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  1. Lord Ravenstark

    Proof that Margaery and her cousins are guilty?

    Even if she uses tricks, it doesn't mean she is guilty of anything.
  2. Lord Ravenstark

    Which minor character's death hit you the most?

    First book, Mycah, Lady and Mirri. Then Brandon and Rickard, by the sheer wickedness of it.
  3. I think that Ned is the one that had sex with Ashara… in any case, we don't know if Ashara had child, that it was a girl and that she was stillborn. There is Barry, but we simply cannot know.
  4. Lord Ravenstark

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    The show is an adaption. And due to budget, time and other issues, like appealing to casual viewers and such, it is highly simplified. As such it must condense characters, plots, sometimes killing whole arcs altogether. It is simply a issue of adaption. It doesn't mean, however, that it means said plots are not important in the books. They may be crucial to the main plots, it is just unpractical to put it on a TV screen. So they condense or kill plots, but will find an alternative way to get to the results. Or at least it is the ideal, the worst case simply means destruction of the plot and much maligned plot holes
  5. Lord Ravenstark

    Ned Stark was a greenseer?

    Is skinchanging even hereditary?