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  1. I’m in for A and either B or C, either is fine
  2. Don't think I've ever had the IR bug hit me so bad in two leagues. Filled up both leagues this year and Russel Wilson might have well been injured all year for as good as he's been (Let's Ride, lol). Eyes forward to next year!
  3. I'm keeping everyone out of last place this year, no worries there.
  4. I'm taking a year off of pick'em this year. Was in three last year which I think burnt me out a bit.
  5. One name that deserves mention and never does is Tony Hawk.
  6. 10 man money league auction draft last night - definitely ended up w/ one of the better teams, but a little too reliant on San Diego. All in all though, very happy w/ my picks. QB - Herbert (Carr) RB - Ekeler, J. Williams, Gibson (Jacobs, Mattison, Herbert) WR - Lamb, McLaurin, M. Williams (Waddle, Cooks, J. Jones, R. Anderson) K - McPherson D - Bucs
  7. In for A & C, B if there are openings
  8. Right?!?! Monday too. I'm not even that big of a hockey fan, but 11 goals scored in two games is wild
  9. I've gotten about 9 months of apple for free. 6 months from Target and then another 3 months when I got my new work computer. We started with Ted Lasso, but there's actually quite a bit of good TV on it. Enough that I don't really have a problem with the $4 a month they are now charging. We watched Mythic Quest, The Shrink Next Door, Severance, and have just started WeCrashed - all of which have been good to fantastic. For how cheap it is, it definitely feels worth it since we haven't really been disappointed in anything we've started.
  10. Was very close to returning the puppy we got last year as we were having an incredibly difficult time w/ her, which was causing an incredible amount of stress on our family. After about 6 months she came down with a really bad case of incontinence and was peeing everywhere, including on herself in her crate. Took her to the vet for a month straight and finally got meds, but it gave her diarrhea, so we had piss and shit everyone instead. We had to keep her on leash in our fenced in backyard because she found a weakness, kept escaping, and terrorized the neighborhood (she's also ridiculously fast!). Her energy levels are through the roof and no matter how many walks I was taking her on she was just never tired. Our walks were also the worst as she wasn't picking up how to be on a leash at all. Then on top of that she is chewing up our entire house and started growling and nipping at our kids. It was not pleasant and I was starting to hate her, and my wife disliked her more than I did. Well, I think we've finally turned a corner. It seems she's getting used to her meds, because the pooping inside stopped and the incontinence is only happening 1-2 times a week instead of multiple times a day. I fixed the fence now that the snow is up, so now she can't escape when we let her outside (YAY!!!!). I've also started taking her on longer bike rides instead of walks on most days, which give her a much faster pace - plus she's really responding to the leash now both on the bike and on regular walks. It seems that this is tiring her out more too, because her chewing is much more manageable and she has really warmed up to the kids. All in all, the last two months have gone from "I need to return this dog, this was a terrible idea" to "I can't believe I wanted to return this dog, I'm a monster!". I'm very excited for some warmer weather to come so we can go on some longer adventures, but for now, I'm just loving that everyone is adapting and thriving. My last 2 dogs were pieces of cake compared to this, but I think we're in a good routine and over this particular hump.
  11. I started a 4 week MMA bodyweight program last week and it's kinda kicking my ass. I've done it before, so none of the moves are surprising, but I can tell that my hips are tighter, my hamstrings strain more, and my knees have definitely gotten worse over the last couple of years. I'm also remodeling my bathroom, so that might be part of it as well, but this makes me much more worried about the upcoming softball season than I have in the past. Getting old sucks.
  12. My problem with having standard time in the summer is that you now basically require a lighted field for any kind of evening activities - golf, baseball, & softball come to mind immediately, but I'm sure there are others. You could combat that with starting everything an hour earlier in the summer, but then it's just DST for anybody doing after work/school activities anyway. I also find it kind of funny that people complain about going to work when it's dark. In the north we go to work when it's dark most of the year. In the winter I go to work in the dark and by the time I get home it's dark. When I was in school, we caught the bus in the dark. I'm starting to see why this will likely never go away. Everybody hates switching times, but everybody seems to also hate the idea of staying on the same time too. Easier to leave things as they are and have everybody uniformly hate the status quo that's been around forever than risk trying something new that some people will love and some people will hate.
  13. Since there are mostly Sanderson fans here, Will Wight is also having a smaller kickstarter here: If you like Sanderson, you'd probably like these books too. I backed this one to get the leatherbound ones.
  14. I'm not sure about the FAQ, just going by what he said in the video - which boils down to he wouldn't commit either way. I could see him possibly bucking the traditional publishing system 5 or 10 years from now, but I could see this as a secondary option and leverage for better contracts going forward.
  15. If you watch the video he says these books will likely never have a traditional release. If you order the books you get one a quarter in 2023. Guaranteed 4 books, with ebooks getting delivered at midnight and physical/audio copies getting delivered as soon as they get them done. Unlikely in the near future. He's got signed contracts for most of his cosmere work and publishers still provide a ton of value since this kind of thing is ridiculously labor intensive. Here's an article about it that I read this morning that I thought was pretty interesting: https://whatever.scalzi.com/2022/03/01/very-quick-thoughts-on-brandon-sandersons-mega-kickstarter/ I almost did that, but the shipping costs bump it up quite a bit. Even the hardcovers are an extra $40 for shipping, the loot boxes were another $100. I "settled" for just the trio of book formats, but it bumped me up to about $300
  16. I ordered the hardcover versions yesterday
  17. You got this @Iskaral Pust!! I've leveled off again after a great beginning of the year. Working out has been great, but you can't work out a bad diet, and I've splurged too often on burgers and beer. Trying to get back on that horse this week.
  18. Finished my program this weekend and after 6 weeks of work & dieting I was able to shed 15lbs!! Goal is to lose 12 more by the time softball starts this spring, but that shouldn't be a problem even if I do start losing at a slower pace. Just need to keep to eating out and drinking less.
  19. Almost done with week 4 of my 6 week program, down 12 lbs since Jan 1. If I can trim 16 more I'll be at 200 lbs even, which should get me in the 10-15% bf range. Today was lower body and it was killer. Definitely more of a high rep program, but I'm still trying to go heavy. Already thinking about my next program, which I'm leaning toward a 4 week MMA program that is pretty intense. I'm hoping upping the intensity might give me that push to keep the fat burning where it is to keep this cut as short as possible.
  20. I hate calorie deficits, so I want them to be as short as possible, aiming for a 20% cut. Once I cut alcohol I can usually shed the extra fat quickly. Then again, I’m also starting at 30 lbs heavier than you, so it’s easier these first few weeks.
  21. Started a shadow boxing program, lifting 2 days a week, cut drinking for the month, and have started eating much better. Weighed myself on Jan 1 and it was the most I've been in like 7 years. I've already dropped 8 lbs and expect to do this for the next 6 weeks. Goal is to lose 20 total by then and see where I'm at, but things are looking good so far! Happy New Year y'all!!!
  22. It turns out the program we were doing was basically full body, 6 days a week. After 5 weeks I had to throw in the towel. It just wasn't fun, I wasn't seeing progress, and I wasn't getting enough rest. So I'm changing it up for the rest of the year with a 5x5, 4 day upper/lower split. So far so good, with yesterday doing a heavy upper body session and today doing a lower body one. Will probably move up in all my lifts next week.
  23. If I had bought at $5, I would never have held through all the growth. I can't imagine myself keeping it when it hit $500, much less what it's at now.
  24. Most of my stock holdings are in the company I work for. Luckily the return on that over the last 5 years has been ~500%. I have taken some of that and diversified into some different index funds (tech, us manufacturing, & international) and started adding $1-200 a week while reinvesting my dividends. Plan is to pay off my house before my kids graduate, then use that and some of my savings to help them pay for school, and have enough to retire by the time I'm in my mid 60's. I avoid crypto, NFTs, and meme stocks like the plague. If I want to gamble I'll go play poker, as it's more fun.
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