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  1. It really is! Most annoying so far has been the periods when I couldn't straighten my arm much past 90 degrees, but that seems to be improving now that I've been up and (kind of) moving for a couple hours. Overall 'mild flu' would be the best description and I expect I'll spend most of the day on the couch, but if this is the worst I'm really not complaining.
  2. Got my second pfizer today with the usual sore arm. I'm beat, but I'm pretty sure it's from getting up at 5:30 to watch the European Gymnastics Championships. We'll see what tomorrow brings, but I know I'll be up even earlier for the second day of event finals, confounding any side effect observations.
  3. Both of our cats are harness trained. One absolutely loves being out on her leash, the other isn't so sure about the big place without a roof. We try to walk the one who likes being outside regularly--the enrichment makes a big difference in her quality of life. We even have a stroller for taking her a couple blocks over to the park where she can really explore (the stroller goes over much better than the car). On one occasion when I was walking her home, she was late for lunch and letting me know from in the stroller. We had a conversation about it, as one will. "Yes, I know you're hungry. We're going home now. I can't feed you here, the food's at home." We passed an extremely high guy and I'm pretty sure something broke when he realized I was walking a cat. I am well aware this makes us the neighborhood crazy people. I'm okay with that; it makes her happy.
  4. Take it. On top of everything everyone else has said, it will help with the reports of percentage of people who offered that received--people on the fence are looking at those numbers to feel comfortable getting it themselves.
  5. I've also seen speculation that she didn't want to vote to remove, or didn't want to have to vote on it.
  6. Part of the issue I have with HOAs is the lack of option--it's becoming almost impossible to buy single family homes without one in many parts of the US. I do understand the need in places with community property (condos and townhouses often, neighborhoods with shared community-owned rec center/pools), and I do understand the appeal. But I couldn't stand the idea of living someplace that will fine me for growing tomato plants in the front yard because vegetable gardens can only be in the backyard and make me tear them out. Or the sort of thing that happens with my parents' HOA, where someone put up a privacy fence--tasteful, six foot fence around their backyard, no infringement on anyone's property. Key members of the neighborhood decided after it was built they didn't like the look. They changed the guidelines, no grandfather clause, and began fining the people who built it, who were left with tearing down something that was perfectly allowed when they built it or taking on a court case against the HOA they couldn't afford and simply didn't have the bandwidth to manage. And there always seems to be at least one person in HOA neighborhood who delights in finding all of their neighbors' minor violations that aren't actually bothering anyone because it makes them feel powerful. eta: HOAs in my area also frequently outlaw xeriscaping and force people to maintain green-grass lawns of a style that is great in climates that get significantly more rainfall, but which are terrible in our dry, drought-prone state. But xeriscaping something to match the climate and work with the native plants? Absolutely forbidden.
  7. As the IT person, I can confidently say there is nothing wrong with this at all.
  8. Today I learned to deep fry and made my first batch of sufganiyot
  9. Brownies with raspberry and chocolate chips. One batch white chocolate chips, one batch dark.
  10. 1. Visited family for the holidays last year. Honestly, possibly temporarily relocated to near my parents ahead of time. It's not a state I want to be in, but watching my dad go through multiple surgeries over the last nine months while I'm trapped on the other side of the country with only my mom available for nursing (she's good at it, but it's very hard on her) has been awful. If I'd known, I could have situated myself so I could bubble with them and be able to help. 2. Been a LOT more vocal about how long the paperwork on my raise and promotion was taking so that it went through before COVID-budget froze all salaries, transfers, and promotions.
  11. Our upstairs neighbors moved out! They've been making our lives a misery for the last nine months, running and screaming inside on hardwood floors for five-six hours a day, every day (I have logs to prove it). I just realized I've been sitting working at the kitchen table for a full two hours and the lights haven't shaken or or flickered once due to impacts above me.
  12. Agreed. I want to celebrate, but I'm just too geared up worrying about what's going to come next.
  13. For the future I vote for him taking a 'long vacation' somewhere without an extradition treaty.
  14. Having had similar exchanges with his office, plus some where his staff accused me of lying about my identity on the phone when I called about issues, all I can say is amen to that.
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