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  1. Hostage for what? All the Starks are presumed dead or disappeared. Roose Bolton is Warden of the North, he can't claim Winterfell with the risk of a Stark heir showing up unannounced. He needs Bran dead and he can't be connected to it.
  2. I loved most of the last episode, but that final scene was really disappointing. We already had a similar scene after Daenerys freed the unsullied, and that scene gave me the shivers because it's been set up so well and felt earned. This final scene though? We haven't seen a single Yunkish slave suffering, and we haven't seen Daenerys run through more than some mild troubles conquering the city. So it just left me cold. I was counting on the reveal of a certain Lady at the end of the episode. But they didn't do it... I understand the reasoning on their part, let the RW sink in first... but I still honestly believe that it would have been the perfect way to finish the season.
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