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  1. On 5/17/2019 at 9:53 PM, The Fattest Leech said:

    I have fallen a bit behind on all of the postings (not a complaint :)), but was this posted already? Cracked me to ice cubes, I tell ya :lmao:


    hahaha that's a good one.  I can't believe they turned the greatest threat the world had ever faced into a horned f***er that was dealt with in one episode.

  2. I was just watching this video on Conleth Hill being disappointed with how they handled his character in the last two seasons, and also that he didn't get to comment on Littlefinger's death.  Seriously, how come no one seems to care that Littlefinger died?  Do they even know he's dead, or do they think he went back to the Vale?

    And I read this really funny comment under the video:


    D&D wrote season 8 on a napkin in a strip club after a half a bottle of tequila and 3 lines of coke.


  3. Just now, sweetsunray said:

    Qyburn took Pycelle's place, and Varys's, and the money-counting Mace, and organizing the Queensguard. Qyrbun was a 1 man small council.

    But how?  Didn't the Maesters try to send someone else to replace Pycelle?  I thought that's how things worked.  They certainly wouldn't be ok with someone like Qyburn.

  4. Just now, Mystical said:

    How is Jon even still a candidate to anyone for the throne? He is complicit in everything that happened here. He bend the knee to Dany even though he didn't have to. He constantly re-affirmed that Dany is their Queen and she shits gold because he's so freaking spineless. He dragged the North into the throne fight so the North also committed these atrocities.

    How, just how is this guy in any way, shape or form an acceptable candidate for any throne?

    Yes Jon doesn't deserve the throne.

  5. 2 minutes ago, TheValonqarThatWasAzorAhai said:

    So the Mountain is more than a mindless zombie. I guess his hate for his brother overshadows everything.

    Who else was hoping the Mountain said no when Cersei commanded him to stay by her side?

    Why did the Mountain hate his brother?  I thought the hate was one-sided, and the Mountain is just an evil man.

  6. I kind of liked the episode, but then Aegon the Conqueror turned into Viserys the beggar king.  I'm sure D&D will explain how that happened, but it didn't work for me.  Jaime beating Euron, and then Euron claiming he killed Jaime Lannister was ridiculous.

    The final scenes with Arya, were just bad.  I get it, D&D love Arya, but that was seriously stupid.  A horse?  Just stop it D&D.  And yes, lets celebrate incest.

    2/10 for me.

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