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  1. Dany...he did just take a few spears to the side and back....you might want to let him rest a little.
  2. a fanatic without horse and outnumbered...yes, he should have gotten creamed
  3. I really hope not...thought "obvious" is how they write.
  4. so not erally liking the wearing a literal mask for the FM to do what they do.
  5. are there are cliches they haven't thrown at Trant yet?
  6. there better be a hell of a lot of snow for them to make that jump.....and a parachute
  7. outmanned and maneuvered like that Butterbumps could have defeated him.
  8. as long as the end result is the same, doesn't really make much difference. Aemon is already gone.
  9. "when they come"...Sam, they're around the corner and down the street. I don't think they have a UNiversity of Phoenix version of Maesterbood
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