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  1. Summah

    Another thread about hiphop...

    It sounds like they had computer programs analyze the songs to determine influence. Also considering that most other genres (and all other major genres) existed prior to 1960 (even if the sound has evolved) and that hip hop is really the only truly new kind of music that had a strong influence on other music it's not really a difficult argument to make. I realize toasting probably predates 1960, but hip-hop has taken the music beyond that and it's sort fused toasting and funk and some other stuff.
  2. Summah

    Board Issues 4

    I've been having an obnoxious issue when using the board on iPad with safari, there's frequently been an add across the middle of the screen that cannot be closed and blocks me from seeing everything. It's like the ads on the bottom of the screen but displaying incorrectly. The ad I've been having a problem with is always (or almost always) the same one for John Deere tractors.
  3. Summah

    Another thread about hiphop...

    What's classic hip hop on these stations? Is it people like Grandmaster Flash? Run DMC? De la soul? Tupac?
  4. Summah

    Another thread about hiphop...

    But a lot of that could be who they're aiming their market at (teens), do most teens who listen to rock really listen to the rolling stones or anything people their parents age listen to?
  5. Summah

    How would you rate episode 404?

    I think I'm over the show, after the rape last week and then this week which I could barely watch, it's not holding my attention at all anymore. Also why did they have to have both Littlefinger and Olenna explicitly spell out poisoning Joffrey? it was made quite clear in the last two episodes and was pretty clear if implicit in the books.