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  1. Biter

    Twin Peaks - Double R Diner Now Open!

    One of my favorite scenes from this season is the Constantly Honking lady in episode 11. "We have miles to go!"
  2. I don't always agree with you, but I agree 100% about the Sundqvist-Reaves trade. Vegas drafted Cody Glass, Nick Suzuki and Erik Brännström in the first round, and many other interesting prospects later in the draft. That's definitely more interesting than the results of the expansion draft, in my opinion.
  3. Biter

    Twin Peaks - Double R Diner Now Open!

    It's not about the bunnies! ... Is it about the bunnies?
  4. Biter

    The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS ONLY]

    I believe the lamprey was the thing (in child form) that Alice confronted and defeated at a playground/sandbox. You know, that thing that liked to eat children. I was also confused about that until I read an episode review that explained the lamprey.
  5. Biter

    Mr. Robot (spoilers).... 'cause I suck at this stuff

    I agree. The (grocery?) store that Dom liked to visit, that was going out of business, accepted both Bitcoin and E-coin if I remember correctly.
  6. Biter

    Mr. Robot (spoilers).... 'cause I suck at this stuff

    Whiterose? Or have I missed something?
  7. Biter

    Official Testing Thread

    And I'm just testing my signature