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  1. Last night was a good start to the fantasy season for me, as I am very happy with my team. I've got a solid starting lineup and depth at every position. Could use a better RB3 in the near-term, but hoping I can dish for one. Tonight I've got a money league snake draft that should be interesting. QB - Murray, Herbert, Ryan, Lance RB - Mixon, Davis, Hunt, Carter, Williams, Gainwell WR - Robinson II, Thielen, Higgins, Cooper, Boyd, Cooks, M Brown, Gage, M Thomas TE - Kelce, Tonyan D - Buf K - Koo
  2. I would love to, but I already have draft dates every night for the next week except for Sunday.
  3. Today was leg day, followed by walking the dogs, mowing the lawn, then 2 hours of walking around the zoo with the kids. Definitely enough legs for today. Two moves in particular are just destroying me for my lifting days. The first is this move where you step up on a bench, step down, then with the same leg do a reverse lunge. Three sets of those as part of a super set. The other move that's been getting me is the single leg squat that's right in the middle of a giant set. I need a nap.
  4. On to my 3rd week of PPL/Upper/Lower split and think I've found a really good sweet spot. I'm getting up around 4:30, take my pre-workout & vitamins, start working out at 5, done by 6, shower, protein shake, then start working by 7. Weekends I get to sleep in to 7 and take those rest days very seriously. Nothing more strenuous than walking the dog (which with a new puppy in the house is at least twice a day). Every workout feels like I've had plenty of rest to go hard, which has not always been the case with some of the programs I've tried out. Like @Iskaral Pust, my diet for the last few months has gone to shit. Not much of a sweets guy, but I've been indulging far too often in a few beers/wine after the kids go to bed that is easily adding 500kcals per day, plus we're getting takeout at least once a week that leads to more cheat meals than I should be having. I've seen some good strength gains and I'm carrying significantly more muscle than I was a couple years ago, but I really need to get back on a better diet and cut out the drinking.
  5. Civ6 on the Switch isn't too bad with the touch screen - I've probably put in 50 hours into it. I thought I saw that the Steam Deck has one as well, but I didn't really look into it since I don't have a Steam collection to take advantage of.
  6. Checked my email, the app, and went to the website and don't see an invite anywhere
  7. Had a really good push workout this morning. The two days of rest and using the theragun worked wonders to get through the first week of doms. So far I think I'm going to like this workout regimen. The PPL days are longer with progressive overload and heavy weights, with the upper/lower days focusing on bodyweight hypertrophy. Upper was all pushups and pullups (~200 pushups and 50 pullups - which I'm realizing I'm just awful at), and lower was a 30 minute leg focused HIIT/plyo workout
  8. No wednesdays, otherwise I’m good
  9. So far Wednesdays are out for me, but I’m good otherwise
  10. I want to stay in B & C, but if there are spots open I'll also join A
  11. I stopped doing heavy deadlifts a few months ago and don't think I'll ever do them again. There is just too much possibility of injury when there are better alternatives. I'll do them with super light weights to get that nice stretch, but much prefer a kettlebell swing to build strength along my backside.
  12. I thought I was going crazy when I couldn't find this thread last week... Today starts my 5 day PPL-Upper-Lower program since last week was my last week of softball (won the championship in one of my leagues!). Had a really good push workout today and was absolutely gassed despite not having any cardio. Been doing straight 3x10s for the last couple of months and switched to progressive loads with a drop set today and can really tell the difference doing the progressive loads. Started out pretty light for my first set of dumbbell presses, but I'm glad I did because the rest just crushed my chest. Fly's, incline press, incline fly's, narrow press, partial fly's, decline pushups, a bunch of triceps exercises, and then finished with dips and triceps pushups. Definitely gonna feel it tomorrow for back and bis.
  13. Definitely less climby than AC. The first few missions after the one's where you're a kid are still very tutorial heavy, but it opens up quite a bit from there. I would definitely recommend not skipping any of the missions as occasionally the lower missions (I'm forgetting the type) turn into actual side quests that have good story. Sneaking around will be your main go-to in the beginning, but as you start unlocking traits the combat system is ridiculously fun. I didn't get the multiple arrows or either slow-down time traits (jumping & sliding) until the end, but I wish I would have prioritized those. I think it was my favorite game of the last generation, and one of my favorites all-time. The point I was making is that developers of games aren't going to "skip this generation". Games getting released on both the older generation and the newer one isn't a new phenomenon. Having very few decent games at launch isn't a new phenomenon. Both my launch PS2 and PS3s largely played upscaled games from the previous generations for the first year. Hell, I beat AC on the PS3 because there was nothing else to play besides a few online shooters. The PS4 had so few games I was interested in the first year (with no BC) that I didn't get one until the LoU remastered bundle was released a year after launch. And really, I only got it so I could play Bloodborne a few months later. So regardless of the consumer usage, developers aren't going to ignore a generation of consoles that is selling faster than any previous generation before - but for at least 2 years you can expect companies like EA to milk the consumer base of both generations to maximize profits - and you should see a trickle of 1st & 2nd party developers focus on the new generation.
  14. Horizon Forbidden West was always going to be released on the PS4 and PS5. That was announced before the PS5 launch and was one of the reasons I wasn't worried about getting one (though I did get lucky and jumped at the opportunity). Also, the PS5 is the fastest selling Playstation of all time. Its demand is sky high, but it has a better install base than any other system they've ever had at the same time of its lifecycle.
  15. I'm in for any & all, B & C last year. These leagues are more fun and competitive than most of my money leagues.
  16. If there's an emergency you just quit the game. If you're in a boss battle it puts you at the fog gate, anywhere else it just saves where you're at. The game has a continuous save feature built in to track your blood stain and show how you died in other worlds. Regarding needing to have a guide, this is where the online shines. Nearly every secret I found out through helping or being helped. The game does a lot of stuff to subtly promote online play. Sucks when you play 10 years later or when there's no online, like Sekiro.
  17. Demon's Souls is amazing. Probably my favorite of the 'souls' games (3 is my least favorite and I keep BB and Sekiro as separate things since they are very different). It's more punishing and has some of the more unique concepts that differentiate it from the 3 Dark Souls. I picked up the original in ~2010 and probably played 1,000 hours of that game before Dark Souls came out. I also think the level design is the best of any From games. Where Dark Souls has this big interconnected world where levels connect to each other, Demon's Souls has these big interconnected levels with incredible use of elevation and shortcuts as you progress. There's a few spots that do it in Dark Souls, but in Demon's it's pretty much every level.
  18. We usually go morel hunting, but with two little ones we didn't get out this year. I like them stupidly simple, sliced in half and fried in salted butter & garlic.
  19. I had to put my 15 yr old dog down this morning. Had her for 13 years and the house feels a lot emptier.
  20. My in-laws were supposed to leave yesterday afternoon and they are all still fucking here.
  21. Got to do some gardening over the weekend. New house had a vegetable garden that had a tarp over it for who knows how long. Took that off and found about 1/2 dozen garter snakes. I fucking hate snakes, so that was fun. Cleared out the snakes, added some nitrogen, some new soil, and then tilled it. Soil under is pretty crap and full of clay. Planted some seeds and got some plants from the hardware store, then added humic acid & seaweed. Didn't fence it in the first night and the bunnies already took out some of my tomatoes, spinach, peppers, and all of my beets - so need to watch over those to be sure they recover and replant when necessary. Also planted some annuals and got some more ground cover & perennials for my front yard.
  22. I'm going to vent a bit here. The mental health resources we have in the US is completely fucked. About a month ago I got a call from one of my band-mates - our harmonica player/singer took his own life. His wife told us he had been severely depressed for a while with the pandemic, but couldn't/didn't get any help to deal with it. He left behind two grade school aged kids, a stay-at-home mom, and because he took his own life, no life insurance will get paid out. The whole thing just pisses me off. Then 3 weeks ago I got a call from my sister. My 25 year old brother was in a coma from a combination of COVID and an overdose that caused his heart to stop for 5 minutes. My brother had tried to kill himself 3 times in the last 2 years. About 6 months ago my mom called every mental health facility within about 10 states to get him committed. He was 100% behind this and they couldn't find one opening in. Any that had spots couldn't take him in because they were reserved for people that were either coming from a hospital or jail. None of the places would take someone who had diagnosed bi-polar disorder and multiple attempts on their own life - because it wasn't "urgent". I'm still fuming about this part. He needed help. He tried to get help. The help he needed was simply not available in our country. Last Saturday we had to take him off life support and he passed last Monday. This was a good kid that had some pretty tough mental health issues and self-medicated in very harmful ways to try and deal with it - and there was nothing for him. So yeah.... I'm just fucking pissed right now about how absolute shit our mental health resources are
  23. Tonight it's roasted chicken shawarma in a pita w/ homemade red pepper hummus, lettuce & parsley from our indoor garden, topped with sliced tomatoes and onions - with a side of yellow rice & parsley. My wife makes it the same, but instead of chicken she roasts up some cauliflower shawarma steaks.
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