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  1. Jojen Dayne-Reed

    (f)Aegon consensus ?

    HA! You guys are great. A simple "yes" would have worked. But this is much more fun.
  2. Jojen Dayne-Reed

    (f)Aegon consensus ?

    Quick question guys. Is there a consensus on (f)Aegon. From my time on this forum I had thought the majority opinion was that R+L=J and that Aegon is Illyrio's son and Vary's nephew and a Brightflame/Blackfire. But I just read a sight that referred to him as R&L's son definitively. Is this still an up in the air thing? Did I miss a change of opinion or was it more divided than I thought?
  3. Jojen Dayne-Reed

    Rhaegar was right and wrong about the three heads.

    I'm all for insane ramblings. So ramble away. But I don't think you need to be a targarian to ride a dragon. You need to be a warg. Or a warg by any other name. I think dragon riders/wargs Green dreams/dragon dreams are all the same thing.
  4. Seriously. After the long night wouldn't it make sense for it to be tradition to burn the dead not burry them? They might not remember why they do it but you'd think it'd be ingrained in the culture. <end rant>
  5. Apologies if this has been brought up before but I had a thought about Rhaegar's vision/discovery at Dragonstone. We will have to assume that Rhaegar is talking to Danny when he says "there must be one more. The dragon has three heads". If he is talking to Danny, it means he believes Danny and Aegon are two of the heads and he needs one more. The obviouse one more is Jon. It appears Rhaegar thinks the three heads are Aerys' daughter, his son, and a stark. he clearly thought the stark needed to be his son but what if he's right about the categories but wrong about the people. (I'm assuming fAegon is not really Aegon) By the end of book five we have three people poised to be really important in the war with the WWs. Danny, Jon, Bran. Aerys' daughter, Rhaegar's son, and a stark. Just a thought.