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  1. Joseph Nobles

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    What Littlefinger was counting on in the shows did not happen: the armies of Stannis and the Boltons did not wear each other out. Stannis was utterly demolished. Baelish's only hope here is if Sansa's escape is good and she can rally the North against her cruel treatment by the Boltons. Before Winter comes, of course.
  2. Joseph Nobles

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Yes, it was quite amusing to think Rickon was hiding out in Transylvania. Poor old Davos is going to Skagos for nothing.
  3. Joseph Nobles

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Silly. :D Christie's now in Star Wars Episode VII.
  4. Going back and checking, Brienne gets Jaime to come alone with her by saying the Hound is going to kill Sansa if he doesn't. So the stage is set for them to discuss him. Brienne can't really describe Sandor if Jaime gets suspicious and asking questions. Jaime can then lay out what Sandor actually looks like, and that's when Brienne can realize where she has seen him before. Then Jaime has a choice, of course, but I bet he would go ahead and meet his fate before Stoneheart. ETA: Ah, the gravedigger wore a scarf. She didn't get a good look at him to be able to recognize him as Sandor or not. Ah, well...
  5. You've got me thinking, and now I eschew all other prophecies I might have made. Pod wasn't with her when she pulled Jaime away, right? She will trade Jaime for Pod, bank on that. Pod's the reason she called out from the noose. Jaime is going to Stoneheart if Brienne has anything to do with it. But then she or Jaime or both will propose trading Jaime for someone else. The only people who could satisfy Stoneheart, if anyone could, is Sansa and Arya. Good info about Sansa's whereabouts may well be available at that point. And if Jaime is all tied up, who will help Brienne? Well, Sandor might. If Brienne ever talks about her journeys, Jaime could very well recognize Sandor in them. So I predict first a Jaime chapter in which he and Brienne catch up and he decides to face Stoneheart anyway. Then a Brienne chapter where she delivers Jaime and the bargain is struck. Then a second Brienne chapter where she approaches Sandor and convinces him to ride with her to the Eyrie. Furthermore, I speculate Stoneheart will never let Jaime go free. But she may let him take the black. And I believe I shall be the first aboard the Brienne/Sandor ship. Cabin with a balcony, please!
  6. Thanks for that link. It looks like they decided it was the old Tyrion chapter, the one reported on in this thread. It wasn't. I told them that and that my report will be up when moderators let it through here. I gave them my recount of other news and things he said there.
  7. GRRM read another TWoW Tyrion chapter at Worldcon yesterday (LoneStarCon 3). I've submitted a thread with my notes. As soon as it's up, I'll post my better-written summary of the chapter along with more information he gave.
  8. My guess: Brienne will take Jaime to Lady Stoneheart to get Pod, but then offer to retrieve a daughter for Jaime's life. The only trouble with this is that none of these characters have a clue where either Arya or Sansa are.