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  1. Well, the logic flaws of the Battle of the Blackwater made me dislike that episode to the point that I only gave it a 1.

    This episode is full of logic flaws, too, and I do dislike the northern plot, and I do dislike what they did to Dorne. And I see that this episode made everything Margaery did this season quiet in vain, but I like the way how Cersei gets what she wants, but in the process causes her only remaining child to commit suicide.

    And unlike the last episode this episode managed to leave me with a pleased feeling instead of a greatly annoyed one.

    So, just based on my subjective feelings I give this episode a 7.

  2. Ok, this episode had some good scenes.

    I liked the image of Grey Worm killing the two standing slavers who wanted to condemn their comrade to death, while sparing the knealing one.

    I liked the parley between Dany and the Greyjoy siblings.


    But that battle was just pure stupidity.

    Sansa's too proud to accept Vale help and thus their army has really bad odds and she still dares to bitch about it. Then the Stark side positions their man at what looks like the lower ground. Has no one ever tought Rickon not to flew in a straight line? Clever, Jon, ride into bow distance. Clever, Ramsay, not trying to shoot the enemy commander when he's in bow distance. Yeah, Davos, let's break up your lines and send the men into arrow fire. Clever, Boltons, having a cavalry without lances. Yes, Davos, let's send the bowmen into melee. Hide behind the pile of dead bards! (Yes, many people died in that battle, but seriously, they shouldn't pile up like that.) Sure, Stark men, let yourself be surrounded like that, sure, Bolton men, surround them like that. And just don't poke more spears in there, one row is certainly ennough. Well, it seems to be. Clearly, those sprears are not far enough apart from each other to slip inbetween. Nor is there a giant on the Stark side who could just step over the shields.

    Well, Vale knights come, clear the battlefield.

    And, the defenders of Winterfell have no competent bowman left except Ramsay, who is the only one who got a good shot at Wun Wun. Jon apparently punches worse than a girl, With Ramsay after all that punches at the head not even having a broken nose.

    Most stupid splatter.


    Why did you guys like did episode? Good battle scenes? What good battle scenes?

  3. For Ned and Cat:

    I gladly forge this entente against Iron Perch autocracy.

    I gladly forge this entente against injustice, princely abductors, ...


    For Aegon and sisters:

    Dragon are we together. Yield, reptileless barbarians, apprehend hierarchy!

  4. On 21.4.2016 at 4:00 AM, The Fattest Leech said:

    I'm not sure of this qualifies for this thread, but, I mean this is a serious way...

    Ossifer Plumm= ossified; to make something unable to change. To become hard like bone.

    "And Ossifer Plumm was much too dead, but that did not stop him fathering a child, did it?"

    So I guess in Ossifer Plumm we have another Osiris candidate?


    On 23.4.2016 at 4:42 AM, The Fattest Leech said:

    The septon at Castle Black is Cellador... cellar door.

    The ice cells that hold "meat" for an indefinite amount of time. And interestingly enough, the phrase "cellar door" is considered the most (or in the top two) of the most beautiful phrase in the English language.

    Jon, Dance 10: "It took the guards some time to open his cell, as ice had formed inside the lock. Rusted hinges screamed like damned souls when Wick Whittlestick yanked the door wide enough for Jon to slip through."

    This is also heavy foreshadowing of what is to come for Jon.

    Septon Cellador is also one who likes the stuff found behind the wine cellar door.

  5. Seems we can talk about the Arianne leftovers now.


    Like many, I tried to use the U for the Martell house words and came up with

    Select unbroken nobility! 

    (I always liked unbroken better then unbowed or unbent, because it seems the trueest to me. The Martells did bow and bent several times throughout their history, but they never were truely broken and always rose again.)

    Then I had

    Sunshine upon nations.

    because beautiful Arianne will be a nice ruler for all the Rhoynar, and Andals, and First Men, and all the Seven Kingdoms.

    And several variations of by actual entry about Arianne somehow ending the Long Night:

    Sunshine undoes Night!

    Sweetness undoes Night!

    Splendor undoes Night!

    Sexiness undoes Night!

  6. On 15.4.2016 at 9:31 PM, Seams said:

    But the Tywin connection intrigues me most, because Tywin commanded that Tyrion NOT bring his whore (Shae) to King's Landing, and he also uttered the line, "Wherever whores go" that becomes Tyrion's obsession. Also, Tysha was not a whore, but Tywin convinced Tyrion that she was and caused her to be used that way. Can we look at scenes where Tywin is on or near horses to find clues about the meaning he intended for the "Wherever whores go" line? The scene with Tywin riding a horse into the court at the Red Keep is in the show only, right? If it's in the books, that would become a fascinating clue about where whores go.

    Oh, that scene is in the book most gloriously!

    Squirming through a press of knights, squires, and rich townfolk, Sansa reached the front of the gallery just as a blast of trumpets announced the entry of Lord Tywin Lannister.
    He rode his warhorse down the length of the hall and dismounted before the Iron Throne. Sansa had never seen such armor; all burnished red steel, inlaid with golden scrollwork and ornamentation. His rondels were sunbursts, the roaring lion that crowned his helm had ruby eyes, and a lioness on each shoulder fastened a cloth-of-gold cloak so long and heavy that it draped the hindquarters of his charger. Even the horse's armor was gilded, and his bardings were shimmering crimson silk emblazoned with the lion of Lannister.
    The Lord of Casterly Rock made such an impressive figure that it was a shock when his destrier dropped a load of dung right at the base of the throne. Joffrey had to step gingerly around it as he descended to embrace his grandfather and proclaim him Savior of the City. Sansa covered her mouth to hide a nervous smile.

  7. Quote

    Challenging Others shows determination.

    Charming outsider, sincerely dedicated.

    Charming Orator. Spirited Defender!

    These a very nice!



    'cause only strength's deserving. (Supposed to refer to Mance telling Jon that the free folk don't follow names or coat-of-arms or money, but only strength.)

    And a variant of my actual entry:

    Come on, select determination!

  8. 7 hours ago, sweetsunray said:

    Yes, Both Catelyn and Lysa have Isis symbolism and visuals related to them. Catelyn thinks of Robb at her breast. We actually see Lysa still breastfeeding SR. One of Isis's images was her having the infant Horus in her lap and breastfeeding him. The Isis cult became popiular in Rome with Caligula, and since it was a Roman Emperor who christianized the Roman Empire a few centuries later... voila Isis and her infant in her lap was the iconic source image for the pieta - mother Mary and baby Jesus suckling.

    Just me nitpicking again: Mary breastfeeding Jesus is Maria lactans. The pieta shows Mary holding dead Jesus.


    Anyway, this made me start to think about pieta images in the series, and the most obvious is of course Cersei holding dead Joffrey. Which is kind of funny, given that pieta means something like piety and pity, which aren't really traits that one would normally associate with Cersei and Joff.

    IIRC, Catelyn doesn't get the chance to hold dead Robb, does she? But I think she later cradles his crown.

    Do we get to see any other mothers with their dead child(ren)?

  9. Just some small corrections:

    On 10.4.2016 at 2:03 AM, Seams said:

    And just one more: What does it mean that Sam has to sell the special books that were supposed to be delivered to the Citadel? Will it be good or bad that these "weapons" don't make it into the hands for which they were intended?

    Sam gives the books to the sailors to pay for the pssage and they intend to sell them to the Citadel. So these weapons likely made it into the hands for which they were intended, the Citadel just doesn't get them for free.


    On 10.4.2016 at 2:03 AM, Seams said:

    It also occurred to me to wonder where Littlefinger was when Rickard and Brandon Stark were tortured and killed by King Aerys. Was he too young to be at the court already at that point? He is talking about Ned losing at the game as he eats one of the pomegranate seeds. But he digs out or eats at total of three seeds in the scene you quote . .

    Littlefinger only came to King's Landing after Lysa convinced Jon Arryn that he was clever with money, so only some time after Jon becoming Robert's hand. Back when Aerys killed Rickard and Bran he was likely at the little tower at the fingers, licking his wounds from the duel with Brandon.


    On 10.4.2016 at 2:03 AM, Seams said:

    Somewhere in this forum there is (or was) a discussion of the differences between rubies and garnets, and someone mentioned that the word pomegranate translates as (I believe) "apple garnet". Garnet is in there, anyway. But the grenade allusion may also be intentional. We did see Arya throw a blood orange at Sansa, making her pale silk dress usable only after it is died black and worn as mourning for King Robert. So that Persephone thing may have already happened to Sansa - at Arya's instigation.

    Yeah, pomegranate is "apple garnet" or rather "garnet apple".

    So we get Arya throwing (like you throw a grenade) a red (which is the colour of garnet) at Sansa, which causes Sansa's dress to become black (like something blackened by a grenade explosion)? I love your observation!

  10. On 2.4.2016 at 9:05 PM, Seams said:

    Eyes / Ice - This is a completely new one to my mind, and I haven't collected the evidence to determine whether it's one of GRRM's deliberate pairs or not. We have a number of blind people - Maester Aemon, Arya, Merillion. Timett son of Timett puts out one of his eyes to show how tough he is. We have a Wall made of ice with watchers on the wall. We have the incredibly rich symbolism around swords and a sword named Ice that becomes two swords. Ned takes his sword into the gods wood to clean it, and there he is observed by the hart tree. Not sure how to connect all the dots, though, if at all.

    This may be relevant or not: the German word for iron is "Eisen".

    Ice, eyes, baby.

    And of course, there are lots of icy eyes in the story, e.g. those of the Others, and I think there was a king Brandon Ice-Eyes Stark. And I found this lovely quote:


    Tyrion had heard a few of those droll names. "I'll wager the lads have a few names for him as well," he said. "Chip the ice off your eyes, my good lords. Ser Alliser Thorne should be mucking out your stables, not drilling your young warriors."


    If you want another connection of Ice/Eyes to Isis and co, there is the Eye of Horus.

  11. Well, I had only one alternative for both Balon and Renly.


    For Balon it was

    Balon: Of fearless iron dignity.

    but using "B" for Balon seemed too easy an option and

    Balon: Of fearless iron dignity.

    had more of a message. But maybe I thought to much and should have gone for the first.


    For Renly my alternative was

    Obviously logical bet! Worthiest among kings!


  12. Regal autrocrat, impressive Lannister, murdered jealously.

    Now yeomen never flourish.

    Regal autocrat inspires lasting memory.

    Jealous, nefarious youngster never forgiven.

    Royal advisor, impressive lord,

    married joyfully, never yielded,

    nefariously felled.

  13. My Jorah ideas.

    The Serving Sexist

    The Sad Servant

    The Serving Slave

    Tragic Slaver's Story

    Trust Shed Soon

    I didn't really like any of these, so in the end I went for humour...

    My Cersei ideas I liked better:

    Feigning Intelligence (pretty much like Lord Lyman's entry)

    Fuck Innocence (refering to Cersei not much caring about her innocence, and her fucking relatively innocent people (young Jaime, Lancel) to make them do the crimes whe wants them to do)

    Fraticide! Incest! (Yay, obviousness!)

    Forever Intriguing (refering to her intrigues and to her thinking she still incredibly sexy and interesting)

    Father's Imitator (Lord Tywin with teats)

    Fear Instilled (Cersei tries to rule through fear and she quiet afraid of some people/things)

    Maybe I should have gone with one of these, I doesn't seem to me that to many of you realized that "frater inferior" means younger brother, thus refering to the valonquar prophecy and cersei's interesting relationships to Jaime and Tyrion.

  14. Dame Named Someone, Maybe

    Death Never Scared Me

    I like these, esspecially the first, refering both to her list and her becoming No-one.

    My other Arya ideas:

    Direwolf's name slighted murderously

    Direwolf's name soon misremembered

    Disremember name, study murder

    Do not surrender, maiden!

    Devious noblegirl, savage murderer

  15. A new thread for all the great Acrophobia leftovers you should maybe have chosen instead of the entry you used ;)

    Here are mine from DG's current game (#17, I think...):

    The Odd Miniature Saviour

    The Odd Miniature Sage

    The Odd Miniature Superhero

    Tyrion Obviously Must Suffer

    Tyrion's Outstanding Mind's Sharpening

    Tyrion's Odyssey - Mind-blowing Story

    Tyrion's Odyssey - Marvellous Story