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  1. Except it's not just any ol' Jenny, it's Jenny of Oldstones, who is a specific character. Again -- why choose that particular song even if "for readers' benefit" when the character it was written about doesn't exist in the show? There are lots of haunting songs that aren't about specific people.
  2. It's pretty clear that Summerhall is implied. It just seems rather silly--even for the show--that they'd decide to include this specific song about that specific person when they indisputably did away with her. Why not literally any other song? There are plenty.
  3. Jaehaerys's generation doesn't exist, though. Maester Aemon very clearly said so. As for Jenny, the suggestion that some rando commoner not only existed despite her contemporaries not existing, but was famous enough to get a song made about her that's spread to every corner of the realm, and also danced with ghosts at Summerhall is, um...a bit batty.
  4. Someone may have mentioned this elsewhere, but it bugs me: While the song was pretty and it's nice to have lyrics for it, it makes no sense in the context of the show. The show eliminated Jaehaerys II's generation, which would include his brother Duncan and therefore Duncan's wife Jenny. So how exactly is there a song "Jenny of Oldstones" if Jenny herself never existed? I mean, it's the show where continuity also doesn't seem to exist, but still.