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  1. Yeah, it was done to prevent injuries, the consolation being they start in the 25 instead of the 20. That rule is not going to change any time soon
  2. Well shit, I am now just cruising through this section of the game. Explored the mountaintop of the giants, melted Niall with some infinite comet cheeze, got the other half of the haligree medallion, accidentally stumbled on the fire giant and summoned my mimic tear to take all the aggro and ended up just riding my horse and slashing his ankles til he died, then went to the haligtree and progressed that up to the 3rd bonfire. Int is high enough that I can finally get rid of the Burger King mask, so now I'm working on getting vigor to 60. I am supremely over-leveled and have zero qualms about it. I'm just going to keep moving up as I get enough runes and work my way through the rest of the major bosses. These new areas have given new life to the game for me, so I'm excited for the rest of the end-game.
  3. Well, winter is long, and there's 12 waking hours in a day, so 2-3 movies a day feels about right (a lot of the time it's just background noise while the kids play). In 6 months that would be ~3-500 viewings and we've gone through two of these, so I'd say with a pretty high degree of confidence that there have been 1,000 viewing of some sort of animated movie in the last year and a half. And honestly, that seems like it's probably an underestimate. We've had phases of Moana, Cars, Toy Story, Luca, snowman (Frozen 2, because olaf doesn't show up until WAY later in Frozen 1), Kung Fu Panda, Shrek (which was nice since there are 5 of them), balloon (Up), Inside Out, Into The Spiderverse, Trolls, Encanto, and then sprinkle in some of the others just for our sanity. Kids naturally like watching things over and over. It's comfortable knowing what's going to happen next, and we much prefer this than commercial TV or youtube.
  4. It's a nice scene, I agree. It just doesn't make a ton of sense that this would happen when a 17 year old boy brings a bunch of 50 year old toys to a 4 year old girl he's never met. And you're right that he was upset when the toys were gone, and yet when we see him next after that scene he's found them and immediately wants to give them away? What changed in Andy during those 24 hours that we don't get to see? He's also going to keep Woody, but also just casually gives the toy he's had for 15 years and was going to take with him? I kinda would expect him to keep at least some of them. I still have some of my toys and all my legos from when I was a kid and pretty routinely play with them with my kids. As his mom I would probably just keep them for him anyway, especially if they were my dead husband's childhood toys. She does say in 2 that Woody is "an old family toy". I definitely would expect it to be saved. BTW, the reason I'm saying any of this is because I've seen Toy Story 3 so many times (100+) that my wife and I have frequent analysis discussions about concurrency problems. We go through phases with all of these, the first is watching it, the second is really dissecting all the characters, the third is scene by scene analysis - which is where we currently are with Encanto as we approach 50 viewings there....
  5. Because it's awesome? I've seen it probably 50 times (kid wen through a big Cars phase for a while). I think it's my favorite of the 3.
  6. Finished season 5 last night and really enjoyed it. I think it's the best one since season 2. My major issue with the last 2 seasons has been Edward. He was fine as a boy in season 3. He was... ok as a young naive king in season 4, but really they should have recast him to someone actually older. In season 5 with his obviously fake beard trying to play someone quite a bit older, with children that are obviously within 5 years of his actual age, just did not work at all. It's most painful to watch when next to the Scottish king, whose presence just oozed power and command. Between him and the mustache twirling father-in-law, I could see why the entire season could be easily written off as "bad". But beyond those two, and maybe a few too many deaths that seemed unnecessary given the last 4 seasons, I thought the season was pretty strong
  7. There is some speculation here, because it does come second hand from one of the original creator's friends after he ad died, and was refuted by the guy who made Toy Story 3 (probably because that story makes zero sense for the reasons I gave) - but there does seem to be evidence in the first two movies to support this. Basically, Andy is Andy Jr, his dad died and got one of the few (or the only) Woody dolls to ever get made, which is why it was so hard for Al to find it for his collection and why he could get 10x the amount once he had Woody in-hand. On his deathbed he gave his toy chest to his son Andy, which included Potatohead and Slink, all toys made in the 50's. Andy and Andy Jr look so similar and the toys have been packed away so long that they just think it's the same Andy. They don't talk about Andy Sr because Andy was pretty young when he died, Molly wasn't born yet, and it's too painful for mom - which is why there is no mention of him. This story was the basis for the first two movies and fits perfectly with those stories, especially 2, and why we don't hear about Andy's dad. The third movie obviously throws this out, but with it also removes all explanation as to how Andy got this super rare doll, slink, or why nobody talks about their dad. I do like Toy Story 3, but I think there are some major issues with the basic premise of the entire story, and the ending makes almost no sense whatsoever - and instead goes for the feelgood going away, that eventually leads to the splitting up of the gang in Toy Story 4 (which is clearly the worst of the 4, yet is still entertaining with some very funny scenes). On a side note, the only one of these I haven't seen is Turning Red, so will be watching that w/ the wife this weekend
  8. Made my way to the Mountaintop of the Giants, explored enough to get a map, a few grace sites, and finish up my Volcano Manor killing spree. Took on Rykard this morning and it was your classic souls gimmick fight Now I just have one fight left in the Manor before calling it quits and exploring the mountaintop a bit more. Need to find the 2nd half of the Haligtree medallion, explore Castle Sol, and find this Fire Giant everyone keeps talking about.
  9. Toy Story 3 ending (and most of the story) makes zero sense in context to the previous movies. Woody is a unique toy, given to Andy (along with a few others) by his father on his deathbed - according to the creator of Toy Story 1 & 2 (who died before Toy Story 3). His mom never would have suggested he donate them. He never would have given them to some 4 year old girl he'd never met. And even if some of his childhood toys weren't as important as his originals (like Buzz, Jesse, Bullseye, etc...), there is no way Andy would have given Woody away when he was going to take him to college. And if that wasn't enough, after Bonnie basically begged Andy for Woody, she stops playing with him almost immediately and then eventually loses him. Toy Story 3 and 4 both have some great moments and tell fun stories inside the 2 hours of screen time, but in the context of what came before them, both basically ignored everything that happened in the first two movies. Because of that I could never rank either of those higher than the originals.
  10. Toy Story 2 is my favorite TS by quite a large margin. The animation is significantly better than the first, you have the introduction of Jesse and Bullseye, and her story is quite powerful. 3 & 4 don't really do anything for me, 4 is especially weak. This list has showed me one thing though, I love pretty much the entire list. I've seen all of those movies at least 20 times each (except Monsters University and Red) and some of those I've seen probably 100 times. We own pretty much the entire collection and routinely have family favorites that are constantly on.
  11. Yeah, From nerfed him pretty significantly in the last patch. Less armor, less health, and does less damage. I was level 90 pre-patch with 40 vigor and everything he threw at me was one or two shotting me. He was, by quite a large margin, the boss I died the most to. Every other boss I have been taking down in one or two tries. That one took about 2 hours. I have finally started Volcano Manor. Did 2 of the 3 invasions, Patches invasion, and the dual invasion side quests - and have cleared out the manor up until the final boss. The last invasion is taking me to the mountaintop of the giants, so finally time to start exploring that section, find a new map, get that invasion, then wrap up the manor. Should be able to cruise through that tonight, then it's on to the dreaded fire giant and find the other half of this haligree medallion.
  12. I am honestly surprised that anyone would defend assault for this. This is Kanye West levels of pompous arrogance mixed with misogynistic violence from a bygone era. It should not be defended.
  13. My problem with having standard time in the summer is that you now basically require a lighted field for any kind of evening activities - golf, baseball, & softball come to mind immediately, but I'm sure there are others. You could combat that with starting everything an hour earlier in the summer, but then it's just DST for anybody doing after work/school activities anyway. I also find it kind of funny that people complain about going to work when it's dark. In the north we go to work when it's dark most of the year. In the winter I go to work in the dark and by the time I get home it's dark. When I was in school, we caught the bus in the dark. I'm starting to see why this will likely never go away. Everybody hates switching times, but everybody seems to also hate the idea of staying on the same time too. Easier to leave things as they are and have everybody uniformly hate the status quo that's been around forever than risk trying something new that some people will love and some people will hate.
  14. Didn't hear anything about this, the Dolphins are denying it, and Tampa has basically said they'll never trade him. Seems unlikely. In other discussion topics.... are the Chiefs now the worst team in their division?
  15. S4 was boring as shit, but I think because of that it brought a lot more weight to some of the things that happened in S5. I still think they could have paced it out better, but S5 has been very entertaining for us. Probably the best since S2, though we still have a few episodes left.
  16. This will probably get lost in the slap discussion (BTW fuck Will Smith and his sexist machismo bullshit, his movies have been garbage for a decade), but I watched The Green Knight last night and absolutely loved it. Weird, cinematic fantasy that really leveraged the medium to tell more than just the script. Can definitely see why others wouldn't like it, but it really hit all the right notes for me. Gonna give it a second viewing this week w/ my wife once we finish S5 of The Last Kingdom.
  17. Anybody try the cave in the north Radahn area? I did it this morning and it was one of the harder areas I've done. Boss wasn't too bad since I'm pretty over-leveled, but the cave itself is just great design. I also keep just stumbling into areas that I missed, so I still haven't made my way to Volcano Manor yet.
  18. I saw a video after and you can use the rafters to drop down on top of the horses and it will carry you to the bottom. But yeah, I used bloodhound step as well. I don’t think you missed any items.
  19. Cleared out a bunch of caves, the open gaols I had left, and one of the hero graves in Mt Gelmir. My god do those things suck. Today I'm hoping to wrap up the last two caves I have and finally start Volcano Manor. It's weird, because I know I'm going to be hitting that post Capital difficulty spike soon, but I also don't want to do these at an even higher level later, so it's been pretty easy the last week or so.
  20. Not getting as much time as I'd like with it, but still making incremental progress. Took down a couple dragons, a couple of the dark knights, killed all the giant jar's knights, whooped up on Fia's champions, snuck into one of the rises that I couldn't figure out how to get into to get another memory stone, pledged to Haight (hopefully that doesn't ruin anything), stumbled on a few sites of grace that I apparently missed, and found a couple more dungeons. This game is just so expansive. It is definitely feeling a lot less like the normal souls formula, and more like something to just get lost in. I have at least 4 gaols to explore, a quest to find and release the red dude at the roundtable, Haight's questline, a half dozen dungeons and hero tombs, the manor, and a bunch of stuff I just ran past in the mountains. And all that stuff is just side content as the main story is pulling me northeast. I am easily going to end up with 200 hours on this first character without really getting into the online content. Insane.
  21. If anyone is looking for some humor, check out the start of this thread around trade speculations after the Super Bowl
  22. There was apparently an update to Returnal with a new challenge game, added co-op, new enemies, new weapons, a story-add on, and about 10 new trophies… all for free. They have released a ton of features since release and I thought it was the best game released last year without it.
  23. Not that bad. It went from absolutely broken to just really good. Still very much a top tier weapon
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