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  1. Felt like exploring the capital a bit more and ended up finding an entirely new (huge!) area Now that I'm done with that I have a few places to venture off to. I have the Volcano Manor still, a few more catacombs surrounding the capital, 2 or 3 heroes ruins, the boss in Deeproot, a few spots in east Caelid to clear out, and then work my way toward Think I may just hit up the manor first and then explore the northeast after
  2. We're almost done w/ our season 4 rewatch because neither my wife, nor I could remember what happened. I really don't see the drop in quality, acting-wise, but holy shit is the pacing just bad in season 4. It's no wonder we couldn't remember what happened, because very little actually did happen. I'm not entirely convinced that having the king would have helped when they dedicate 75% of the season to just being in Mercia, not really doing anything.
  3. Unless you’re counting preseason I’d for sure take the under
  4. Fuck it. I cheesed him with mist.
  5. Ended up doing part of deeproot depths, explored the Atlus, and took on a few minor bosses. Currently stuck on the black knife ringleader boss at one of the gaols. Furthest I've gotten him is down to half health, but he's got this PITA skill that causes DOT and another one that will just one-shot me. He has almost no poise, so I think I may try some darts of some sort to see if that can work to keep him at bay
  6. You can talk to Ranni again in her room, there’s a new grace point after the lake of rot plot. Tonight I think I’ll finish off some bosses I missed in Radahns castle, explore some more of the plateau, then take on the capital.
  7. You can also cast the mist spell and they just take damage as you run around. I don't think I hit any of them once in this last go 'round
  8. I've been loving pretty much everything about this game and am nowhere near getting tired of the gameplay loop. Just cleared a hidden cave dungeon (the one with Lusat) with 3 crystal bosses and cheesed them pretty hard w/ the spell mist + a +10 mimic tear doing the same. I don't feel guilty at all because those dudes are ridiculous AND all of their hits cause scarlet rot. I'm just entering the lake of rot, so I should have my staff to a +9 shortly to go along with my +10 moonveil. I really like that I can do different things depending on how I feel. Sometimes I just want some old school souls and do some dungeon crawling or hit up a main quest. Sometimes I want to explore some of the side content and work to progress story lines. Other times I just explore around and look for more stuff to do later with my trusty steed. Right now I have the manor, capital, 2 different underground areas, and at least 1 (maybe 2?) legacy dungeons, and most of the plateau to explore. At the same time I'm just putting points into health and END to survive some of the end-game content before I start pumping DEX
  9. Made some good progress last night. Found enough seeds for 13 flasks, took out 2 versions of an undead reindeer boss, the mimic of my character (where I learned two handing your weapon can change your skill slightly), and the classic souls double gargoyles boss. Not sure where I’ll go next, maybe explore the plateau
  10. I craft things occasionally, but not a lot. Darts, arrows, soap, rot/poison/madness cures - but I would be crafting a lot more with a melee build - especially bombs and grease
  11. You didn't miss much by killing patches I didn't have trouble with him at the start, rolling through his arrows wasn't a huge deal, but my summons basically never pulled aggro. In the ~3 times they did, I had by far the most success, but the other 30 times I did this fight Radahn had pretty much singular focus of just deleting me in all the ways he knows how. Regarding the tower, I actually climbed most of the way up, couldn't find how to get up further and the messages kept telling me to go down. So I did, got a bunch of items and then looked up where to go. It was late so I didn't feel like climbing that shit again.
  12. There's an even better one that is giving me that much in about 30 seconds I definitely need a different staff, but prioritized a few other things last night. Like taking down fucking Radahn. That fight was such a bitch and I felt like I should have been over-leveled for him at SL100, but he could just wreck me in so many different ways. Delete from afar with is stupid magic bow, cast a spell that rains arrows, delete close up with ridiculous combos and a 2nd phase with added AOE, or my favorite where he deletes you from the sky with a meteorite that just crushes your skull. I summoned probably 15 NPC's for this fight (Patches is hilarious BTW), ran through all 13 of my flasks, and had to finish him off with horse melee. With all that being said, this was probably the most unique boss fight I've had in a From game, plus it was as hard as the first time I took down Artorias in the DS1 DLC. Hopefully I get some time tonight to play so I can finish off the three sisters side quest, look up where to get a better staff, and awaken some of these great runes I've been collecting
  13. Killed a few smaller bosses, did some multiplayer, killed the huge dragon, and did a tiny bit of farming and got myself to SL70 and 60 INT to use azur's comet. I'm thinking the videos of this just destroying bosses are after multiple deaths, because you need to get pretty lucky for it to work properly and I need Godrick's rune in order to cast it. I think my next plan is to work on getting something other than the meteroite staff, kill some of those minor tree guardians for more physick mixes, and get a few more levels into INT so I don't need my rune in order for the build to function.
  14. Since there are mostly Sanderson fans here, Will Wight is also having a smaller kickstarter here: If you like Sanderson, you'd probably like these books too. I backed this one to get the leatherbound ones.
  15. Glintstone sword (the one that shoots) is an under appreciated spell. Fast cast, good damage, and delay which is nice for PvP and most AIs. Just started using it more and it’s great. I need 15 levels for azur comet though, so I may just glass cannon this build and then build up my hp with some of the other bosses
  16. I took the coward's path pretty early then. It doesn't seem like there's any story implications by doing so as I had already completed it and some NPC's still suggested I go that route while I finished up the Liurina quest lines. I'm actually in a pretty similar spot and am doing the Three Sisters side quests, which happens to be taking me down to Sofria anyway.
  17. Prioritize the Divine Tower. What you get at the end is incredibly useful
  18. Have you gone north in Liurina to explore the caves? There's a big one there that will lead you to the plateau and eventually the capital (not sure if that's what you're referring to with the "coward's path"). Sofria also isn't too bad, I explored most of it while at like level 20 - though I did die a ton and rode around just searching for maps, items, and golden seeds - but I did unlock the boss pretty easily. I wouldn't grind for levels yet.
  19. Finished up the Academy and Caria Manor last night and feel like my character is getting pretty damn powerful. I'm using a talisman that gives me +5 to 4 traits (vig, end, str, dex), which is basically +20 levels, a couple pieces of armor that increase Int and Vig (another 5 levels there), 6 spell slots, 12 +7 flasks, a +6 moonveil, a +15 twinblade, a +12 uchi, D's armor from the roundtable, Godrick's greatrune (not sure how many levels here exactly, but at least another 10), and just got the archery and greatsword spells. Still lean on my +3 wolves, just because they are so good at keeping aggro. I am going to look up if I missed anything in the Academy or Caria Manor before moving on. I also just got a side quest to actually start the underground section with Blaidd, but I've already explore/died this area and have the boss ready to go. Should be fun if I can get some time today to play.
  20. There’s a noop ash you can assign to your shield which replaces the shield special (like parry) to whatever is assigned to your right hand. You can only use one or the other when you have two weapons/shields equipped
  21. I honestly can't remember. One of the caves, I think in the southern peninsula (still getting my bearings and names)
  22. Have you fought the huge bear in its lair? That one was a big PITA for me, even with the wolves that have trivialized almost every other boss, including Margit. I feel like with all the souls games (not including Sekiro) once you get to the point that your character is actually "prepared" for the fight, the bosses go from "how is this possible" to almost trivial. The cool thing is a lot of things can move the needle, whether it be leveling, upgrading, getting a new spell, or using a different weapon/strategy completely. I'm gonna get 4-5 hours tonight after the kids go to bed, which should be a good session.
  23. I'm not sure about the FAQ, just going by what he said in the video - which boils down to he wouldn't commit either way. I could see him possibly bucking the traditional publishing system 5 or 10 years from now, but I could see this as a secondary option and leverage for better contracts going forward.
  24. If you watch the video he says these books will likely never have a traditional release. If you order the books you get one a quarter in 2023. Guaranteed 4 books, with ebooks getting delivered at midnight and physical/audio copies getting delivered as soon as they get them done. Unlikely in the near future. He's got signed contracts for most of his cosmere work and publishers still provide a ton of value since this kind of thing is ridiculously labor intensive. Here's an article about it that I read this morning that I thought was pretty interesting: https://whatever.scalzi.com/2022/03/01/very-quick-thoughts-on-brandon-sandersons-mega-kickstarter/ I almost did that, but the shipping costs bump it up quite a bit. Even the hardcovers are an extra $40 for shipping, the loot boxes were another $100. I "settled" for just the trio of book formats, but it bumped me up to about $300
  25. I ordered the hardcover versions yesterday
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