in strength, size, and endurance. I do think my metabolism is slowing down after this 3 month cut, so I'm going to increase my kcals 100 a week for the following 6 weeks finishing off at around 2300 kcals a day before starting another 12 week cut cycle. Hoping that will help speed up the metabolism while doing a mini-bulk phase.
  12. Is it just me or did he look WAY more prepared the last 2 weeks? Seemed to know where to go before the snap and get the ball out quickly.
  13. aceluby

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Total # of reps. I'm doing a German Volume Training program for the next 6 weeks, which means a superset of two 10x10 compound movements (chest/back, quads/glutes, shoulders/arms) and then a 3x15 superset of two isolated movements - with 90 seconds of rest between each superset. Monday is chest/back, but last week the pushups were a bit too easy so I went with a 10x12 with pushups and 10x10 reverse fly's. Isolations were 3x15 chest fly and 3x15 bent row. 10 weeks into my 12 week program and am down 10 lbs, but have increased in strength significantly, so I'd guess 15 lbs of fat lost and ~5 lbs of muscle gained. Starting to actually see some results now.
  14. aceluby

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Arms & shoulders today. 100 military presses, 100 high pulls, 50 bicep curls, 50 tricep pushups. It's crazy how much that works my arms.
  15. aceluby

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Yoga will help open up your hips and most likely help relieve pain. Find a slow, hatha, or yin class near you and go a couple times a week. I prefer it heated (103-105) since it opens me up more, but any class should be able to help.