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  1. Never really got into CRPGs before, tried the original BG but lost interest quickly when I had no idea what I was doing, my party kept getting mad at me, and I just wasn't clicking with the combat.  That changed with BG3 and have played about 200 hours of that game, so I went hunting for others and picked up Divinity Original Sin 2 on my switch for a recent trip to India.  Did a first run on "normal" and realized I was playing very sub-optimally during the Fort Joy Simulator, so I restarted and dropped the difficulty so I could get used to the game and get into the story.  I'm about 30 hours in now and am absolutely loving it.  My main is a summoner/necromancer with a mage, ranger, and fighter as my companions.  All origin characters so I'm getting a ton of story and I'm starting to really get into my builds.  I'm really excited to respec in Act 2 since I know I made some bad point allocation, but even with that my characters are still very powerful on easy.  This is definitely a game I see myself playing for a long time and several run throughs

  2. 15 hours ago, Mr. Chatywin et al. said:

    I think the Bears will be better than the Vikings. I have no idea why they traded for a second first round pick when the team needs depth. Maybe they can trade JJ and two first rounders to move up really high, but I don't see that going well either. Six wins is where I'd set the over/under for them without checking the schedule. 

    I will take the over if we don’t trade JJ. Our skill positions are some of the best in the league and we were competitive with Mullens throwing 4 interceptions a game, JJ out half the season, and no running back. Obvious question marks about Darnold, but without looking at the schedule, 7 games seems low. 

    And think about the QBs Oconnel is looking for. He doesn’t know what to do with a guy who relies on his legs, and those guys typically fall in the draft. Getting one at 11 seems reasonable and a good opportunity to sit for a year. I’m not expecting anything huge, but I do think they will be competitive 

  3. Obi-Wan is always going to have a special place in my heart, because the last 30 minutes have been watched by my 4 (now 5) year old about 100 times, got him into star wars where we've watched every film multiple times, and made Darth Vader his favorite character.  He's going to look back at it with the fondest memories of lightsaber duels with his dad, while it played in the background, using his little Vader voice saying "you broke my helmet".  So say what you will about it, but it made at least one new Star Wars fan, so in my eyes it was hugely successful.

  4. 26 minutes ago, Ran said:

    There's a lot of manufactured drama in the show, and this was certainly one -- literally no reason to gather material and start a fire when they could have warmed up the cabin of the car in a couple of minutes. and been way more comfortable. Those cars probably had heated seats, too.

    Or... like, Tsalal. They barely spend any time looking at that scene, but there ought to be a ton of evidence 

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    in the form of prints, if nothing else, from the vengeful women raid, throwing doors open, pushing people up against walls, etc.

    This sort of critical viewpoint is not unknown to me -- it happened as GoT progressed and they made some very sloppy decisions, but they had big "shock and awe" going and the critics mostly just ignored logic and went with the vibes. 



    Weren't they all wearing gloves and in full winter gear head-to-toe?  Not having prints seems pretty likely.  Maybe some other physical evidence should have been there to point them in the direction of a bigger tussle maybe, but it honestly didn't bother me.  I guess if I was nit-picking, how efficient they were at it was probably the least believable.  They were like a swat team, lol.


  5. I was really surprised that the niners started their first 3 3rd quarter possessions with a pass play.  All three times it set them back and forced situations where they had to pass after.  They were cutting up the defense on the ground, so it really felt like Shannahan got in his own way (again) trying to get cute instead of pounding the ball.  Didn't make sense to me, but at the same time it seemed that CMC was absolutely gassed by the end of the game.

  6. On 12/17/2023 at 6:52 AM, Stego said:

    You get a grody squidface!

    True, but it doesn't impact anything, nobody even mentions it.  But like I said previously, you may want to choose not to use them for RP purposes. 


    I do it because giving everyone flight comes in very handy during the last battle, plus there are some other really nice perks.


  7. 11 hours ago, AndrewJ said:

    So as a new player on XBox... the game really seems to be pushing you towards using Ilithid powers. I've mostly been resisting so far (used it once to get an advantage in a conversation and relented when prompted to consume one of the worms after killing an opponent with one).

    Without getting too spoilery...should I trust my gut and resist the temptation?


    Short answer is no, there is only upside, the only reason to resist is for role playing purposes.

  8. Got this in September and have been absolutely obsessed with it. First playthrough was a vengeance paladin that I turned into an Oathbreaker on accident immediately. Between Tav and Lae'zel I just crushed through everyone w/ melee, romanced Shadowheart, and leveraged Astarion for lockpicking and archery support. Total play time was 95 hours for my first campaign.

    Started a new playthrough and created two custom characters via couch co-op, so am playing a bard healer and a druid wild shape w/ Karlach and Gale. Only up to level 3 so far with that one.

    Also have a multiplayer campaign with some friends. In that one I'm playing a sorcerer with my friends playing as a wizard and barbarian. We're level 4 in that one and about to take down the Goblin camp in Act 1. That game is pretty significantly slower than my solo games, but WAY more fun

  9. 14 hours ago, Spockydog said:

    I know I am.

    Archimedes, and whomever it was who came up with the almost-fucking-magical concept of the A-Frame.

    p.s. Freakin' kicking myself. Been working on my own website design for just a day, and it is looking siiiiiiiiick.

    I knew I should have done it myself.

    We'd already spent so much, I had to choose between an awesome concept artist and this fucking "professional" website designer. Anyway, I have complained to Upwork. Let's see what they do.

    Ugh. Ugh. Uuuuuugh. Should have done it myself. The concept art would have been wild.

    Anyway, website is sweet as. Can't wait for the world to see it.


    Glad you're moving forward.  I build custom react (a javascript framework) sites for my job as well as a side hustle - so if you ever get into that realm my door is always open.  Hopefully you didn't pay for the entire thing up front.  I usually get a down payment to show seriousness, then get the rest when it's delivered - but I've found the side hustle to such a PITA that I don't really do it anymore.  People don't really understand that while I can build something for you, you still need somewhere to deploy it, keep up with security, make sure its up and running, etc... that all have their ongoing costs and headaches.  These days I point them to various CMS providers (something like wordpress) that can typically get you off the ground, have templates, and are built for the layperson to manage themselves.

  10. Spent more on QBs this year than previous years, so we'll see how that goes.  Last year was an absolute bust with all the injuries, so this year I opted to take more insurance guys as backups.  I like this team way more than my 12 man draft where I drafted 11th

    QB - Justin Fields Chi, Jalen Hurts Phi (Marcus Mariota Phi, Sam Darnold SF)

    WR -   CeeDee Lamb Dal, Amon-Ra St. Brown Det, Courtland Sutton Den, Darnell Mooney Chi (Marquise Brown Ari, Jameson Williams Det, K.J. Osborn Min)
    RB  -  Travis Etienne Jr. Jax, J.K. Dobbins Bal, Samaje Perine Den (Javonte Williams Den, Chuba Hubbard Car, Marquez Valdes-Scantling KC, Matt Breida NYG)
    TE -   George Kittle SF (Cole Kmet Chi)
    K -  Younghoe Koo Atl
    D -  New England

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