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  1. My pre-order for Elden Ring just gave me an ETA of March 11th. Apparently Target does their pre-orders through the distributor and not their DC/Store network, and they put almost all of them on backorder. So I ordered one through my local Target for pickup that will be ready in 1/2 hour. I've also heard that they are working on a solution this year to do pre-orders themselves so when you do, it will actually be delivered on the day it's released. Now I remember why I don't pre-order games, next time I'll just do same day pickup and risk no inventory.
  2. My delivery for Elden Ring won't be here until March 4th according to my app. Think I might bail from work when the shops open up tomorrow and see if I can't snag one and return my pre-order once it gets in. I am having a great time with path of exile, but I'm also having serious FOMO with all y'all talking about it.
  3. My chest piece is a unique, but haven't even seen a six link yet for anything and have burned through a couple hundred fusings and haven't even got a 5-link yet I did just get a decent shaper shield for 16c, so now I'm rocking 6 totems total and just cruising through maps and doing all the archnemesis encounters. I'm having a heck of a time in harvest though with how juiced it is w/ atlas passives, and on top of it I'm not getting the socket rolls I need. I've had to ditch a few because I would get in and insta-die. Thinking of just grinding out some whites for a few days and see if I can't get some currency for more fusings or finally get lucky with a useful harvest.
  4. This makes me so pumped for this game. I really hope my pre-order comes in on Friday. In the meantime, still making my way through Path of Exile and having an absolute blast with my character. Map sustain is good, archnemesis adds some good drops, and the reworked atlas is just awesome. Did run into an issue where I got a T16 red map WAY before I was supposed to (T6), did it on a whim and am actually completing them w/out much issue. So now I'm progressing upwards with my low level yellows, and downward with my stupidly high red maps. I'm now trying to get levels, currency for the next round of gear, and get lucky with harvest so I can at least solidly 5-link my chest - all before I inevitably sink my life into Elden Ring (as much as toddlers and a wife will allow)
  5. Decided to power through on my POE character and finished the main game last night, moving on to maps. As expected, I immediately started getting destroyed in there. Figured I had to try something, so took my end-game armor and got it to a 6 gem, then used about 30 links before getting a 4 link, then another 30 to get the right colors so I could get multiple totems support. The difference has been huge and it's just wrecking bosses. I also started playing around with the league mechanic and have actually had some fun with it, though it's pretty easy to create guys that can just one-shot you once you're on the 4th one in a level - but the good drops are hard to ignore. Should be able to make my way to the yellows by the weekend, then the real fun begins Really hoping I can take this build through all the content.
  6. Should get there today. Called it quits last night when I died right before I killed Izaro in his third phase, took him out this morning w/out issue and only have the main quest left in act 10. I'm kinda dreading finishing acts though because I'm having a real hard time finding decent gear to get my resistances capped. Might do a few heists to see if I can't get some decent drops to help, but also may just power through so I can get to Harvest.
  7. Finished my program this weekend and after 6 weeks of work & dieting I was able to shed 15lbs!! Goal is to lose 12 more by the time softball starts this spring, but that shouldn't be a problem even if I do start losing at a slower pace. Just need to keep to eating out and drinking less.
  8. Been having a blast with Path of Exile this week. I didn't get quite as far as I wanted, but should get to maps by the weekend. My character is super fun to play and has been a much faster play than my last couple builds. I'm excited to see what it can do once it gets going. I've only got a couple more weeks, because once Elden Ring drops I know it'll be the only game I play for the next few months. I also got a round in Hades while watching Paw Patrol with my kids. Did another fist build and holy cow was it just ridiculously over powered. It's crazy how well it works with so many boons. Hangover + Weak dash, Doom + Merciful end, chill, lightning and/or poseidon, constant reflect.... It just works with everything to the point that taking the Hermes boon for that extra dodge can make you ridiculously powerful, and basically untouchable. 2nd favorite to the bow
  9. I'm with you on the new mechanic. I'd even go so far as to say it hinders acts because of how many of those things they have, making some of the areas very compact. I'm really hoping to get to maps by the end of the weekend. I'm doing a freezing totem build that just kills all the things while I zoom through the areas. Should get up to level much quicker than my last league's RF build
  10. Path of Exile console league start is today. This should last me until Elden Ring later this month and will be a good break from Hades
  11. Beat Saber, RE7 (not sure if this is on oculus), and Superhot would be my recommendations
  12. This was one of my favorite games in the last few years. I think this would have been amazing game if they dropped the sliding bits, had more BIG boss battles, the lightsaber wielders were less prominent, but more difficult, and the stuff you picked up would actually help you. Other than that, I thought the game was probably the best Star Wars game since Rogue Squadron. The parry window was fairly forgiving and the force powers were a lot of fun. I also liked the metroidvania style. It’s a game that needed a bit more polish, but hit all the right notes for me
  13. It's definitely more of a Bethesda-like purchase than that enormous Activision/Blizzard. Funny thing about all these big buy-ins is that I haven't played a signle game developed by any of these in years. Skyrim when it first came out on PS4, but that's really it and I still have never even finished it. I'm just sitting here with my popcorn to see where the chips fall.
  14. Sony plans on buying Bungie for 3.6B
  15. I've been enjoying the shit out of Will Wight these days. The prose is very much action oriented and feels like it's always moving forward, but so far everything has been a really fun read! Some dark themes without going full grimdark. Reminds me a lot of the Shattered Sea Trilogy. I'm reading his first trilogy now, The Travellers Gate which has some problems, but is definitely getting better as I cruise through it. Next will be a set of two trilogies which chronicle the same events from two different viewpoints. I've heard it's done really well. I also just finished his progression fantasy series (well, through the 10/12 books that have been released) that I got through in about 3 weeks and will be doing a re-read after I finish these other series' of his. 19 books in the same multi-verse feels epic enough to be added to this convo.
  16. Almost done with week 4 of my 6 week program, down 12 lbs since Jan 1. If I can trim 16 more I'll be at 200 lbs even, which should get me in the 10-15% bf range. Today was lower body and it was killer. Definitely more of a high rep program, but I'm still trying to go heavy. Already thinking about my next program, which I'm leaning toward a 4 week MMA program that is pretty intense. I'm hoping upping the intensity might give me that push to keep the fat burning where it is to keep this cut as short as possible.
  17. I'm in a similar boat, though I focused on getting as much of the prophesies as I could done and then moved to upping my heat. Chiron is by far my favorite. Add some hangover on special - weak, doom, or chill on attack, +40% for dual status effect. Everything just dies and requires almost no investment. Doing the prophesies, especially going for legendaries, gave me a lot of insight on how powerful some of the boons can be. Demeter is definitely an unsung hero, especially on fists, but is really effective for almost every fast weapon - slow enemies are incredibly easy to dodge. Aphrodite is crazy powerful on your slower weapons and weak is no joke. 8 Fated Authorities can get you some crazy stuff for end-game, especially if you can get a couple more. You can leverage Styx to force a specific god really easily, just switch your non-god boon until you get a god-boon and if it's not the right god, go to the next one. You'll never duplicate gods and can get 4-5 boons right at the end to make your build killer. I've been skipping shops lately on my way up as well and choosing the mirror that gives you +15% after every biome. Very rarely do I not have enough to get the 1200 for more Titan Blood (3 per run FTW!). So far I've been able to unlock every weapon and max out at least one aspect (sometimes two) per. Really just trying to finish out the side-quests more than anything, but I can feel I'm getting toward the end and may put it down before going back to a few of my other games I got for Christmas.
  18. Fists with Demeter on attack could be a good training ground. Builds slow on everything, just hold down attack and dodge strike to avoid attacks. Far less twitchy and a pretty fun build with Aphrodite on dodge, lots of centaur hearts, Hermes to add dodge, Artemis for critical, and ares/Poseidon on call.
  19. For sword you have only two real options for the hammer. The one where you get two dash strikes +20% for each strike, or a combo of flurry strike and the one where you get 2 hp for every hit. Definitely need to lean into the dash strikes tho. Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Athena are all great on dash. Zeus is good on attack. Ares if you get Athena on special and get merciful end. ETA cast builds can be a good option as well.
  20. I hate calorie deficits, so I want them to be as short as possible, aiming for a 20% cut. Once I cut alcohol I can usually shed the extra fat quickly. Then again, I’m also starting at 30 lbs heavier than you, so it’s easier these first few weeks.
  21. Started a shadow boxing program, lifting 2 days a week, cut drinking for the month, and have started eating much better. Weighed myself on Jan 1 and it was the most I've been in like 7 years. I've already dropped 8 lbs and expect to do this for the next 6 weeks. Goal is to lose 20 total by then and see where I'm at, but things are looking good so far! Happy New Year y'all!!!
  22. It's been a while, but my second go through clicked pretty quickly. I became really invested once I got the arrow that explodes and takes out electronic systems and the combat started opening up in a way that allowed me to stop relying on sneaking all over the place. The combat is actually pretty deep, but is very restricted at first. I skipped the hunting grounds for the most part, but did every other quest in the game.
  23. Got up to ~5 heat on some of my weapons and have decided to pivot and go for the 15 blood you get for beating the game with every pact of punishment. So I'm currently going one by one with whatever weapon I'm getting a boost from so I can also collect some Darkness and finish out my mirror at the same time. The problem I'm having now is that there are definitely builds that work better than others and I have to lean on those so I can finish, but it's starting to get a bit samey. Might finally need a break and play something else for a bit
  24. I also did this. Did the tutorial, shelved it for a few weeks, then came back to it and couldn't put it down. The beginning is ridiculously slow, but it picks up rather quickly after.
  25. Ok, unlocked all the aspects, now I'm going through the prophesies, focusing first on finishing with the hidden aspects. Beat it yesterday with Arthur and a reflect build, and am currently in the middle of a good run with the rail hidden aspect. At the same time I'm trying to finish all the side quests, which seems to just be a battle of wills as you ever so slowly unlock their conversations. Having a blast and already up to heat 4 for most of the weapons.
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