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  1. This, or something similar, would be good. Maybe Thorne is pissed that Jon didn't consult him before going to consult with Mance?
  2. Agreed. Stannis will get his moment next episode. ALSO 1) Thorne is much more likeable on the TV show. I wonder how they'll handle the Lord Commander stuff now. Also, will Slynt be punished for cowardice? and 2) RIP Grenn and Pyp :crying:
  3. I thought that scene between Locke and Ramsay was interesting. IIRC, it's noted in the books (ADwD I think) that House Locke dislike Ramsay Snow. Remember in ADwD Old Lord Locke and Wyman Manderley are eating merrily and japing together? I wonder than if Locke in the show only feigns friendship with Ramsay when in truth he actually despises him, or whether he and Ramsay are actually just two peas in a pod, and consequently will fight for and defend House Bolton no matter what. Truly an interesting development. FWIW, from what I've gathered through the rumour mill Locke will be sent north to the wall. So...thoughts?