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  1. Sansa. I started liking her. Arya. I'm starting to fear her. Still, I like her. That's prolly not going to change. Theon. I mistrusted him in the start of the series but now I'm like, "whatever, weakling". He was a great disappointment. I thought he would really evil. Hound. I fell in love with that character. Only wish that he would have taken Sansa away with him. Melisandre. My dislike for her increased. Jaime! That was a huge surprise and AMAZING character development. Respect for him has increased. Sam. He has shown that he is capable of immense courage. I am actually looking forward to read his chapters in AFFC. My views of the rest of the recurring characters hasn't changed much at all. But a few of the newer characters, notably Red Viper, made a huge impact on me.