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  1. Well I finished out my first playthrough, the final boss was a PITA until I took a break and then did everything I could to increase my holy defense. Once I did that I beat them on my first try. Now I'm going back and finishing off the last of the optional bosses, only have the big dragon that I missed in Farum Azula left. Should get some time tonight to finish that out and start NG+, then it's just getting the other endings to get my platinum.
  2. I've gotten about 9 months of apple for free. 6 months from Target and then another 3 months when I got my new work computer. We started with Ted Lasso, but there's actually quite a bit of good TV on it. Enough that I don't really have a problem with the $4 a month they are now charging. We watched Mythic Quest, The Shrink Next Door, Severance, and have just started WeCrashed - all of which have been good to fantastic. For how cheap it is, it definitely feels worth it since we haven't really been disappointed in anything we've started.
  3. I should do that again. I got to artorias on my last run and quit and ER is basically broken right now. Maybe even do a run of all the From games
  4. All of those guys were carried by their defense, which is harder to do these days. Not impossible, but is very much dependent on how many games you get against ref crews that are flag happy and whether your offense can carry you through those games that they are.
  5. Apparently A LOT of the bosses are buggy with this latest release. It seems that proc'ing bleed is causing them to instantly lose all their health. Seen about a bunch of videos today from Godskin Duo, Fire Giant, Radahn, and a few smaller bosses where this is happening. Seems widespread. With all the issues with this patch I'm a little surprised they aren't just rolling it back and trying again instead of having a broken game out there while they try to fix these. I haven't had much time to play lately, so hopefully these get fixed by the time I can.
  6. Apparently the infinite FP nerf was definitely unintentional, so they will be doing an emergency patch for it. Melania also seems to be unintentional as well, but didn't hear anything on a possible fix. It only happens when she hits through iFrames, but her flurry move requires it at least once. I can't see how this was intentional and wonder if they were trying to fix the bug where she gets life on a shield hit (which is dumb as hell, how can something that do no damage leech life?) and instead did this? I don't know, but I would expect a fix to it fairly soon.
  7. Was very close to returning the puppy we got last year as we were having an incredibly difficult time w/ her, which was causing an incredible amount of stress on our family. After about 6 months she came down with a really bad case of incontinence and was peeing everywhere, including on herself in her crate. Took her to the vet for a month straight and finally got meds, but it gave her diarrhea, so we had piss and shit everyone instead. We had to keep her on leash in our fenced in backyard because she found a weakness, kept escaping, and terrorized the neighborhood (she's also ridiculously fast!). Her energy levels are through the roof and no matter how many walks I was taking her on she was just never tired. Our walks were also the worst as she wasn't picking up how to be on a leash at all. Then on top of that she is chewing up our entire house and started growling and nipping at our kids. It was not pleasant and I was starting to hate her, and my wife disliked her more than I did. Well, I think we've finally turned a corner. It seems she's getting used to her meds, because the pooping inside stopped and the incontinence is only happening 1-2 times a week instead of multiple times a day. I fixed the fence now that the snow is up, so now she can't escape when we let her outside (YAY!!!!). I've also started taking her on longer bike rides instead of walks on most days, which give her a much faster pace - plus she's really responding to the leash now both on the bike and on regular walks. It seems that this is tiring her out more too, because her chewing is much more manageable and she has really warmed up to the kids. All in all, the last two months have gone from "I need to return this dog, this was a terrible idea" to "I can't believe I wanted to return this dog, I'm a monster!". I'm very excited for some warmer weather to come so we can go on some longer adventures, but for now, I'm just loving that everyone is adapting and thriving. My last 2 dogs were pieces of cake compared to this, but I think we're in a good routine and over this particular hump.
  8. Posted in the dedicated thread as well, but we finished Severance on AppleTv and it was excellent. Highly, highly recommended if you are even slightly into SciFi. Even if you aren't, I think you could get into this show. My wife and I absolutely loved it and S2 has been greenlit. Watch it. Seriously.
  9. Patch was deployed last night. Haven't played it yet, but apparently they nerfed the infinite FP flask in 1/2, so it's 7.5 seconds instead of 15. They also BUFFED Melania. You read that right. Now she not only heals on hit, but also passively heals as well. Neither of these were in the patch notes, so they may have been unintentional. There are a ton of spell and incantation buffs in this patch, some weapon balancing (colossal swords got a big buff), but they didn't really do anything about rivers of blood, except make the bleed proc not stun you as much (same for freeze, but that hasn't been much of an issue). Madness, however, was nerfed pretty significantly where it's harder to proc from most weapons and doesn't stun as long. I'll see how things go when I get back to it, but it sure makes me glad I did Melania when I did.
  10. Binged this last week w/ my wife due to this thread. Absolutely loved it. The cast was top notch, writing superb, ideas unique, music highlighted the tension, acting was great, and the intro is just insane. Can't wait for season 2!
  11. Finished up Farum Azula last night and got the boss down to a sliver about 1/2 dozen times, which was super frustrating, but I eventually got him and triggered the capital burning to the ground. 100% cheesed the guy on a horse before hand with an infinite comet to the face. I have zero qualms in doing so as I am of the opinion that this game should be played utilizing all the tools given - I'll do different builds and challenges later. Also helped some more with Melania, which is actually pretty fun if even one other person has a decent strategy. Will hopefully finish it out this week and then see if there was anything I missed
  12. I've spent the last few days just helping people with Melania. It's kind of hilarious how bad some builds are geared for this fight and the sheer number of people who hide behind shields as she just heals herself is incredibly frustrating. I've gotten a few groups that just wipe the floor with her though. One was another mage and a guy with the blood flies incantation and we took her down incredibly fast, which was super fun. Most though are me watching as the other two get panic roll killed over and over. Have done this for probably 4 hours total and have only taken her down maybe 10 times, but it has been pretty fun nonetheless.
  13. Power stancing is using two weapons of the same type (two katanas, greatswords, etc...), then the left attack button has a special attack that will hit with both weapons instead of one at a time.
  14. I didn't find any, but some did call for sour cream - which is one of the only foods I truly dislike. Even those, though, were in very small quantities compared to the entire pot and a far cry from a "chowder". I'd definitely recommend trying one w/out milk products. This is the one I like, though I do add more mashed beans since I like it thick. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/228650/easy-white-chicken-chili/
  15. Oh god, please let there be a guitar shredding big bad. LOL, wtf was that?
  16. No. There should be absolutely no milk or cream in a white chili. My white chicken chili consists of chicken, chicken broth, whole white beans, mashed white beans (this is what thickens it), green chiles, jalepeno, onion, garlic, cumin, salt, and pepper. Scoop that into a bowl, add some mozzarella to melt over and some tortilla chips for some crunch. Super easy and absolutely delicious. Much prefer it to regular chili.
  17. I super cheesed Alecto, lol. Basically sat behind a rock and cast mist until she died. I know I'm playing on easy mode at this point, but that gives me an opportunity to play through again with a completely different style. I think on NG+ I might try power stancing Moonlight Greatswords, just to change things up a bit.
  18. Finished out the bowling season with a 207 average!!! My first time ever finishing over 200 and ended the year with a 730 series (236-239-255), my 2nd best series this season and third best ever. Had a really good, fun season and it's the first time that after 35 weeks I wish we weren't done.
  19. I started a 4 week MMA bodyweight program last week and it's kinda kicking my ass. I've done it before, so none of the moves are surprising, but I can tell that my hips are tighter, my hamstrings strain more, and my knees have definitely gotten worse over the last couple of years. I'm also remodeling my bathroom, so that might be part of it as well, but this makes me much more worried about the upcoming softball season than I have in the past. Getting old sucks.
  20. I always feel like the game is mocking me when I see "No Skill" after using a magic death laser to beat a boss. Like, I know it's just the skill name on my shield, but still... it hurts.... and I know....
  21. I wonder how long these will keep going if (when?) he doesn't get traded
  22. Found my game last night! Had to take apart the couch to get it and have no idea how it got there, but it still works. Was going to go do some random stuff, but I was already in front of Malenia so why not give it a few shots? Well an hour (maybe 2) later and I was able to get lucky with some infinite laser beam cheese and the spell AOE buff that turned it into a stun-locker. Apparently that was the spell increase was the game changer. A fight I will likely never do again, but it's done and now exploring Azula and finishing up a few sidequests.
  23. Welp, guess I’m taking a break from this game. Let the kid watch a movie yesterday, put the game in its case, went to get it last night and the case was open and empty. Cleaned the entire house with my wife looking for it and can’t find it anywhere. Hopefully it turns up (and still functions) because as great as this game is, I’m not paying full price twice for it
  24. There are a few things that make the Malenia fight extra challenging and is, so far, one of the hardest bosses I've fought in any of these games. I didn't find any previous bosses, except Rahdan pre-nerf (probably because I was going about that fight at range vs getting hits in when I could on Torrent), to be particularly difficult - but man this one feels like you need to not only be perfect in your execution, but also have some good RNG to not get bombarded by her OHKO attacks. I think I'm going to just move on with the multiple dungeons I have available, get a bit more MP so I can get closer to zero MP after spamming my spells, and try again later. I feel like I'm pretty close, but that 2nd half of this fight is just killing me with how random my deaths feel.
  25. Got to Melania and she’s…. a challenge. Spent two hours tonight and can get her to about half her second phase, but she can pretty easily one-shot me. May close out a few things and come back later, because she sucks.
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