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  1. One episode needs to be Tyrion, Varys, Bronn and Jaime doing a Westeros "Whose line is it anyway?".
  2. he hasn't been a knight for, like, 2+ seasons...at this point he is just Marg's gay brother.
  3. Are they trying to make Mace look like the gatekeeper of Emerald city?
  4. Somehow they need to bring in Nathan Fillion to play "older Jaime" at some point.
  5. LF knows what people across the continent had for breakfast, the bastard of one of the major lords he know would know of.
  6. But that is in contrast to what HB said. The people who left because of the confirmed knowledge that the show would finish first were more likely than not not giving 9s & 10s for each episode. While I do think that there is disappointment with the season so far, I think a lot of it is that we are getting more realistic ratings of the show. Everyone rates on their own criteria but I think we've started to move from "comparing to everything else on TV" to "comparing what it to what it could be/to prior episodes". It's still amazing TV, it still is entertaining but there are things that regardless of source material are weaker than they should be or could be.
  7. Sure, but in that case that was one of the instigating actions in Stark v. Lannister. Here, the instigator for the Alayne/Sansa story is secrecy - questioning the decisioning of why LF is parading her around is valid. At the end of the season this may all make sense but since all we (whether it is from the books or the show) is that Sansa Stark is still wanted surrounding Joffreys death and is the last known Stark alive him having her out and about doesn't appear to follow valid reasoning. For me it's not that the story doesn't follow the books, it's that what LF is doing doesn't really seem to follow reason.
  8. I would have liked to Sam play the intrigue game like the book, but at least he nutted up and stated his piece.
  9. oh, please Lord Bronn...let's see some sibling rivalry like the Clegane brothers.
  10. guess Arya will know if the Braavosi wear boxers under their kilts now...
  11. house of black and white...hopefully the characters won't be descried as such.
  12. may not have been the wisest of ways to get them under control.
  13. why would an Unsullied go to a brother?cuz HBO needs bewbs!
  14. amazing...those two can turn a conversation around shit entertaining.
  15. need to see that again to see if there are any more obvious ties to the three eyed crow in there
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