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    Queries about dragons

    The blue whale can only grow that massive because the buoyancy of its marine environment allows that much biological 'stuff' to be packed into such a shape but not crushing the bones and/or organs under their own weight. It's a stretch to argue a land animal could reach these dimensions/proportions, but there's just no way a flying animal could do so. Further, given that dragons can breathe fire (somehow), it's actually safer to assume they have a metabolism closer to mammalian than reptilian. After all, the temperature of their bodies - and the fire jetting forth from their mouths - are being regulated by internal processes. They don't have to bask in the sun or under the terrarium heat lamp to 'charge up' a fire blast. Not trying to nitpick, only offering what I think are legitimate corrections if we're going to try some real math to develop answers to these questions.