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  1. King Ragnar

    The Seven Blessings of 707

    I had the feeling Theon was asking Jon's forgiveness because Theon is about to die... Saving Yara but dying in the process
  2. King Ragnar

    Most likely to die?

    I think Cersei and Littlefinger are goners, perhaps Jaime as well. The last season will be about the threat of the WW, so I don't think Jon and Dany will have the Lannisters in their way. I can see some minors fan faves like Edd, Pod, Beric etc get killed as well. I just hope Tormund survives!
  3. King Ragnar

    Those Chains

    I read somewhere it were chains used for a "ferry" to get a boat across the lake, for when it wasn't frozen.
  4. King Ragnar

    Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Can u give a quote about this. Busy rereading but never noticed this.
  5. King Ragnar

    Casting the Characters Who've Been Cut

    Always figured Val more as a Margot Robbie with really long hair Arianne Martell: Nina Dobrev
  6. If people knew of Gendry, maybe he could have a claim. Edric Storm is well-known amongst the people of Storm's End, but his whereabouts are unknown for the moment. IMO Edric has te best claim
  7. Well he wed his first cousin, Joanna Lannister, so basically he wed a Lannister while being a Lannister himself. Lannisterception!
  8. King Ragnar

    You're Ned: find some marriage betrothals for your kids

    Robb: Alys Karstark or to strengthen his (future) claim on the North Sansa: Willas Tyrell to have some power in the Reach OR Renly Baratheon to gain influence in the Stormlands Arya: Trystane Martell Bran: Lyanna Mormont, Ned could not know at that time but she will be the head of house Mormont some day. Rickon: Shireen Baratheon Jon: the Night's Watch so he can climb the ranks to LC and have your back as well if needed. Now you have ties in the North (duh), friends on the Iron Islands through Theon, family in the Riverlands and the Vale through Cat, Dorne, the Reach and the Stormlands bound to you by marriage and a good friend on the Iron Throne so the Crownlands've got your back. **** y'all Westerlands.