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  1. The Prince of Newcastle

    Pet-Peeves in Novels?

    This is mainly in TV tbh, but I've seen it in books as well. Strangling someone, and as soon as they lose conciousness, thats it, they are dead. It doesnt work like that. Strangling someone is a brutal and long process. Similar with people being knocked out for absolutely ages and waking up and not being irrevesably brain damaged.
  2. The Prince of Newcastle

    Why do those "smart speaker" thingies exist?

    I have had an Echo for just over a year. I dont really use it apart from occasionly playing music whilst I sit around and stare into space. They are impressive technology though, especially if you have your whole home set up to be compatable (I dont).
  3. The Prince of Newcastle


    I have two cats, Rattus and Baby Sniffs. Both are house cats. Rattus is a naughty little rat bastard who goes on midnight adventures in the wardrobe. Baby Sniffs is very poorly, he has heart failure, hes only 3 years old. I dont think we will have him much longer the poor little guy. Hes a good boy though, unlike Rattus McRatface.
  4. The Prince of Newcastle

    I Got Insta-Banned From Twitter

    You're welcome, but I must point out a few errors in your otherwise fantastic post. 1. I have used Twitter in the past, although I no longer do so, so I guess you are both correct and incorrect. 2. I never said it was shit. I said I dont understand the importance some people bestow upon it. 3. You are Blessed today, I agree. So just two corrections.
  5. The Prince of Newcastle

    What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

    Oh Shit! I also play Drop7 on my phone which, if you have never played it, is basically the best game you can play on a phone.
  6. The Prince of Newcastle

    Full frontal Star Wars - D&D Strike Back

    Identity politics! The sure way to win people to your cause.
  7. The Prince of Newcastle

    The Kingkiller Chronicles Finds Its Writer

    The could make a TV show about his student debt, 10 episodes per season, 6 seasons. That could cover his first few terms. The film could be a more in depth look at the actual value of a Talent, as it sometimes seems to be about £1000.00 and other times about £100.00 and everything in between. It could be like The Big Short but with Talents instead of Wallstreet. The game, as mentioned by someone earlier should be like Dark Souls but your fighting student debt instead of the undead.
  8. The Prince of Newcastle

    Full frontal Star Wars - D&D Strike Back

    This level of identity politics is incredibly divisive. Anyway, D&D are awful and their film will be awful.
  9. The Prince of Newcastle

    I Got Insta-Banned From Twitter

    I will never understand the importance of Twitter. I read about Twitterstorms and people trying to end celebrity careers because the celeb said something unPC in 2009 and I just think 'Who gives a fuck what someone on Twitter thinks?' Why is reported as actual news?
  10. The Prince of Newcastle

    What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

    On saturday I went to see some friends and have a smoke with them, so I didnt take the car. I had to get the train home. Following the 45 minute train ride, I had a 30 minute walk. I forgot my headphones. After having an anxiety attack for about 3 hours, I left my friends house and had to entertain my self on the way home. I thought about the gym. for 90 minutes. Letting my injured hip/groin recover, improving my lifts and generally thought about how much of a beast I could be if I stopped drinking. If I was in the house alone, I would either play on one of the Souls games or read a book. I'd watch a boxset but I usually watch them with my S/O so it would be mean to skip ahead. Anyway, never forget your headphones.
  11. The Prince of Newcastle

    Bakker LIII - Sranc and File

    I really wouldnt read the book out of sequence. 1. Its nowhere near as bewildering as Gardens of the Moon for example. 2. Bakker wants it read in the correct order. How could you possiblty understand his monumental genius if you read it out of order? 3. Layers of revelation. 4. It does get pretty awesome, just dont bother with the last 2 books in Aspect Emperor as you are just a man and wont be able to comprehend their genius. Just make something up in your head. Like the end of LoTR which is much better frankly.
  12. The Prince of Newcastle

    Bakker LIII - Sranc and File

    We should just ban everything. Absolutely everything
  13. The Prince of Newcastle

    Bakker LIII - Sranc and File

    I felt the Ajokli involvment in Kelmomas story, Kellhus and Cniuar was very subtle and confusing. I dont know how they could show it on the screen.
  14. The Prince of Newcastle

    Bakker LIII - Sranc and File

    If they were to adapt this, the amount of changes needed to get it on TV would be mind boggling. It would probably qualify as an original story by the end. There is no female empoyerment in the entire 7 books. This would be added. Esme would become far more Cersei-esqu, far less of a victim. Regardless of how it effects the plotting or story, girl power would be added. The sheer brutality of the world would have to be toned down, for obvious reasons. I don’t know how they could show the involvement of the Gods. Ajokli would be gone for a start. White Luck Warrior could maybe survive, but I feel he’d just become a standard assassin. Momem plot line in Aspect Emperor would be vastly expanded (In order to 1. Empower Esme and 2. Replace the depths of depravity scenes the Great Ordeal go through). It would be like Kings Landing. TBH this is probably a good thing. The Unholy Consult would have to essentially be re-written so that it doesn’t go above the head of mere mortals like myself, and so that there was some closue to character arcs beyond ‘haha everyone is dead’
  15. The Prince of Newcastle

    Bakker LIII - Sranc and File

    haha me too mate. Its screaming for a 'for dummies' publication