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  1. I got this for Christmas and haven't gotten a chance to play it yet. I heard it's kinda short, but also that it's super fun.
  2. Didn't get too much time last night, but enough to take down the boss in the castle in the south, this dead flying bird thing, a couple more of the smaller dungeons, and Margit before I decided that it was a good night. Got my twinblade up to +12 and my +3 wolves are basically a cheatcode for these early bosses. Also got some side stuff like the ability to buy level 1&2 upgrade materials at the roundtable, bought all the spells I could, bought all the ashes I could, and got myself to level 28. I have a few bosses ready to go that I might try out - one in the mountains that I've traversed through, one underground, and a few smaller dungeons.
  3. You got this @Iskaral Pust!! I've leveled off again after a great beginning of the year. Working out has been great, but you can't work out a bad diet, and I've splurged too often on burgers and beer. Trying to get back on that horse this week.
  4. Yeah, that's a pretty good spot, but a bit riskier since any of those guys can one-shot me and killing them doesn't refill all my flasks
  5. I'm pretty sure you have to find the ring fragments in order to progress. There might be some back doors, but I haven't found them yet after a lot of exploring and am locked behind several big blue doors I've found. This morning I went through and did a few of the smaller dungeons and mini-bosses. With the +3 wolves and rock sling, most were done in a few hits. The huge bear was the hardest, but even that was done on my first try. I also got a new potion mix with a hp + stamina regen, which when mixed with my hp regen talisman will nullify poison. Gonna do a tiny bit of grinding tonight and get more stonesword ruins, spells, and ashes. Shouldn't take too long if I go to the spot with a bunch of huge trolls that give 1k ruins + refill all your flasks on kill.
  6. Go to the roundtable and go back and forth between talking to the blacksmith and talking to the girl that gave you the jellyfish (takes like 3 or 4 trips). After their conversation, reload the roundtable and the girl should have moved to by the blacksmith.
  7. Decided to switch gears and do things I normally do in open world games and do more exploration first. Have spent most of my time just riding my horse and finding grace points, smaller dungeons, map fragments, loose items, and marking out boss areas that I'm riding past. Got my twinblade up to +7, wolves to +3, some really sweet spells, a few cool abilities, flask is up to +5, a bunch of flasks (8 or 9), an amulet that slowly recovers health, most of the map filled out, and up to level 24. Still doing some more exploring before going back to Margit, but he shouldn't pose a problem once I'm ready. I forgot that the part I love about these games are the dungeons and levels and less so the bosses - and this game absolutely shines in this area. Might take off early again this afternoon to get some more time to play. My wife already hates this game
  8. Here are my first impressions after a few hours. There is no hand holding here and I think it really stresses the differences in previous titles by encouraging sneaking and non-combat early. Because enemies are hard and there can be a lot of them. I got to the first major boss without any leveling and got curb stomped. So now I’m back just exploring regions I ran through before. Graphically it is pretty good at 60 FPS, but glitches when moving through terrain - but plays just awful at 30FPS and still glitches in the terrain. Pretty sure dudes falling from the sky is also a feature, not a bug. Gonna put this sleeping baby down now and see if I can’t do a bit more
  9. They do that for your day of orders (it’s how I got mine today), but not their pre-orders. I’m really hoping they fix that because there is zero incentive to pre-order. I feel bad for my friend that got the $200 deluxe version
  10. I have already heard that PC performance is not great compared to the consoles. Will have mine in about 1/2 hour and report if there are issues on the PS5 version
  11. My pre-order for Elden Ring just gave me an ETA of March 11th. Apparently Target does their pre-orders through the distributor and not their DC/Store network, and they put almost all of them on backorder. So I ordered one through my local Target for pickup that will be ready in 1/2 hour. I've also heard that they are working on a solution this year to do pre-orders themselves so when you do, it will actually be delivered on the day it's released. Now I remember why I don't pre-order games, next time I'll just do same day pickup and risk no inventory.
  12. My delivery for Elden Ring won't be here until March 4th according to my app. Think I might bail from work when the shops open up tomorrow and see if I can't snag one and return my pre-order once it gets in. I am having a great time with path of exile, but I'm also having serious FOMO with all y'all talking about it.
  13. My chest piece is a unique, but haven't even seen a six link yet for anything and have burned through a couple hundred fusings and haven't even got a 5-link yet I did just get a decent shaper shield for 16c, so now I'm rocking 6 totems total and just cruising through maps and doing all the archnemesis encounters. I'm having a heck of a time in harvest though with how juiced it is w/ atlas passives, and on top of it I'm not getting the socket rolls I need. I've had to ditch a few because I would get in and insta-die. Thinking of just grinding out some whites for a few days and see if I can't get some currency for more fusings or finally get lucky with a useful harvest.
  14. This makes me so pumped for this game. I really hope my pre-order comes in on Friday. In the meantime, still making my way through Path of Exile and having an absolute blast with my character. Map sustain is good, archnemesis adds some good drops, and the reworked atlas is just awesome. Did run into an issue where I got a T16 red map WAY before I was supposed to (T6), did it on a whim and am actually completing them w/out much issue. So now I'm progressing upwards with my low level yellows, and downward with my stupidly high red maps. I'm now trying to get levels, currency for the next round of gear, and get lucky with harvest so I can at least solidly 5-link my chest - all before I inevitably sink my life into Elden Ring (as much as toddlers and a wife will allow)
  15. Mine didn’t and it’s a major reason, along with his interception rate, why I don’t think the colts would even have had a shot with the guy. But I’m a guy stuck in Kirk Cousins hell who thought his skill set would be great for a team with all the pieces around him to succeed. So, I’d put myself squarely in the football dumbass category.
  16. I love these what-if scenarios. I'm going with Jimmy got hurt, so Sam Ehlinger got the start and never relinquished it because he turns out to be a 6th round stud right out of the gates. He definitely wouldn't have lost to Jacksonville.
  17. Decided to power through on my POE character and finished the main game last night, moving on to maps. As expected, I immediately started getting destroyed in there. Figured I had to try something, so took my end-game armor and got it to a 6 gem, then used about 30 links before getting a 4 link, then another 30 to get the right colors so I could get multiple totems support. The difference has been huge and it's just wrecking bosses. I also started playing around with the league mechanic and have actually had some fun with it, though it's pretty easy to create guys that can just one-shot you once you're on the 4th one in a level - but the good drops are hard to ignore. Should be able to make my way to the yellows by the weekend, then the real fun begins Really hoping I can take this build through all the content.
  18. He had a better year than Jimmy G with a worse offensive line.
  19. Should get there today. Called it quits last night when I died right before I killed Izaro in his third phase, took him out this morning w/out issue and only have the main quest left in act 10. I'm kinda dreading finishing acts though because I'm having a real hard time finding decent gear to get my resistances capped. Might do a few heists to see if I can't get some decent drops to help, but also may just power through so I can get to Harvest.
  20. Rumors I heard were starting negotiations at just taking the contract. Said they would even eat some of it to get rid of him. I don’t think Washington will part with more than a 2nd or a 3rd
  21. Newest rumors are Wentz to Washington, which makes a hell of a lot more sense than Jimmy. If I were SF I’d make sure to get a deal before the Wentz trade, because the talks I’ve heard for Wentz are way, way lower than what’s been coming out of SF - l and he had a better season with a worse line.
  22. All these Jimmy G trade talks give me real pump and dump vibes.
  23. I'm thinking to myself, "Washington wouldn't drop their 11th pick for an injury prone guy that is barely an upgrade at the position, would they?" Then I remember it's Washington, so of course they would do something that stupid.
  24. I hate the guy, but Rothlesberger never had a losing season in his entire career and has two rings. He should absolutely be in the hall. And again, I absolutely hate the fucker.
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