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  1. I wouldn't know how to rate it. The good scenes were great, the bad scenes terrible.
  2. I was waiting for that carriage to stop and for Varys to introduce Tyrion to a group of people traveling by boat...
  3. House of Black and White was changed a lot. It's out in the middle of nowhere. Arya spends days talking about vengeance right outside the door (exactly what they don't want to hear from a candidate). Then they recruit her when she's getting into a fight. It's not what the FM are about. Why would they want Arya then? And the appearance of JH is a reassurance Arya never got in the books.
  4. It's a mistake to have that whole scene with Bronn training Jaime last week. Then poof, that plot is already gone. I am kind of secretly glad that "Jaime's arc" has been short circuited. Some people have been going on and on about that for ages. Wilding raid was the most brutal thing this episode. Did they show the kid at Castle Black afterward?
  5. I was disappointed in it. I thought the wedding banquet would be grander. The outdoor setting looked like a child's birthday party. The dwarf play was not filmed well. I found some of the changes they have done pretty odd. Jaime and Brienne being there doesn't seem to work. And I am not against show changes.
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