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  1. Three sisters

    How would you rate episode 409?

    I gave the awesome episode a 9. Giants with giant bows. A lot of tension. Great musique. A 360° view on the battle. They deviated from the book slightly, but hey, well done D&D and HBO crew!
  2. Three sisters

    How would you rate episode 405?

    Well, I give it 8. A 7 because it's a solid episode, and +1 because I hoped that Jon would meet Bran, and they didn't meet (so they kinda stick to the story line in the books). The Eyrie was breathtaking too.
  3. Three sisters

    How would you rate episode 403?

    I give it an 8. The episode is well acted and well executed. The music score is of high quality, and so are the costumes and decors. I reread the second part of SoS recently, and HBO sticks to the story mostly. Even the Cersei/Jaime scene is kinda like the book depicted. Minus the moon blood detail though. The only thing is that GoT is going really fast, faster then I thought they would, and I think the series will overtake the books at some point. Although I like the tempo, I would like to finish the books first.
  4. Three sisters

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I was kinda pressured to see the show ("you must see it!" times a thousand). At first, I was not really into it, but after some episodes I really liked the story. When season 2 started, I wanted to know more about the background and details of Westeros, and in addition to watching the show, I started to read articles, wiki's, blogs, etc. Then I realized I wanted to read the books, so I ordered them all and finished them quickly. I'm eagerly waiting for WoW. Till 2015 I suppose. I think it's a good thing that GoT creates new ASOIF readers, even if they are late at the party. Often you hear that because of television people don't read anymore. Got is a nice example how television can direct people towards books.
  5. Three sisters

    How would you rate episode 402?

    I give it a 9 because of Tyrion eating the sausage after the Theon shot, the
  6. Three sisters

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    I agree. Tyrion did give her the golden chain mast season and in the trailer you see her lying on the bed which the chain.
  7. Three sisters

    How would you rate episode 310?

    8/10. Good episode with quality performances and solid setup for the following season. I think it is a bit too soon for the introduction of LS. But I missed CH.