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  1. In the grand scheme of things, no - it doesn't make much difference. During the first lesson Syrio did note that she grabbed the sword left handed and stated how that could help her, but other than that it hasn't been a "thing" in the story. For me - a 9. I didn't really care about the editing of Arya's stab but the fight with the wight was less than expected and while the fight Drogo had was bad ass the cut that apparently will end up killing him looks like less than I have done to myself shaving.
  2. What she said as well as the changes to Tywin being detractors.
  3. 9/10 Actually, over a 9, but not perfect. There are some things I still dislike about how the stories are being adjusted - Theon/Roz didn't fit well & some other minor quibbles, but to me this has been the best episode so far. If I can ever get HBO Go to work, maybe the next will bump it up a notch, but this was the peak to this point for me.
  4. I liked it a lot - gave it an 8. I liked that fact that there wasn't "action" - this was one of the crossroad episodes that gets everyone in place and creates the foundation of what is to happen. My biggest complaint to this point has been the inconsistent ID'ing of people in various scenes.
  5. between 7-8 of 10. None of the changes break anything for me - just have me scratching my head wondering why. Jaime/Jon interaction, the transition for Dany works but is a little fast, I happen to think the Cat comment to Jon should have been included. Positives...lots. The action of the direwolves, Joffrey getting beaten, the number of line for line scenes from the book, the nonchalance of the Hound with Micah's body. Bran waking up when Lady dies. biggest gripe is that it wasn't a full hour.
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