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  1. I like all of them! That’s the problem… At least for these first few heat settings it’s not too bad to deal with and I’m getting 2 bloods a run typically, so right now I’m just saving them, but I’m sure this isn’t sustainable. That’s the plan, working my way through the hidden aspects now. It’s just weird to have so many blood just sitting there
  2. Nice @Arakasi!!! I just unlocked all the base models of all the weapons and started collecting titan blood. Currently just running whichever has dark thirst on it and trying out the different capabilities. Ran a spear build that got to hades, but didn't really get good rolls for it. But had a pretty good run with a bow build with a triple aphrodite shot that destroyed mobs. My problem now is not knowing what I want to spend my blood on.
  3. Just finished beating Hades with all the different types of weapons. Having 3 revives and focusing on health, dodge, and damage reduction over pretty much everything else gives a lot of room for error, but also I think it allows the build to shine a bit more since the combos really matter. Fists were a Zeus/Aphrodite build that just stun locked everyone. Rail was similar build, but a much different playstyle focusing on buffing myself with the special. Gonna work on getting the rest of the weapons and turn up the heat next.
  4. If you're boosting doom, you're going to get 150-200 damage per drop to start. If you've got merciful end, reflect drops doom immediately. Supplement with cast and the mirror boost that increases damage when casts are in an enemy for even more damage. Artemis can also make some of those drops crits. If you've got Dionysus or Aphrodite you can take advantage of the 40% damage when two status' are present - more doom damage. Impending doom at that point is great because you're getting a free 60% boost if you can trigger reflect w/ your attack/dash/call. Some of those doom hits are going to go for 1000-1500 damage. This build works for almost any weapon. Or you could try the Dionosys/(Aphrodite/Ares) build I just did. Stacks poison on everything and doom/weak increases that damage, status mirror boosts it 40%, and there are a lot of fun duos in there. ETA: If you're having trouble with the duo in Elysium, doom makes it really easy. Just run around the edge and focus your doom attacks on the minotaur only. Then once he's gone, get the spear thrower, because once he's at 50% health he uses a call that makes fighting both of them a PITA. Then you just run around the edge and throw your doom shield when you can. It might take some time, but you'll survive.
  5. I did a Merciful End build that was super successful. Start with Ares and get doom on special, Hammer that adds more hits/bounces to your special, Athena on Attack, Merciful End duo boon, Athena either on dash or call (or both). Poseidon on dash is good too. If you get any other boons, throw them on cast if you can't choose a different one. You can pretty much spam your special and everything just doom dies. Could probably do something similar with a Zeus/Poseidon build. Poseidon on special, Zeus on attack, get their duo boon and just spam special. Then just keep adding more and more Zeus for extra damage.
  6. Echo everything here. HZD is probably a top 10 game of all time for me, and probably the best overall game I played on PS4. I was late to the party with it, but damn does it have one of the best gaming stories of all time. The combat is also surprisingly deep. Hopeful for HFW, but it's gonna be a hard act to follow. I have only gotten that duo boon once and it was super fun. It was when I first started playing the game and had no real idea on what I was doing, but I made it to Styx with it. Will have to try it again soon. I got two more clears yesterday. First was with the Nemesis sword with an Ares/Athena Merciful End build. Finally got the Athena dash and a bunch of boons to help out reflect, plus got lucky with a couple extra death revivals. Stayed on Hades ass and had a pretty easy time of it. This was after doing a similar build with fists and getting really close to taking him down with those. Second clear was with a Dionysus/Ares bow build, the bow where you can get all your special arrows to go to one guy. The main difference with how I approached this particular run was that I prioritized life, dodging, and removing damage over extra damage. I think I only used 2 poms the entire time and it was one of my easier clears (nothing beats my Zeus/Poseidon spear build). I think I've been engrained via almost every other game to take damage over vitality that I didn't think this particular strategy would be helpful, and boy was I wrong with that. I'm going to use this strategy for a few more runs and see if it holds up. Only have fists and the rail left, then it's time to bring the heat. On base difficulty and a few successful runs under my belt, dying before Styx is now pretty rare
  7. Had 2 really good runs with the bow where both of them had Hades down to a sliver of health, only to lose my last life. Same build both times, aspect was the one you'd tag with the attack and special home in on them. Both times was an ares/drunk guy (forgot his name) build. First run I got like 3 duo boons that were all super helpful. Second time I didn't think I'd do as well and then right before Hades I got another duo boon that slowed down projectiles (which apparently also includes most of Hades attacks). I had to move to a different weapon after that one, so tried out the rail and died to Hades on my first run. I've got a good run going right now with the sword that I'll finish up tonight. Hopefully this is the run, but I'm still having a tough time with hades attacks when up close. Probably because I'm a spaz.
  8. It turns out the program we were doing was basically full body, 6 days a week. After 5 weeks I had to throw in the towel. It just wasn't fun, I wasn't seeing progress, and I wasn't getting enough rest. So I'm changing it up for the rest of the year with a 5x5, 4 day upper/lower split. So far so good, with yesterday doing a heavy upper body session and today doing a lower body one. Will probably move up in all my lifts next week.
  9. I can't believe I waited this long to get one of these. This coffee is ridiculously good. I made it FAR too strong, but it's still ridiculously smooth. Thank you so much for pushing me in the right direction! My wife is even enjoying a cup of black coffee for the first time in the years I've known her.
  10. Just ordered a Chemex and it'll be delivered tonight. Can't wait to try this in the morning!
  11. French press. I really want to get a good pour over, any recommendations? Sounds like a great gift to get my wife. My grinder is probably 15 years old, so need to upgrade that.
  12. Good coffee is amazing, but seemingly impossible to find or make yourself (I probably make 1 good pot of coffee a month). Bad coffee is drinkable, but bitter, and infinitely better with cream and sugar as it cuts the bitter acids inherent to a bad cup of coffee. There's a lot to mess up. Need good beans that are freshly ground, and nicely roasted, the grind can't be too fine or too coarse, water can't be too cold or too hot, and the brew can't be too short or too long. Anything in any of those steps can turn your cup of joe watery, thick, bitter, acidic, etc.... I drink about a pot every morning, but that one day a month where it turns out perfect is *chef's kiss*
  13. If I had bought at $5, I would never have held through all the growth. I can't imagine myself keeping it when it hit $500, much less what it's at now.
  14. Most of my stock holdings are in the company I work for. Luckily the return on that over the last 5 years has been ~500%. I have taken some of that and diversified into some different index funds (tech, us manufacturing, & international) and started adding $1-200 a week while reinvesting my dividends. Plan is to pay off my house before my kids graduate, then use that and some of my savings to help them pay for school, and have enough to retire by the time I'm in my mid 60's. I avoid crypto, NFTs, and meme stocks like the plague. If I want to gamble I'll go play poker, as it's more fun.
  15. Continuing our "total body every day" workout program and it's starting to get brutal. Today was cardio, and even that had weights and a ton of squats, squat jumps, and KB swings. Yesterday was a heavy lifting session, and Saturday was more of an endurance lifting session. I'm still trying to figure out the method to the madness and haven't come up with anything beyond "we're gonna kick your ass all day, every day - and rest on Thursdays". Tomorrow is another lifting session, so we'll see how that goes.
  16. Have been ridiculously sick with a cold for the last week and finally got to move my body a bit this morning, which felt really good. My wife and I have started a decent lifting program, but so far the workouts seem to be a bit short (ie kinda easy for our fitness level), not doing progressive overloads, and seem to be pretty much total body every day. It's only the first week, so I'm not going to judge it until we've worked through at least 4 of the 8 weeks, and it has kicked my wife's ass pretty good so far - but I am a bit skeptical of the theory behind the workouts. It's only 8 weeks, so I'll finish it and probably move back to the 6 day schedule I did last year that I got some really good gains from.
  17. One week down - many, many more to go. This week is going to be a deload week. Basically just a lot of yoga, pilates, and a little bit of cardio. Then hitting it hard again starting next week on a new lifting program with my wife.
  18. Yeah, don't expect a change, just venting. It's all for fun anyway
  19. Wtf, chose Indy with 5 and just checked and my points stuck, but not my pick. Gd it
  20. Had a good HIIT session today focusing on legs. I think this PPL+Upper+Lower schedule has been great for getting bigger and building some solid muscle. Definitely stronger is all of my lifts, but holy shit has my diet gone to shit. Up to 225 lbs right now, with WAY too much around the love-handles and zero ab definition. Next week I'm doing a "cleanse" with my wife - which is all home cooked meals, controlled healthy snacks, and no alcohol. She wants to do it for 5 days, but if I can get through that I'm going to just keep going. I really need to cut 25 lbs (of fat), so Monday is where it starts.
  21. My wife will definitely want to watch this, so I'll probably get my switch out and continue playing some Witcher 3.
  22. This hits close. I am basically doing a dirty bulk and am at my heaviest I've been in a few years. I don't have any events in October besides bowling once a week, so my plan is to do a serious cut in October through Thanksgiving. Really need to drop the beer, but shit... kids make it hard. I did a new leg workout today and it was hard as hell. 5 sets of dumbbell squats to warm up, 7 sets of split squats per leg - holding at the bottom between sets, 7 sets of sumo squats - holding at the bottom between sets, 3 sets of single leg deadlifts, 3 sets of single leg squats, then 3 sets of hip thrusters. My glutes are ridiculously tired.
  23. Had a really good chest workout this morning. Nearly all of my heavy sets finished with 1-2 in the tank, which is exactly where I aim to be. Tomorrow is back, and Wed will be legs, but I have this nagging issue with my left hip. I'll roll it out a few days in a row, but then leg day hits and it feels tight again. It's not painful, per se, but it is uncomfortable. I'm trying a new workout this week, so maybe I have bad form for one of the moves. Guess we'll see on Wed.
  24. https://www.roguefitness.com/powerblock-elite-exp-series These are the ones I got, 5-90
  25. Week 5 of my 5 day program and things are going pretty good. Today was my heavy leg day, so front to back lunges, dumbbell squats, goblet squats, split squats, very light dumbbell deadlift, side squats, and calf raises. Tomorrow I'll do upper body w/ my wife and Friday I'll finish off with some lower body HIIT (plyo lunges, sprints, bear crawls, & jump squats). Feeling pretty sore on a week to week basis, but feel like I'm getting some good rest on the weekends. Will probably switch things up again next month.
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