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  1. oh man... see you in another 4 years...
  2. posting this here, seems more appropriate My perfect ending for the show would have been the Night King as the final Finale boss. But there was a better way to make the ending that actually subverts expectations AND makes sense, in my humble opinion. Finale as it ended, was open ended plenty, so even more open endedness wouldn't hurt it. Here is the things I'd change. Starting with episode 4. Leave Jaime and Varys in Winterfell. They don't move south. Varys makes up an excuse, he's sick, he can't travel , something. Dany is completely aware that he jumped from the Team Khaleesi train but can't actually kill him, and does not, but kind of wishes she could and shares her thoughts that Varys betrayed her to Jon and Tyrion. Jon is kind of shocked, Tyrion even more worried, they try to reassure her that no one betrayed her. Varys actually found out about Jon's parentage through his own spy ways and decided that the smartest and safest thing for him if he was going to agitate things for Jon's cause was to stay at WF. He talks with Tyrion before he leaves for KL to join him. Tyrion remains loyal to Dany. Things move on. Miss Sandy and the dragon die. Episode 5 starts with Jon actually consoling Dany when arriving, being supportive and emotionally available to her. He is even able to have awkward pity sex. Varys already started with the letters of support for Jon, she shows one to him, he swears his loyalty to her and his love. Muh qwin!! She believes him, for now... Meanwhile outside of their quarters, Tyrion is a freak that drinks wine and waits and watches Jon as he leaves Dany's room later at night. He talks with him, saying that maybe Varys is right. Planting seeds that Dany is not mentally stable or suitable enough to rule wisely. We get that he is actually jealous. Episode moves on, bells clang and rang, BUT Dany DOES NOT destroy the entire city, she just goes for the Red Keep, which IS chock full of smallfolk, women and children, yet she goes for the keep to burn Cersei. She tries to control the damage done by Drogon, but it gets out of hand and the keep is being destroyed and innocent people killed. And we see it from Cersei's perspective who is running away through the secret entrance/exit leaving in a small boat that Qyburn prepared. We realize that the Cersei that was taunting Dany from the balcony is just some dressed up girl that was hired to double for Cersei now dying from fear and seconds later just actually dying. Clegane fight happens more or less the same, the Mountain had to be left as a decoy also. He's a fraking zombie, who cares. Arya barely escapes Dany's attack on the Keep, witnesses dying children, BUT it happens after she realized that the real Cersei escaped. I don't know how, but somehow she sees, hears, or just gets the info that Cersei escaped. We see Euron who survived the burning of the fleet and swam so he gets to escape with Cersei. Dragonfire causes wildfire to explode, so some other parts of the city also get destroyed. More innocents die. Grey Worm mistakes all of the chaos as a signal to slaughter Lannister men that surrendered. Jon is just shocked, tries to stop his troops from joining, stops the rape like it happened, orders his men to fall back. Dothraki and the Unsullied are indiscriminately killing people. Slow mo of the chaos, of Fire and blood, Drogon shrieking from the top of the Red Keep. Jon's horrified face. End episode 5. This is where I'm torn. Enough shit happened that Jon can be almost justified for killing Dany so the last episode happening as it did for real would work. But ... I'll go for a different set of events. just for fun. So, Jon has the talk with Tyrion, who tries his hardest to push him to murder Dany. After that Jon sees Arya who tells him that Cersei is alive, that Dany is mad and that she's had enough and is leaving all of this behind. Jon asks where, she whispers what is west of westeros in his ear, they hug long time. He goes to the throne room. Have you seen the children, innocent children. Dany tells her little story, tries to explain that she did what she could to control the damage, that the wildfire was not her fault. He reveals to her that Cersei actually survived. that the entire bloody attack on the Red Keep was actually futile. Dany is mad, seething with rage, wows to find her and kill her no matter what hole she crawled up in. Jon asks, even if the children are blocking the entrance? Dany composes herself, starts the topic of ruling together. They were meant to do this together. She stands next to him. They kiss. The cameras are positioned somewhat differently, so that we can see Jon going for the hilt of the dagger, almost taking it out. Almost... but actually backing out in the last second and continuing the kiss with Dany. He then looks her in the eyes and says that he is done. He wants no part of it. She can rule by herself, but she must leave the North alone, that it's off the limits for her. He also says that he'll be taking Tyrion with him. Dany is shocked, tries to reason with him, then she is flooded with emotions, she begs him to stay. She promises stuff, he says; no Dany, it is too late and turns to leave. Drogon lands in the throne room at that moment. a tear slides down her cheek. Dracarys she says. Slow mo of Jon's look of ultimate disappointment, Drogon prepares the flames and releases them! But they are not directed at Jon but on the damn Iron Throne. He melts the thing down. Jon watches it then leaves the room. Dany collapses on the floor sobbing. It's a tragedy alright. End scene. Time has passed. We see a smelly, stuffy old room in some forsaken brothel in Pentos. We hear a woman scream, a bed of blood is shown. It is Cersei after giving birth. Things did not go well. We see her pale face, short of breath, death is upon her. Jaime... is the last word she whispers to herself before dying. Her little valonquar killed her in the end. Euron is there beside the bed with a flagon of wine. Drunk to the max. the old woman that delivered the baby asks if he wants to see the baby's body. It was stillborn. He pushes her away and bolts out the door. He's getting more drunk in a brothel when 6 men with the Kraken insignia surround him, Yara walks in and says: Hello uncle. Meanwhile at King's landing another bed of blood, midwifes are tending to Dany. She gave birth to twins. She WAS pregnant with Jon's children. Lords and ladies are gathered in the new great hall to pay their respects and bring gifts. Gendry, new prince of Dorne, Sweetrobin are there, Yara's emissary, freaking Bronn, other people. Camera goes back to Dany, she smiles happily while holding the babies in her arms. Outside Drogon roars in the ruin of the old Red Keep where he nested. There are eggs there and they are cracking. Camera pans us to Winterfell. Tyrion and Jaime are talking. Sam is there also, visibly nervous. He can't find it. He was the one responsible for making the new crown for the Queen in the North, and he had it just a moment ago. Tyrion asks him to check the bag on the table. Oh there it is. The team gathers and goes into the hall where Sansa is being crowned. We see Jaime, Brienne, Pod, being the Queen's guard, we see Gilly and little Sam amongst the crowd of northern lords and ladies in attendance, Edmure is there, but who cares about him. Sansa is being crowned, afterwards Tyrion kneels and kisses her hand. they sit in the big chairs. Varys is near, looking worried but content.Camera pans out of the hall where it is snowing. We are shown the Godswood. Bran is there warging. Solemn music is playing. We are shown scenes from the show's past, the present, and some from the future. :=) Then we see the raven flying above the ship where Arya commands the North men what to do. She smiles. Watch out unknown lands, here comes the she wolf, Arya Stark The camera pans out and hurls back to the North, the real North. Up and up it goes, then down, snow is swirling, north and north and north it goes. It show us The Wall, to castle Black, where there are wildlings doing their daily stuff. Children playing, Tormund sharing his stories with some impressionable lads. but the camera pans out and continues even further north. through the woods. Alive, peaceful woods. It comes out on a snowy meadow. The snow is still slowly falling, but there is the taste of the coming spring in the air. We see a new town, village, whatever, that wildlings build. Children are playing. There is a big tent in the middle, there is a small river nearby. Ghost is walking beside someone. The King beyond the Wall enters the big tent with Ghost at his side. We expect it to be empty, but there is a honey blonde haired wildling princess inside. A small babe in her arms, suckling. Yep, it is the last tit we'll see on Game of Thrones ever :=) The camera turns on the Jon Snow, the King Beyond the Wall who smiles at sight, the camera closes on his eyes, soulful, dark eyes, then just one eye, in which we see Fire and Ice battling their eternal duel while the Game of thrones theme music plays in the background. The End. There I finished it for D&D, for George, anyone who wants it.
  3. This season was pure and utter shite. but this is the best ending to all this shit. There was no way imaginable not even one in a 14000000 that somehow the show was going to be good after the fast track they pulled in the last episode. and yet... I quite enjoyed the finale, it was the optimal best that d/D could have delivered. They are not capbale of more and on that grade scale I award this episode a 10. Out of all the things that got to me, was Brienne writing about Jaime. Jon discovering Scotland or Greenland, Arya sailing to USA, Ghost. No, I got broken emotionally by Brienne. What the hell was that with Bran. They cut something out, because it was weird as hell. Anyway, after three 1/10 episodes, I give this one a 10. Because apparently I don't know the numbers between them, I'm totally wasted. And this is probably the only resolution to this saga that we'll ever get sadly, so... a 10 it is.
  4. I guess that the books will have Dany duel it out with fAegon, all the while burining the city down. there will probably be a love story between Jon and her, but without her knowing that he is a Targ until the bitter end, when Drogon doesn't kill him. Jon's character was also butchered in the show because he had to play the role of Jon and fAegon and real Aegon. rushed, rushed, rushed. that is the show's official motto.
  5. I believe GRRM will also make her do this, but in a much more believable manner. They needed to sow the madness better. Season 7 was a rushed missed opportunity after missed opportunity. With a different seventh season this storyline could have worked now. But this way, no. They should have added two more seasons at least. But they wanted to be done with it, so they got a mega budget that they spent on gorgeous cinematography while butchering the story. Mad Dany does not work in s8, it might have worked in s10 and it will probably work in A Dream Of Spring.
  6. You may be correct, but that is life. One day you are chilling with your mom, playing with your toy horse, the next you are being burned alive by snap of the finger turned completely evil foreign Mad Queen you've never even heard of only a month before. I mean, this episode was so magnificently shot and directed. The cinematography is better then what Disney does with their plasticy superheroes. I liked Avengers Endgame, not because of its endless CGI but because of its decent writing. I hate this episode because the writing is so devoid of logic and reason that even the most gorgeous cinematography in the world can not salvage it.
  7. Right on. The writing to get Dany from point A to point B was abysmal, atrocious, horrifyingly stupid and on par with what D&D have shown that they are capable of writing. I kid you not that I genuinely believe that tweedledums thought that Emilia Clarke showed she was going genocidal mad with her eyes. She looked at Varys and he just knew, he just knew she would burn the world down. That is the way those two do their writing.
  8. Could I have some baked children with that Cerseiburger? You know what, I'll have none of it, thank you very much. Tweedledee & Tweedledum exceeded themselves with some nice crisp quality writing once again!!!
  9. It was a big steaming pile of D&D manure. I wonder what would have happened with this show, had Bryan Cogman been the main showrunner?! I remember GRRM saying when LOST ended, how it felt like someone took a dump on his front porch. Heheh. The two hacks are shitting left and right with their interpretation of HIS story.
  10. No worries, you can be a highly educated brain dead intellectual! the show was garbage for years and they actually made a good episode... hence... brain dead zombies for me. Don't take it personal, opinions are like xxxxxx, everybody has one. Who is to say that mine is right? (it is )
  11. Best episode in years! If not one of the best at all. I finally felt after a long, long time, that these people could be the characters from the books. I felt like George could have written it. Cogman did very, very well. A massive improvement over all of the season 7, or the last week's premiere. It actually made sense how the characters behaved, nothing was eye role inducing, and there was genuine satisfaction if you love Brienne, Jaime, Tormund, Sam etc. I honestly feel that this is the best set up, filler episode they've done so far in all of 8 seasons. Because it was filled with earned and sweet character moments. I mean, Jaime knighting Brienne is for her basically an equivalent of multiple orgasms induced by the person you love the most. Hearing the words arise Brienne, Knight of the seven kingdoms from Jaime's lips is a big O moment for her. What else... Oh, the acting was good! My gods, I can't remember when was the last time I didn't cringe when Sansa or Dany spoke, yet yesterday they were together in a scene and not a cringe was given. Strangely enough, I also saw some chemistry with Jon, when they were in the crypts. The way he held her hand, and that facial expression Kit Harrington did was actually really good. he looked like a man who had his world shattered with the information given, but decided to hell with it, you don't choose who love and even Emilia Clarke played nicely off of that with her shocked, power hungry reaction. Resolution to that story line will be fun to watch after all... As for the brain dead zombies that did not like this episode, they obviously do not understand how good narrative works.
  12. For a while I had thought that D&D were pandering to the lowest common denominator, but after this episode I'm starting to accept that D&D ARE the LOWEST common denominators. They can't do better than this. This is them showing us their ineptitude.
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