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  1. [email protected] Sam with his little cart off to Oldtown, some 1500 miles away? Have a nice trip! Ta!
  2. That one flopped. Forced cliffhangers and just completely lame. 4/10
  3. Doesn't stand up to the last two episodes. I can't go higher than a 6. It felt like nothing really happened.
  4. If LF does know, and I think he does, then that's a sick revenge plot. There is hatred there.
  5. Where was my murdering phalanx?! The unsullied were mowed down by a bunch of guys wearing bedsheets.
  6. It was an analogy to point out just how lucky Ringo really was.
  7. People seem to throw around 9s and 10s like lollipops on Halloween these days. I just don't get it. I gave it a 5/10.
  8. I laughed out loud when Sansa came out dressed as Elvira. I guess she's supposed to be an evil super villain now lol.
  9. There was a "neck-snapping" sound when the Hound threw him off.
  10. I was hoping to see LF help Sansa with the castle. I loved that part.
  11. The Tyrion/Red Viper scene was thick with emotion... just bloody fantastic!
  12. The last words a certain Sister will ever hear... ringing bells yet?
  13. Strange that it hasn't been addressed. I'm sure a lot of show-only fans are quite confused. The show is starting to feel a little loose and underwhelming. I know it's a different medium, I know it's impossible to capture all that the written word brings, but I also can't help but feel that the show is slowly drifting away. But am I Enjoying it.? Yes.
  14. Quick question; I might have missed something but, what is the show's excuse for Sam not mentioning his meeting Bran and gang to Jon? I mean, there's been no Coldhands.
  15. Some have said that the Stannis scene was written by D&D, and originally intended for another episode.
  16. Absolutely. Joff snatched the cup away and it was obviously empty. Good episode, but I think the show might be making more deviations than I am comfortable with.
  17. I'm putting 8gb RAM and a Samsung 840 SSD in my Thinkpad! so'sited! :D

  18. "God loves a terrier, yes he does, God loves a terrier, that's because, brown sturdy bright and true, they give their hearts to you, God didn't miss a stitch, be it dog or be it bitch, when he made the Norwich merrier, with his cute little 'derrier', yes, God loves a terrier!"

  19. "God loves a terrier, yes he does God loves a terrier, that's because brown sturdy bright and true they give their hearts to you God didn't miss a stitch, be it dog or be it bitch when he made the Norwich merrier, with his cute little 'derrier' yes God loves a terrier!"

  20. Lapsang souchong? I'm having one...

  21. Lapsang souchong? well, *I'm* having one...

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