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  1. The new season is upon us, practices have started, there is a new king of Duke...what shall the new year bring? Kinda hoping after a few years of chasing down my kid that I actually get to watch some games with him rather than just hear snippets here and there.
  2. True - and honestly I was very surprised at honesty of how that was done. It wasn't a meek "Well, we all make mistakes...". Barnes owned up to not knowing the facts and then doubled down on his retraction.
  3. and he should be, I'm just astounded at what people think they can do because of a job title. On the small scale, sucks for the players and their shot at a title, but I haven't seen anyone come forward to continue defending him.
  4. I think this is going to play with Cable's time doohickie and the multiverse - we'll see Jackman as Wolverine but I think this is where we get introduced to the new Wolverine from some parallel universe. Regardless of the movie - I will need to see the outtakes and bloopers, this looks like way too fun a movie just having those two in it.
  5. The Legend of Vox Machina on Amazon Prime. Really enjoyed the adaption of the first major arc of Critical Role in animation.
  6. I saw this one in college with a buddy of mine, we both were in tears. as a kid - watching Optimus Prime die in TransFormers: The Movie. As an adult it's still pretty brutal. in Mask when the friend with a massive speech impediment says "I'm so proud of you" to Rocky.
  7. This - Blazing Saddles is the single funniest movie I have seen. Young Frankenstein. Something about Mary - Franks & Beans
  8. Yeah, it is going to be very weird seeing someone other than the rat on the sideline at Duke. I would have liked to have seen him step down a few years ago, I think to some extent the game did pass him by. The choice to replace...yep...might be a bit before Duke gets back into anything looking like a top 25 program.
  9. Thanks - I have one Lucario and was able to boost it up a good amount; made the difference. Got a ton of Vaporeon but nothing that is really good. Still struggling to get 4 of the evolutions of Evee so I'll have plenty of chances for a good one.
  10. Cuz you were afraid they'd get their stuff together and make a deep run, right? No? oh. In small time game, The UHA Hawks have their first chance to dance in school history - Saturday morning at 11am. They were supposed to play in the finals last year but it got cancelled, further than even Vin Baker took them.
  11. With the Go Rocket leaders changing their lineups, what are folks using to get past Cliff's Aerodactyl? I have a perfect Mamoswine and a very solid Electivire but they get crushed - I've tried a Machamp and it gets mostly through it but still gets beaten when they Aero is at 25% or something. Same thing with Sierra's Hippo.
  12. just seeing this - I've been playing D&D since I was a teenager, so over 30 years. Started with 1st edition, skipped 3-4 and started 5th edition a few years ago. I've watched Critical Role several times through now - I love watching them interact with each other, figure out the problems and actually growing their characters together. Mercer is a good DM, probably a great DM, but he has definitely said he's not the best and he dislikes what people have called the "Mercer effect". We play once to twice a month (now that we're in general quarintine-ish)- been doing that for 20+ years as a reason to get together. The game is fun, but it's the excuse to see friends. The group I played with in high school played monthly for a long time, but now it's been a couple years since we last got together.
  13. Not sure how to rate this...big negative for me for valonqar/Jaime/Cersei - the prophecy, the redemption, nah - ignore it all in a way, a negative for the use of the dragon - if they were this powerful, it would have taken about 5 minutes for Dany to go to KL and nuke the Red Keep and then keep going north - most of the innocents who died would not have and the "real" fight with the Nights King would have still happened. Or not because she would have been able to go to the wall and then just destroy everything that moved north of it. so very cool visual of destroying KL, but negative because of the inconsistent writing. Cleganebowl was cool - glad to see Qyburn get killed by his creation. While Sandor was focused on Gregor, in a way not sure why he would have let Cersei just walk past him. I liked the interaction between Sandor and Arya Appropriate how Varys got his end - while I would have liked to have seen him keep on paddling, play on the knifes edge long enough and eventually you'll get cut. Euron v Jaime...not a fan of that; Euron should have been toast from the explosion And just not a fan at all of how Dany has morphed - there is always a straw that broke the camels back perspective, but this doesn't make sense.
  14. I think here is what is missing - years ago, this show was the filet mignon of the airwaves. And it remained that way - different from the books but fantastic television. then...the pre-cook preparation started to get a little messy. the table service started to decline. the actual filet was overcooked. After a while you look at it and can still say yes, I am getting filet mignon...but it tastes like shit and could be used as the sole of my shoe. So yes, I am still getting GOT, but this show is not as good as it had been - the logical inconsistencies, poor character writing, poor decisions around fight portrayals, the list goes on. For me it's not great entertainment anymore - but I have also invested time into the show since 2007 when GRRM announced it was coming to HBO, so I am going to spend another 3 hours to see how they close out the story and then wait for him to eventually finish the books.
  15. I give it a 7 - thought it was a good start, don't want to overrate it and just be happy it's back on. Given some of the things we have seen with fast transitions of travel, messages, etc I'm ok with Arya going full auto on the Freys as was done. More build up would have been nice, but there's only 52 minutes to get plot moved. I'm of two minds about Sansa & Jon interaction. On one hand it shows that she does have a strength she didn't have before, on the other she also has seen enough of the political game to know that the potential of showing a weakness in front of the court isn't a wise thing to do. This is a nitpick - fully a nitpick, completely a nitpick. I get it. I hated Euron's costuming. To me if felt more like he was getting ready to go out for a night in New York than coming off of his ship.
  16. Nope...it was a great red herring to suck people in. Worked well.
  17. The full prep I could have done without, but I think the walk was done well.
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