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  1. I'd be ok with adding spread, but would like to keep confidence points
  2. I'm in as well. How are we voting on rule changes? I'd like to keep them the same
  3. Looks to be a pretty rough one for everyone this week. Lots of weird upset games.
  4. There's a lot of football to be played, let's hold off on the crowning for at least a few more weeks....
  5. Aren't you still up like 40 points?
  6. Yeah, seems like this week was a gimme for almost everyone. Next weekend has a bunch of tossup games, which should make things more interesting.
  7. So apparently I'm pretty good at point selection and not so great at pure W/L. I've never done this before, so this has been pretty fun
  8. I had so many double digit wrongs this week that it's sad. Just a horrible pick 'em week. Vikings, Jags, Texans, & Pats... all double digit wrongs, and then 5 single digit ones. So many damn upsets and I didn't get a single one right. Ugh... thinking about it makes me want to drink again
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